Monday, June 25, 2007

Its been a while...

Things have been going well. And its starting to freak me out.

Every time I try to do something it works. I had to make sure that I got Christine's birthday right and get her the present she wanted. I did it. The team training has been running smoothly. Ayris is even listening to me. Oh and Annabell has stopped giving me the silent treatment and she's even made friends with Christine.

I'm just waiting for things to go wrong. Its got to happen soon.

I woke this morning to the lovely face of Christine. She smiled sweetly, then a wicked grin flashed across her face. How I ever met a woman who likes to start the day like that, just amazes me. I'd just like to thank whatever deity that has been watching over me. Thanks a lot.

About an hour later I'd made it to the Slipstream Project Lab. It amazing the progress we've made in the last few weeks. Its now up to the main testing stage.
"Your a little late Koma?" questions Dr Tran.
"I was held up in an important meeting Dr Tran." I answered smiling wickedly.
"We all know why your late Dr Peters." It was the Administrator. Damn!.
"Yes I know everyone knows Ma'am." I reply sweetly, sarcasm dripping from my mouth. "But I do like to keep the appearance that you all don't know I occasionally spend my mornings doing the horizontal ho-down with my girl-friend."
"hmp!" replied the administrator. "We are here for tests this morning not sarcasm Dr Peters. Now are they going to commence or not?"
"Of course they are Ma'am." I answer.

We ran the basic battery of tests. Methodically going through the systems and checking them out. Which I knew was boring the hell out of the Administrator. So I made them go the system checks twice. I know its petty and low of me but I don't trust this woman. She wants Slipstream to work like her life depends on it. And that makes me suspicious.

We get to the main test and the Administrators interest changes once the portal begins to open. We don't open it too far and she seems disappointed about that. The probe is sent into the portal out into the raging cosmic maelstrom. I have to monitor the readings of the probe, this is the tricky bit. If the probe can stand the maelstrom then we can initiate the cosmic wheel. I didn't want to call it the cosmic wheel but we couldn't come up with anything better.
"The probe is holding well." calls out Dr Tran.
"Send in the wheel." I order.
I go to look back to the Administrator and she's not there. Her two guards are on the floor. I search the lab for her.
"Wheel entering portal." calls out Dr Tran.
I turn to see the wheel enter the portal and on it I see the Administrator.
"Abort!" I scream. The wheel stops before it enters the portal. "Shut down the portal. Release the probe."
"But Koma." protests Dr Tran. I ignore him and teleport to the Cosmic Wheel.


"Who and what are you?" I demand.
The administrator doesn't answer. She just smiles. And as the portal closes she leaps into the maelstrom.