Monday, April 28, 2008

Double crossing is good business

So Henchy and I were running down the maze of corridors that made up the underground station.
"You've gotten fit Koma." complimented Henchy. "Normally you'd be pooped by now."
"Thanks but I can't take the credit here." I answered.
"Ah!" said Henchy knowingly. "Wow Chicka wow wow."
"No Christine put me on a Pilates course." I corrected.
"You know you coulda just played along..." began Henchy but he was interupted by a row of machine guns that dropped from the celing.
"Looks like the Major in law has you up for a shotgun wedding." quipped Henchy.
I had the station map downloaded along with the locations of the booby traps. I had to get to the main elevator access shaft. Then climb down said access shaft to the storage bay where the portal was fire it up and get out.

Then it got harder. The corridor ended. It kept on going on the map Alicia was given by Annabell.

"I thought you had the map in you head or something?" said Henchy.

"So did I." I answered.

I heard the sound of a lot of people with a lot of guns running down the corridor.

"Guys with guns, backs to the wall. At least I got you to cover my back." I tell Henchy.

I turn around and Henchy's fist rockets into my face. As I fall into the black I hear Henchy apologising.
"Sorry Koma, nothing personal. Its just business."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My coping mechanism

The Major, my Dad didn't interrogate me. I didn't tell the others that. I was just sedated and woke up in the cell. Austin was concerned about me which was cute and once I'd convinced him I was ok Koma started thinking of a way to escape.

Yes I'm making a difference between the guy who's my boyfriend and the evil genius. I still don't know why I'm doing it but it does make things easier. Well it stops me from punching him. You know what they say men get frustrated women cope. This is my coping mechanism. Koma and Henchy (I still don't like that guy) we're working out with Alicia how to escape, when they realised I'd woken up they changed the conversation.

"So do we believe the Major on the Australia being taken over?" asked Koma changing the subject.
"He's talking out of his ass." answered Henchy. "He's a Craptologist."
"And what do we have to confirm this with?" replied Koma skeptically.
"Who'd ever want to take over Australia!" He began. "Sure its got a great beaches and the chicks are hawt but its too big. You know that all the smart bad guys take over little 3rd world island nations. Its just too much to believe."
"But Australia is and island Henchy?" corrected Koma
"Bullshit!" snapped back Henchy
Then Henchy and Koma got into an argument on whether Australia is an island or not.
Eventually the two decided to agree to disagree, they didn't want it getting in the way of their friendship.

"So when are we going to escape?" I asked. The three of them fell silent.
"You don't trust me cause He's my Dad!" I accused.

"Christine." said Koma. "I'm going to be honest here. Yes." He then looked at Alicia. "Are we set?"
"She's ready and waiting." answered Alicia.
"Yes what?" I asked again wanting some clarity.
"Give us a countdown when you get to 5 seconds." ordered Koma.
"You've got 2 minutes." replied Alicia.
"Yes you don't trust me or Yes we're escaping?" I asked for a third time.
"Are we going on 1 of after one?" quipped Henchy. Damn Action Movie Fan boy.
"After one of course." was Koma's glib reply
I grabbed Koma by the hand.
"Which is it Austin?" I yelled. He winced and gritted his teeth. In my frustration I'd gone into my steel form and grabbed his hand just short of breaking it. I let go.
"Yes we're escaping." said Austin checking his fingers were all there. "Of course I trust you, now you've got to trust me."
Alicia began the countdown.
"5, 4, 3, 2, 1..."

The power flickered off then on.
"Well that was exciting!" complained Henchy.
For the first time Henchy and I were in agreement. I shuddered at the thought of it.
"So I take this that you don't want to leave?" inquired Koma with a smile on his face.
The cell door swung open by itself.
"I believe its Henchmen first. Chroma stick with Alicia she's going to be tired after that exertion." Ordered Koma.

And then we were off running down the corridors. Alicia had reset the base's systems which gave us a few minutes head start. Koma said she wasn't used to dealing with a system that big. She tried to keep up but Koma was right she was spent, I carried her the rest of the way.

We kept on with Henchy leading the way. Then at a T junction he stopped.
"Christine." said Austin. "You and Alicia go left take the elevator up two floors. Annabell's waiting for you."
"Your going to do something stupid aren't you?" I asked
"Yeah." answered Austin and then he turned and ran away.

"Arrogant bastard! See if I care!" I shouted.

"I think that just proves you do." said Alicia who was still in my arms."We should get to Annabell while they're chasing the guys."

"You do know Henchy's gonna drop you like a stone." I snapped back.

"Well duh!" replied Alicia.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Koma's Han Solo impression

I'm ushered into a cell after my interrogation by Major Christenson. Actually its more like they shove my exhausted and numb body into the cell and I collapse to the floor. Ala Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Fortunately theres more than just Chewbacca in this cell.
"Koma! Dude you look way bad man." says Henchy picking me up off the floor helping me to one of the beds.
"Hey Chewie. We doing ok?" I ask.
"We got Leia and Lando here as well." replies Henchy. "So you better come good soon. Cause Henchy wants out."
"Did he hurt Christine?" I spit out teeth clenched.
"Now we're all fine though it looks like he did a number on you?" answers Henchy.
"Yeah. But he didn't try and kill me." I reply.

I rest up for a while and think. Henchy goes over to Alicia.
"She'll be fine once the backup systems kick in gear." I reassure him. "Give me two minutes to get back online and I can..."
The cell door opens suddenly to reveal and old friend.
"No bother Dr Peters I'll reboot Miss Quest." In rushes Annabell. "Oh you must be Henchy. Hi I'm Professor Lorenzo, but you can call me Annabell."
"Koma?" demands Henchy wanting to know if Annabell's ok.
My systems weren't up but I know Annabell when I see her.
"She's fine Henchy let her do it." I tell him. "It will hurt less than me doing it."

Henchy steps back to let Annabell do her thing.
"Ok I'm done the reboot will happen when I get outside the cell." says Annabell awkwardly. "Its just to make sure you don't use my entry as a ruse to escape. Sorry, the Majors rules."

Annabell leaves and as promised Alicia wakes up.
"I'm Lando?" Alicia demands.
Christine wakes up within the hour and we all talk about the possibility of Australia being taken over. It goes nowhere cause we've been away for 2 years.
Eventually the girls go to sleep. I don't need sleep but Henchy doesn't seem to be as exhausted as the rest of us. He tells me thats because he was interrogated first.
"How much?" I demand.

"More than you could ever pay me." he answers.

"Well its nice to know your still the same." I smile. "What you gonna tell Alicia?"

"Well I'll make something up. I'll let her down gentle." Henchy smirks back.

I'm more than a little worried about all of this. Annabell knows almost all of my tricks, she was definitely behind the stasis field that took out mine and Alicia's neural networks. I know nothing of Christine's Dad but my first impression is of a real hard case. Christine believes him. I still need convincing.