Monday, February 18, 2008

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - The end

I reassured Henchy that I wasn't a snail but a snake, by the fact that I wasn't leaving a trail. We finally got on our way through to the throne room of Queen Galaxia.
"So we're getting out of here, aren't we Koma?" asked Henchy.
"No. We're ending this now." I say resolutely.
"Oh $%#%!" complains Henchy."You got a mad on for this bitch ain't you Koma?"

"Yep." I answer. "Christine is going to storm the castle. All we have to deal with is Ayris and Galaxia."

"Arrrrgh! Kooooomaaaaa!" Screams Ayris behind us.

"Ayris is on the move he'll be here soon." I say

"No sh!t!." says Henchy. "Tell me you got an ace up your sleeve here Koma?"

"Zax is our ace." I say.

"What! The green guy. I thought he was a healer?" asks Henchy again.

"I think you've got Ayris to deal with right, now." I tell him.

Ayris flies around the corner behind us. I grab Zax and get out of the way. Henchy isn't so fortunate and Ayris' momentum takes them both through the wall and into the throne room. In the throne room stood Galaxia in front of a very familiar sight. A wormhole open to the maelstrom, she was siphoning the cosmic energy directly into herself.

"Mainlining cosmic energy, thats gotta be an ultimate high." I mumble

"Ultimate power corrupts ultimately." replies Zax.

Meanwhile in the thone room Henchy is wrestling with a blood-crazed Ayris.

"I thought I told you before. I DON'T LIKE GUYS!" shouts Henchy as he kicks Ayris' manhood.

"What is this!" Shouts Galaxia. "Ayris take the trash out."

Henchy throws the incapacitated Ayris off him.

"I think loverboy's too busy dealing with the fact he's not gonna have any kids." quips Henchy his guns drawn on Queen Galaxia.

"Thats not his biggest worry is it Galaxia?" I ask smiling. "If your powers are stretched any further you can't stop his head exploding."

"LIAR!" wails Ayris. Still doubled over in pain he floats in the air over to me. He raises his fist to strike me and Henchy just shoots him down.

"Galaxia help me?" cries Ayris.

"Oh she is." I tell him. "She's only able to save you by slowing down the part of your brain where I put the little bomb thats set to blow. Which explains your sudden loss of vocabulary."

From outside the throne room we hear the fight coming towards us.

"Your running the Kelza's, defending the castle from the cannons, and keeping Ayris's head from exploding. While mainlining cosmic energy and your struggling. How much more will take you over the edge?" I smile.

"Help?" pleads Ayris.
But its in vain, a muffled shot sounds and blood flows from his nose and ears. He falls to the floor dead.

"Merely A pawn sacrificed Koma." snears Galaxia. "I have more than enough power to take you and your tin soldier." Her eyes glow bright green. Her right hand gestures and a cosmic power wave ignites with the air becoming a rolling explosion.

"Surfs up!" I quip. "Behind me Henchy."

Henchy leaps over to me, I put the shields up and the energy wave rolls over us, and stays there.

"How long can this hold out?" asks Henchy

"Another 5 minutes then we're gonna be in pain." I tell Him. "But in 6 minutes the teleportation system will be up and running."

"Well thats a relief." replies Henchy dripping with sarcasm."Got any other bright ideas?"

"Just one." I answer. I contact Alicia. "Alicia can you bring the fight here and have you still got the case? Good, bring it too. I turn back to Henchy "Now stay here. If this doesn't work tell Chroma... you know".

"Dude! don't go all Emo on me." replies Henchy.

I step out of the shield and the force of the cosmic wave throws me back into the wall, but it doesn't hurt me. After doing its job it disappears.

"How did you do that?" shouts Galaxia. "How are you not hurt?"

"He is joined to the Source like us both." answers Zax at Galaxia's side. "It will change him but not destroy him."

Galaxia stands there, Zax's words rolling over in her mind.

"I command The Source and I want Koma destroyed." she screams. The cosmic energy rockets at me. All I could think was "I hope I'm right." It blows a hole in the wall, making a new window. The sunlight streams in behind me and I feel the warmth of the sun on my legs. I look down and I'm standing, I've got legs again.

"Koma, dude." says Henchy getting my attention. "Pants man, you're naked from the waist down."

He shouldn't have said anything cause Galaxia threw a bolt of energy his way.

"This one I can hurt." she shouts greedily.

"Oh f..!" Henchy launches away from the bolt of energy. He goes into that hyper-mode of his doging Galaxia's blasts. Suddenly he's behind her holding a knife to her neck.

"End it NOW! Or you die bitch!" demands Henchy. This wasn't the way I wanted to end this.

"You dare touch royalty." replies Galaxia indignatley. She flares with power sending Henchy flying. He lands at the my feet, breathing but unconcious.

"Always been lucky with women haven't you." I tell him. I walk towards Galaxia."All thats left now is you, me and Zax. Seing you can't kill me or Zax, what do we do?"

"I'll kill you!" Galaxia picks up Henchy's knife and runs at me.


I dissapear as she lunges. I'm at Zax's side when she hits the floor.

"How!" she screams.

"Well.." I began. "Your still trying to control the Kelza, who are losing the battle. And you just spent a whole load of energy on trying to kill me and Henchy. So I was able to brake your hold on my spaceship, enabling teleportation." My lengthy explanation continued as her highness picked herself up off the floor. "Also I've moved you away from your access to the source. Which should hasten your power loss."

"You.." she begins.

"Ah-ah-ahhh!" I caution. "No orders from you, to me or the Kelza. Or I destroy cosmic portal."

The penny drops as Galaxia realises that I've outsmarted her. She drops to her knees and begins to sob.

"You have two choices Galaxia change or die?" I tell her. I turn to Zax. "You know what you've got to do."

"Yes I do." replies Zax.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Komas Kosmic Odessy - The escape

Zax is finishing up my healing his green hands glowing with energy.
"Can you do something about getting my legs back?" I ask "I feel kind of naked without being able to wear pants."
"That is not possible." answered Zax politely.
"Cause you can't, or because Galaxia has stopped that part of your powers." I was trying to gauge what was going on. His answer to this would have confirmed my suspicions. But Ayris stormed in, not wearing all that much.
"They have come for you. Galaxia has seen this and has prepared a trap, I will enjoy killing your woman in front of your eyes." Ayris was always bad a gloating, but this was actually quite good.
I smiled at him.
"You will not smile much longer. Koma will loose his smile soon." taunted Ayris. But it was kinda weird Ayris never talked like Bizzaro before.

Then bursting through the door came Henchy, follwed by a nasty stench. Its nice to know that some plans actually work for a change sort of. Ayris points at me accusingly and shouts.
"I thought the woman would come here sneaking on her belly for this trash." He's rattled by it.

"Sorry,sunshine. I am all you got." Quips Henchy.
The guards begin the charge and the castle shakes a bit. They race from the dungeon past Henchy leaving Ayris to fight him alone. Ayris takes Henchy (who was watching the guards leaving) by surprise and tosses him across the floor.

"I hate to brake this to you,buttercup,but I don't like guys." taunts Henchy.

"I'm not gay!" yells Ayris. He lashes out wildly at the Yellow peril, Henchy easily dodges the blow and inflicts a couple of his own. Ayris reels back from the blows but neither bring him down. He rushes back at Henchy his speed taking Henchy by surprise.

"Well that makes three of us." I quip. "Now lets bond over violence and beer."

"No beer Koma." adds Henchy. "But violence is a definite." Henchy retreats to my cell door, he throws in one of my spare belts. Just before Ayris grabs him and tosses him into the wall.

"A gift! And isn't even my birthday. Aww thanks Henchy." I gush sarcastically.

I turn to Zax he's patiently wating.
"We're going to beat her today Zax." I tell him.

"I hope your right." replies Zax.

From outside the dungeon I hear a blood curdling scream.

"My eye! my eye! You took my eye!" yells Ayris.

And sure enough in his outstreached yellow palm Henchy is holding a blue eyeball.
"Ooops! I dropped it." exclaims Henchy as he rolls the eye across the floor.

"My eye!" roars Ayris chasing after it.

Henchy comes to my dungeon door and I open it.

"It was always open wasn't it?" asks Henchy.

"Of course it was. I wasn't able to slither till today." I move out into the dungeon.

"Koma, when did you change species?" says Henchy.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Time to bring out the big guns

Its been three weeks since Koma got captured. Wyrvyrn finally calmed down and Anya doesn't believe that I'm not married. Its just not the done thing here.
"They're like the Amish. If the Amish wore flight harnesses and battled Kelza." explained Alicia Quest.
"I don't need to have this explained again Alicia." she was annoying me and enjoying it. "Where's Tran?" I asked trying to change the subject.

"Oh he's off with Peregrine. She's "TEACHING" him how to use the flight harness." Alicia's emphasis on the word teaching just made me even more frustrated.

"So Tran's off playing birds and the geeks." I look at Alicia expecting her to tell me how bad that was, but she's staring into space. Koma does this when the computers are talking to him.

"Alicia, is it..." I ask fearing the worst. If he dies this Galaxia's gonna learn what regicide means.

"Yes its him, he's not dead." confirms Alicia. "There's a green man in his room, he's contacted the ship. I've sent him everything we know including where he is and where we are. "

"Tell him we're coming." blurts out of my mouth.

"I can't they've cut him off." apologises Alicia. "But somethings happening on the ship."

"On the ship what?" I question.

"Stasis-chamber? Backup plan Yellow. Did you know about this?" asks a confused Alicia Quest.

"Yellow. Oh no! Not him." I groaned.