Friday, August 17, 2007

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - Time to get started

I'm in the Engineering workshop when I get the call to visit the principal's office.
"Koma. Major Falstaff needs to see you NOW!" says Prescott.
"Gee What could this be for?" I reply sarcastically.
"Just go Koma." Answers Prescott.
I get to the office and Quark is back. He's sitting at the desk, Falstaff is leaning against the wall. Quark starts the questions straight away.
"You've been investigating haven't you" he accuses.
"Yes well I've got to. I had to find out who had more brains President Bush or Lindsay Lohan." I quip "You wanna know who won?"
"No I do not want to know." snapped Quark. "What I do want to hear is your reason for investigating the intruder?"
"Cause I wanted to know who the intruder was." I answer. "She certainly didn't want to be here. I wanted to know how she got here, how long she'd been here and where she's gone to and if she's coming back."

"Why do you think she's coming back?" asked Falstaff.
"I don't think she will right now. But if she does we need to know what we're up against."
"What do you think we're up against Koma." asked Falstaff
"I don't like where this line of questioning is going Major?" protests Quark.
"I do." I add.
"You are a menace and should be locked up." snaps Quark. "Your investigation compromises this facility, and everyone connected to it."
"Personally I think the people of Australia would like to know where their tax dollars go." I answer. "Though its the Americans knowing about this place you guys fear isn't it. Don't want George W telling the PM what he doesn't know exists."
"Major Falstaff with all due respect to your position in ASIO." begins Quark. "Your inclusion of this sex-bot manufacturing retrobate has been an utter disaster. He has been reckless, disobedient and with this investigation he has brought Alica Quest into his shenadigans."
"I've had enough of this, have you Falstaff?" I ask the Major. He nods. I pull out my Neural Disruptor and aim it at Quark.
"Wha-!" was all he said before he fell asleep.
"So you've got a plan then Koma?" asks Falstaff.
"Of course I've got a plan." I reply.
"Do it." he commands. "You'd have done it if I told you not to anyway."