Monday, July 07, 2008

Throwing Henchy to the Sea Monster

Hi Chroma here. Koma left us when the huge sea monster was coming at us.
"The synthoid Meter maids must have called it." Guessed Koma. "It was a digital coded message. You know like when you pick up the phone and you get a fax message."
The ocean monster was pretty big. I was waiting for it to attack when Henchy chuckled.
"Oh boy I haven't seen anything this tacky since Godzilla." Laughed the idiot Henchman.
I throw the useless yellow excuse for a mercenary into the jaws of the Monster.
"You could have told me you were going to do that." commented Koma.
"Why so you could stop me?" I snapped back. That Bro's before Ho's line Henchy has been playing really pissed me off. If Koma is going to side with the Henchy he's gonna lose me.
"No so he could have carried a bomb with him." replied Koma."It would have been quicker. Now we have to wait till he does enough damage to either break out or be thrown up."

The sea monster slides its way through the breakers and up onto the beach. It gets just short of us when it cries out in pain. It coughs and screams again.
Instinctively we step back a few meters. With a loud groan the monster heaves Henchy and a few vital organs up on the beach.
"Say one Taun Taun joke and your dead." says Henchy with a sneer.

Henchy washes off in the ocean and we continue on our way to meet our contact.
"You sure this is the address?" double checks Henchy.
"This is the address." replies Koma. "But it looks like someone got here before us."

Indeed "someone" had. Someone with demolition on their mind. The place had been demolished, and burnt to the ground.

"I got a bad feeling about this?" I say.
Then a part of the rubble begins to move. Emerging from the ground is an elevator. The doors open revealing a well tanned woman definitely over 50 and certainly not dressing her age.
"The Dr Peters party of three?" she enquired discretly. Which considering the fact that she's in an elevator that popped up from under a demolished building, wasn't that discreet at all.
"Yeah. Thats us." replied Koma a bit stunned.
The three of us begin to enter the elevator when the leathery skinned hag raises one finger.
"Tut tut, whats the password. No password no ride and.." she pauses pressing a button inside the elevator which activate three rather large guns aimed at us."you might find it a little painful. But I'm told death brings comfort." the old lady smiled her wrinkly leathery smile.
Ugh! remind me never to tan again. Mental note must use moisturiser daily.
"Koma is Emo." mumbles Koma.
"Pardon I didn't hear that?" says the leather skinned woman.
"Koma is Emo." says Koma angrily."If you ask me to say it again I will hurt you."
"Please come this way. We've been waiting for you." she ushers us into the elevator. It smells of coconut oil. What happens to you when you get old.