Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Henchy's knock out time

I leave Henchy awake for twenty minutes and he almost kills himself. Read about it here. It makes me just want to leave him sedated fort he rest of his life. It certainly would lessen the sexual harassment and paternity suits that he gets yearly.

I open the cell door and Henchy falls to the floor gasping for breath.
"And your supposed to be my Latex salesman?" I ask him glibly.
"H-h-hate this $#@%ing country." he spits glaring at me. He gets to his feet and grabs me by my stylish cowl designed by the one and only Blockade Boy.
"You got 2 seconds to explain this." he growls.
"It wont take 2 seconds and if we stand here any longer we'll be shot at by the android guards." I say dodging the question.
"You sure thats your answer?" he asks a wild look in his eyes. "Time ta put you in a Koooo-ma." sings Henchy as he raises his fist to knock me out.
"Don't move creep!" Exclaims a robotic voice.
"Wha?" asks Henchy distracted.
"Prisoners escaping." Declares another android voice. "Shoot to kill! Shoot to kill!"
The androids open fire.
I teleport out of there and Henchy leaps back into the now smoldering cell.
Reappearing behind the androids I open fire with my blaster. I take one down. The androids turn to face me and Henchy leaps out from the cell and in a violent rage takes out the remaining androids.

"Don't use up all of that fury now." I caution as Henchy is begining to start tearing the already broken android parts into smaller broken parts.

"You're going to need all of it to survive this place." I smile. "I'll explain everything but we do need to move."

I catch Henchy up on everything except the fact that he's been sedated for 2 months.

"Olympus!" replies Henchy. "I've heard about this place. How'd you get me in?"

"All the orders come in coded messages. Break the code and you can make up anything you want." I tell him. "You came in as a prisoner exchange from Long Bay. Your enhancements made it easy to prove you're super human and require detention in Olympus."

"Sweet" replies Henchy sounding a bit more up-beat. "So when do we start the fireworks?"

"You don't I do." I answer. "I need you to find someone for me. His names Silver we'll need him to end all of this."

I tell Henchy in which cell block Silver is in and get off to my task of blowing this place up.

"No way you're not leaving me here to do your dirty work again Koma!" begins Henchy.
"Sorry. Bye now." I tell him and I teleport out of there.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

You wait a few months and you get expsition

"Remember Squatter's we go when the Swagman gives the signal." reminds Crater through my earpiece. "Jumbuck out."

"What's Crater say?" asks Queenie my second in command.
"We wait for Koma, thats the plan." I tell her.
Queenie's got the proportionate powers of a Bee, and the attitude of a super model.
"Its been 2 hours. No ones ever gone into Olympus and lived to tell the tale." Queenie smiles slyly. "Your little man's dead and if we stay here so are we."
I just give her a snarl and turn steel.
"So can I kill you now and you wont have to wait?" I ask her. She backed down.

How in the hell did we get here. Olympus is a big Super Human Gaol. It holds all the super humans who haven't be zombified like almost everyone else here in Australia. Austin has gone in there with Henchy to start a breakout. There are eight of us in total and we've been slowly making our way here for the last two months.
I'm here with Queenie who hates me with a passion and Jet the last free flyers. Jet doesn't say much he just waits for the chance to fly again. In between operations he's grounded. Who ever is in charge has eyes everywhere looking for flyers.

Crater is in charge of the other group. He's really stepped up from the laconic test pilot I remember. If it wasn't for his permanent shielding he would have been a zombie. With him are the most vulnerable members. Fortuna and Galdys. Fortuna is a healer her husband Silver is supposed to be in Olympus. Galdys is... well I'm not sure they don't say much about Galdys.

The earth rumbles and shakes a bit. The three of us look at each other.
"Squatters to Jumbuck did you feel that?" I ask calling Crater.
"Be on standby Squatters any moment now." replies Crater.

"Get ready were on in any second." I order Queenie and Jet. Jet smiles. Jet's a telekinetic flyer so its all mind over matter for him, when he flies he's almost invulnerable.

The entire west wall of Olympus explodes.
"Thats the signal we go now. Stick to plan and we'll get out alive." I shout. Queenie and Jet race off into the air. I take the long road into the destruction.

Friday, August 01, 2008

There were two guys in a cell...

I hate being tricked. Its the most unpleasant of things to happen to a Genius. You don't expect to fall for something as simple as an elevator with less oxygen than is needed by four people. Credit has to be given to the old lady (who's name is Gladys) she was willing to put herself in danger to take us out. I sensed the lack of oxygen and was about to tell the others when small holes opened in the wall and sprayed chloroform all over us. The old lady lost it first. Chroma and Henchy tried to punch their way out this only made them breathe in more chloroform. Needless to say they both fell to the classic knockout gas before I did.

When I woke up I was in a small cell with Henchy.
"So when were you gonna tell us about the damn gas?" snapped Henchy.
"They weren't gonna open the doors till we were all unconscious. You both could have held you breath longer than me. Why did you lash out?" I asked.
"Old habits die hard." grumbled Henchy back.

Then the cell door opened.
It was Crater.
"Hey Crater dude. Loved you on Next Top Hero." congratulated Henchy trying to distract Crater.
It didn't work.
"You three come back now!" He accused. He looked daggers at the both of us.
"Where's Christine?" I asked trying to change the subject. That just made him more angry.
"The daughter of the traitor is secured for the moment." he answered. "But you two are yet to be proven innocent either."

"Crater, Dude. To give you the 411 on this, we weren't here when it all went to hell." Explained Henchy in his own way."Koma'll explain the whole time gestation thingy, but we had nothing to do with this."

"I believe you were away but Koma could have set this up before he left. This is one of your plans isn't it Koma?" And with that Crater closed the door of the cell and left.

"One of YOUR plans?" questioned Henchy sarcastically. "This whole take ove Australia is one of you freaky ass plans?"
Henchy was in a bit of shock.
"Look I didn't ever want to set this into motion." I said trying to calm him down but it was too late.
"I thought you were sorta not so good guy. I remember you saying "I'd never try to take over Australia its too big." But Nooooo! You play us all for saps and have your little hot sexy synthoids take over Australia while we're lost in some other dimension."
"Are you finished ranting yet?" I ask Henchy.
"No! I'm not finished yet. I'm just getting started..." I draw my Neural Destabiliser, fire it and Henchy hits the floor unconscious. I look to the security camera.

"He's out cold for a while." I announce out loud. "I'll tell you everything I know."