Monday, December 17, 2007

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - A traitor amoung us


We arrive on the planets surface but something is wrong.

"These are not the co-ordinates where we are supposed to end up Koma." says Alicia Quest.

Ayris is hanging out the back of our little group. His eyes are darting forth and back looking for something. I don't mention anything about it cause my sensors are going haywire. Alicia's confirms that I'm not making this stuff up.

"Somethings coming. A lot of somethings flying right at us." she says slightly alarmed.

"You see both of them?" I ask.

"What do you mean Koma?" she asks at first. "Oh yes. Two different groups. Winged?"

"The townsfolk weren't winged Koma." says Tran.

I look again at Aryis and he's sweating a bit. I'm quite sure all of this has happened because of him. Can't prove it, yet.

"Austin can't we teleport away from here?" demands Chroma.

And of course we can't there's something jamming my connection to the ship.

"No." I tell Chroma. "We're either running or fighting. I'd expect a bit of both."

"We're sitting ducks out here. Cover would be a good idea." said Tran stating the obvious.

Unfortunately by the time we get to any cover they'll be on us. We make a break for it anyway. I order Ayris to run interference, but soon as he hit the sky he was shot down. The fire continued but only from the flyers from the north.

"Alicia shields up, NOW!" I order. I do the same in the hope that they hold out long enough.

We get to some shelter behind a cliff face from the flyers shooting at us. The volley of fire then stops.
"The flyers from the south are attacking the ones from the north." explains Alicia.

I use the pause in fire to look back for Ayris. He's gone. My sensors confirm his location and my suspicions. Right in the middle of the flyers who attacked us.

"Take Alicia and Tran and find a good place to lie low for a while." I tell Chroma. "I'm going after Ayris."

She gives me that look you get from women that says they think your crazy.

"I know I'm crazy but he's me responsibility." I tell her.

"Just blow up the damn bomb you put in his head." she replies.

"Yes dear. I'll be back before dinner." I call over me shoulder as I race out into the open to find the traitor.

"Over confident bastard." I hear her mutter. "Leaves me to look after the kids, while he has all the fun."

I race across the open desert. Straight for Ayris' position. While dodging blasts I get a look at the opposing parties. One is very ugly the other very human-ish. If you can call people who have wings human-ish.
I spot Ayris with the ugly ones. He sticks out like an Aryan needle in a very ugly haystack. From here all I have to do is press the red button and the bomb in his head goes boom.

I press it and nothing happens. I check the controller, nothing wrong with the signal.

"Oh Koma?" interrupts Ayris. "You should have gone with the others."

I look around and I'm surrounded by the ugly things.

"Goodbye!" smiles Ayris.

"Oh carp!" I mutter as the ugly things fire.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Meme'd again

This is a Splotchy story meme -

Why am I doing it?

Cause I think I can write a better Splotchy story than anyone else.

I woke up hungry. I pulled my bedroom curtain to the side and looked out on a hazy morning. I dragged myself into the kitchen, in search of something to eat. I reached for a jar of applesauce sitting next to the sink, and found it very cold to the touch. I opened the jar and realized it was frozen.

(You start your story like that! Oh my God! How utterly droll. Do you have no understanding of how to write a dramatic opening scene. Obviously not. Oh well I'll try and spice it up from here on)

Frozen Applesauce could only men one thing. Apple man was back in town.
Yes that gawd awful Apple-man. Always with his stupid pal The Fishmonger. You can smell The Fishmonger before you meet him. Apple-man has blocked sinuses so he doesn't smell The Fishmonger at all. Lucky him.

So I went without breakfast and decided to hunt down Apple-man and kick his ass.

(See how much better the story goes now. We've got an antagonist and a protagonist. We also have a stinky side-kick for comedy relief as well.)

I found Apple-man at his favourite hang out the Orchard Bar.

It was a dark and dingy place. The kind where scum like Apple man like to hang out at. You'll find all kinds at the Orchard Bar. Low life's, White trash, and of course nefarious villains and their stinky side-kicks.
White Trash and Low Life's

"Why if it isn't Splotchy, our favourite little play thing Fishmonger." said Apple-man sarcastically.

"Yeah! You'd think he hadn't had his breakfast." replied the stinky Fishmonger.

They both had a little chuckle. I let them.

"Your buying me a new can of Applesauce." I tell them.

"Oh really and just how are you planning to make us do this." scoffed Apple-man.

I pulled out my revolver and aimed at Apple-man's head. "Will this do?" I asked.

"I don't believe you have the guts to do that Splotchy." says Apple-man a thin wicked smile on his face. He takes a sip from his drink, just to prove that he doesn't care.

So I shot him.

I made applesauce out of his large apple head. More than enough for many breakfasts.

End of Splotchy story.

I choose not to Meme anyone else, cause some people hate meme's.

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - Something goes wrong

The planet loomed large on the bridges screen display.
"Oxygen, Nitrogen atmoshpere. Water, polar ice caps, 3 oceans, an inland fresh water sea on the southern continent." Tran rattled off the readings from the preliminary scans. He and Alicia Quest were at the main controls.

"There's a set of large cities in the northern continent, but they are empty of all life." informed Alicia. "The main population is on the land between the inland sea and the coast regions on the western side of the southern continent."

"Radiation readings on the empty cities?" I ask Alicia.

"Background radiation is safe but it appears that there was a huge nuclear detonation eminiating" Alicia zooms into one of the cities of the northern continent.

"It looks like what was a power plant of some sort." guesses Christine. "A huge one."

"Yes its about the size of New York." adds Tran. "The power it generated would have been immense."

"Radiation readings confirm this was the center of the catastrophe." agrees Alicia.

"So they had a fracking huge Chernobyl and moved south for the nuclear winter. Big deal." complains Ayris. "Aren't we supposed to find that intruder that stole Alicia's identity and then hijacked Koma's cosmic power toy. This is about revenge lets find the bitch, kick some ass, and get home."

We all went silent for a few seconds. I had no idea Aryis felt this way.

"Tran have we located where the intruder is." I ask breaking the awkward silence.

"Her energy signature points to just north of the inland sea." answers Tran. "Right in the middle of the main population."

I devised a plan for our infiltration of the population. Amazingly the aliens were humaniod. It seems that Gene Roddenberry was right the apex of all evolution is the humaniod biped. Either that or there was a great coincidence happening. Leaving the ship in orbit we would teleport to the surface outside one of the small towns and make our way to the intruders location. Learning all we could as we went.

It was a good plan. Unfortunatley we didn't get a chance to implement it.
The ship shook as an energy beam of great power hit.

The emergency claxon rang out.

"Can we move Tran?" I shout.

"Main engines are out, we only have thrusters." he answers huridly.

"Power core is stable Koma. Life support is failing though." reports Alicia.

"Set the ship in high orbit, power down and, hope they don't hit it again." I order.

Tran and Alicia work furiosly and are able to do it.

"What now fearless leader?" asks Aryis sarcastically. "Life support is running out there's only one option."

He was right. I teleported us to the planets surface.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - A moment interupted

I'm in the med-lab with Tran he's doing some checks which I'm not happy about.

"Ok so I'm a snake-person now. There's not much difference between me before and me now." I declare to Tran.

"I'm not so sure Koma." says Tran concerned. "Your blood pressure is lower, you've got scales, and certain appendages seem to have disappeared completely."

"Only his legs, have disappeared Tran." says Christine entering the med-lab.

"TMI Chroma. Please!" complains Tran. "We have MRI facilities I know his gonads are intact. I didn't need to know about his libido."

You know I think Tran is really coming into his own. All that naive scientist attitude is slowly being morphed into a grumpy sarcastic know-it-all. I like the fact he's taking after me. Its kind of flattering.

"So can I slither out of here and get onto tracking down the intruder?" I ask Tran.

"Hey don't blame me if you die or something." retorts back Tran.

Christine and I leave Tran behind in the med-lab.

"I know its fun to tease Tran but he could be right." says Christine in a concerned tone.
"I'm fine." I tell her. "Its just a change in how I look not who I am." I look into her eyes, she's a bit scared. Thats not like her at all. She leans forward our lips lock.

!whoop! !whoop! !whoop! - the warning siren goes off.

"Damn it!" she whispers.

"Duty calls." I tell her, she's tired. So am I. "And I think we're the ones in charge here." I joke. Christine smirks.

I hear footsteps. Its Tran he's racing down the corridor.

"Are you two coming were at the planet. Its got life! Aliens! First contact! C'mon!" he shouts at us.

"You can take the boy out of the geek." I begin.

"But you can't take the geek out of the boy." finishes Christine.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - A new tail

You know those bits in Star Trek when everyone starts falling about the place. Its just the camera man shaking the camera in a vain attempt to make the poor acting of the cast look well, more lame. As we found out, in a zero gravity environment its so much worse.
"Koma!" screamed Christine floating upside down in front of me. "I thought you had an artifical gravity thing in this piece of retro space junk?" I know when I'm in trouble with my nordic mistress of steel, she calls me Koma.
"Christine honey." I began explaining. "The cosmic maelstrom is screwing with the everything but life support and propulsion. Just be thankful that you can breathe and that we're getting out of this." But as usual when you try to use logic to diffuse an angry woman it just backfires.
"Well honey you'd better be thankful I can't control where I'm going. Cause I'd be screwing with your face." snapped back my petulant platinum paramoor. She floated angrily out of the control room.

In floated Ayris who began taunting me.
"Koma's log....stardate....who cares." begins Ayris in his best James T. Krik impression. "Its four days into this cosmic catastrophe and we still haven't found our way out of the maelstrom. Everyone is snapping at each other. Alicia Quest went into her quarters two days ago and hasn't come out. Tran and I haven't slept since this started. I fear we will all die. Oh and my girlfriend hates me. Hahahaha!"

"I'm glad your enjoying this little trip Ayris." I reply sarcasticly. "Are you going to help or are you just going to wait till I threaten to blow your head off for the thirteenth time."

Ayris was going to give his "Koma you don't have the balls to set off the charge that you put in my head..." reply when suddenly the artifical gravity was returned. Ayris hit the floor with a "WHOMP!". Then Tran ran in.
"Artifical gravity's back on and sensors have detected the edge of the maelstrom. We're getting out of here!" he screamed.

So within 2 hours everyone is quite happy and we are approaching a small 4 planet star system. The trail that the intruder left is so still amazingly strong. Sensors analyse the four planets as we get there and its the fourth planet from the sun that's drenched in the intruders energy signature. Tran goes to sleep, so does Christine. Ayris dissapears back to his room and I'm left alone in the control room alone.

I begin to feel different. Its probably just the fact I haven't slept in a week. I look at my hands and they're glowing. The energy continues to grow around me. Pulsating bright and its all I can see.

I wake up on the floor and everyone is above me looking down on me.

"Whats happened?" I ask.

"Ummm how do I tell you this..." begins Christine.

"Your legless Koma." says Ayris bluntly.

I look down and all I see is a purple tail.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Once more unto the breach

The ship is ready to fly through the cosmic maelstrom. Well thats what I tell everyone except Dr Tran. Cause he knows like me that there are way too many unknowns to prepare for everything that could happen in a cosmic maelstrom. Oh and I've finally been given permission to show you a pic of the fabulous Dr Tran. There he is on the right in white.
I've chosen a few to come with me. Christine, Tran, Ayris and Alicia Quest.
You might not remember Alica Quest. She was supposed to be the Administrator before some shape shifting intruder from the cosmic maelstrom came and stole her life. She was brain damaged and left for dead by the intruder. I was able to get her up and about again using my synthoid technology. She used the synthoid the tech to find out what ASIO and "Quark" knew about the intruder. She really relished doing that. She impressed me so much I got Major Falstaff to assign her to Spearhead so I could manage her recuperation personally.
So with the team finalised and the ship ready all we had to do was get the ship into the maelstrom and follow the intruder's trail.
"Koma how are you getting the ship from the hanger to the slipstream lab? Its way too big to fit thorugh the corridors and the slipstream lab is at least a kilometer underground in the first place." Tran often states the obvious.
"Hmmm your right there Tran but you know how the slipstream lab is bigger than the hanger we're in right now. It'll fit the ship quite easily." I answer.
"But how?" asks Tran again not thinking it through enough. And then.
"Oh!" exclaims Tran when the penny drops way too late and the ship and ourselves are instantly teleported into the slipstream lab.
"So your taking us through a cosmic storm in that?" asks Ayris sarcastically.
"I was expecting something cooler than that Koma." adds Alicia Quest.

"I agree." I answer. "There wan't anytime to make it cool, its got to be able to withstand the maelstrom."
"What do you call it?" asked Christine.
"The Cosmic Express." I beam.
"More like the Cosmic Blimp, Koma." says Ayris.

I ignore him and we all get aboard.
"Turbines to power. Engines to speed." I call from the helm.
"Its FAB. Koma" replies Tran.

"Geeks in Space." snaps Ayris.

"Maelstrom open and ready." informs Tran.

"And Where We Land This Time Is anybody's Guess." I say as I activate the engines. The Blimp's thrusters explode and we enter the maelstrom.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tagged AGAIN!

Its just like a telepath to change the rules. You can't trust them.

Look at these commands from the mental dictator.

Koma's MEME:
1. List your five favorite things about me.

My 5 favourite things about you?
1 - You don't live in Australia
2 - Somtimes you are funny
3 - You love the New X-man thread
4 - Your bald and I'm not
5 - Crater got further in Next top hero than you

2. List the five ways in which Henchman is most evil.

1 - He's devious
2 - He's willing to kill heroes without the whole monolog thing
3 - He has a killer sense of humor
4 - He doesn't post enough
5 - Henchman got with Brittany Spears

3. Make a coherent argument as to why the USA is better than Australia.

There is no coherent argument. Australia IS better than the USA and heres why.

No Bill of Rights
Strict control of firearms
Voting is mandatory
No President
Better cleaner beaches
Better surf (oh and Hawaii doesn't count as the USA)
We don't try to dominate the world
Oh and most of the world likes us and our tourists

4. Name the American actress you think is the hottest.

Gee sigh! there are so many

Honestly its Maggie Gyllenhaal

5. Write a sincere compliment about Gaia.

She probably the best writer in the HU. If she really puts in the hard yards I honestly believe that she could become a great writer.

6. Apologize to Jon, the Intergalactic Gladiator for questioning his religious conviction.

I can't do that. Everyones beliefs need to be questioned. I can apologise for upsetting him by questioning his convictions. I think you need to always ask questions. Faith is very important.

7. Post a sexy picture of the Lin-bot.

Ugh! I'm so over Lin its just not funny anymore. Personally I wish I'd killed her off when Gaia wanted too.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A meme?????

We interrupt you regular Koma lag for this Meme

OMG! I finally got meme'd

Henchy meme'd me here

So here goes.

1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.

2. You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

3. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Ok now I'm Captain Koma but as we all know thats an alias for Austin Peters. Now I haven't said what my middle name is. Now I could be really smart and say its a single inital but thats a cop out ain't it. So I'll make it hard on myself. Benjamin. Thats 8 damn.

Ugh! Here goes. I must be a glutton for punishment.

B - Brilliant. I have a brilliant mind which was made even more brilliant via cosmic energy.

E - Excitement. I bring it. You all know it.

N - Notice. I give notice to my employers by blowing everything up before I leave.

J - Justice. What I've escaped from on many occasions.

A - Arrogance. I have this. Doctor Doom says its essential for any Evil Genius to beleive in himself totally.

M - Manipulation. Wether its your spine or your mind I can make it do what I want.

I - Imagination. Ask Christine (Chroma) I never lack in imagination.

N - Next. One day I'll finish this Kosmic Oddessy.

Those tagged

Prof X
Blockade Boy
Kid Flash

Friday, August 17, 2007

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - Time to get started

I'm in the Engineering workshop when I get the call to visit the principal's office.
"Koma. Major Falstaff needs to see you NOW!" says Prescott.
"Gee What could this be for?" I reply sarcastically.
"Just go Koma." Answers Prescott.
I get to the office and Quark is back. He's sitting at the desk, Falstaff is leaning against the wall. Quark starts the questions straight away.
"You've been investigating haven't you" he accuses.
"Yes well I've got to. I had to find out who had more brains President Bush or Lindsay Lohan." I quip "You wanna know who won?"
"No I do not want to know." snapped Quark. "What I do want to hear is your reason for investigating the intruder?"
"Cause I wanted to know who the intruder was." I answer. "She certainly didn't want to be here. I wanted to know how she got here, how long she'd been here and where she's gone to and if she's coming back."

"Why do you think she's coming back?" asked Falstaff.
"I don't think she will right now. But if she does we need to know what we're up against."
"What do you think we're up against Koma." asked Falstaff
"I don't like where this line of questioning is going Major?" protests Quark.
"I do." I add.
"You are a menace and should be locked up." snaps Quark. "Your investigation compromises this facility, and everyone connected to it."
"Personally I think the people of Australia would like to know where their tax dollars go." I answer. "Though its the Americans knowing about this place you guys fear isn't it. Don't want George W telling the PM what he doesn't know exists."
"Major Falstaff with all due respect to your position in ASIO." begins Quark. "Your inclusion of this sex-bot manufacturing retrobate has been an utter disaster. He has been reckless, disobedient and with this investigation he has brought Alica Quest into his shenadigans."
"I've had enough of this, have you Falstaff?" I ask the Major. He nods. I pull out my Neural Disruptor and aim it at Quark.
"Wha-!" was all he said before he fell asleep.
"So you've got a plan then Koma?" asks Falstaff.
"Of course I've got a plan." I reply.
"Do it." he commands. "You'd have done it if I told you not to anyway."

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - Part 2

The thing I love about operating theatre's is that they are clean. Not just clean like home clean, I mean CLEAN. So clean you can smell it. But whats better than a sterile environment is brain surgery.
"Do you remember when we put in Aryis' BULB?" Annabell loves surgery too. Its actually where she first hit one me. Some would call that a bit strange. I found it amusing.
"Yes I do." I answer. "You almost killed him if I remember correctly."
"Dr Peter's you promised me you'd never mention that again." she warns.
Things are good. Annabell's talking to me, Christine's been nothing but wonderful, I've got a mystery to solve and I'm mucking around with someones brain. Things just couldn't get better.

I finish with the wetware installation.
"Time to boot up the Administrator's brain." I announce to Falstaff and Prescott who are watching behind the glass.
Annabell sets up the installation routine. This the best thing about brain surgery, you can operate while the patient is awake.
"She should be awake in three, two, one." Annabell smiles. "Wakey wakey Ms. Administrator" she greets.
"Wha! Who are you?" asks the Administrator.
"Her name is Alicia Quest." says Falstaff through the intercom. "She's never spent a day as the Administrator, she doesn't know you from Adam."

After that bombshell. We finished up with Ms. Quest's surgery and Falstaff asked her a few questions. She remembered who attacked her and through the wetware system we could download her memories. We even saw the attacker change into Ms. Quest. That left a few questions in my head and I made sure that Major Falstaff knew about them.
"Your questions will be taken under consideration." Falstaff replied.
"Excuse me!" I snapped back. "Your giving me the executive brush off here."
"Your not a field agent Koma. The little you know about this the better." he was holding a lot from me.
"You brought me in here to flush HER out didn't you?" I accused.
"Of course. You did your job well Koma." And he just walked away.

I have two choices. Leave it alone like a good boy. Or investigate it myself.

Of course I'm going to investigate it. This isn't Captain Koma's blog of good.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - The begining

Its been two weeks since the test.
I'm sitting in the Slipstream Lab connected up to the recorded footage of the test. You know, the test that screwed up royally when the Administrator, went through the portal and into a cosmic malestrom.
I'm searching the footage that was taken. That gave me nothing, but if I overlaid the infra-red, with the electro-magnetic recorder, and the ultra-violet footage.
"Got ya! You can't beat a cosmically enhanced genius." I raised my fist in triumph.
"What have you got Austin?" It was Christine. "You've been connected to all of this for the last 5 hours. I swear your only happy when something is going wrong."
I disconnect my wetware nodes from the system. It makes a popping and slippery sound as the nodes release the optic fibers from the wet-ware interface.
"Ewww!" complains Christine. "I hate that sound."
"I'll ignore that." I replied. "So they're ready for me?" I asked.
"Yes." answered my Nordic Mistress of Steel.

I get to the Administrators office, the Administrator's not there of course but Prescott, Falstaff and a guy in grey are.
For those who forget Falstaff is the guy who asked me to join Spearhead he kinda looks like Mark Harmon. Prescott is the Assistant Administrator he looks like Rupert Everet. The guy in grey looks like the Armin Shimerman, he played Quark on Star Trek DS9.
Quark in the grey suit is ranting to Falstaff and Prescott.
"So we don't know where the Administrator is, she could be dead or lost or anything..." his hands are flailing in the air.
"ah-hem!" I interrupt.
"Oh so your here now." Attacks the grey suited Quark. "The great Dr Austin Peters. Oopss! sorry Captain Koma. What did you think you were doing out there? Where's you little sex toy? I hear you like them young with big ones. Have you got anything for me to go back to the Head of ASIO?"
Normally I'd put a little turd like this in his place, but Falstaff gives me a look of "Don't do it Koma" So I don't.
"One. "I begin." I prefer to be called Koma. Two. Lin is a sentient synthetic life form. And these days I'm into tall blondes. Oh and Three. Whoever went through the portal wasn't the Administrator, cause last time I checked she couldn't absorb cosmic energy."
Quark took that in.
"Do yo have proof of this?" he asked.
"If you watch the Administrator's screen you'll see the footage of the incident."
I begin showing the footage. "Now watch the change that comes over the fake Administrator as she gets closer to the portal. I layer the infra-red, ultra-violet, and finally the electro-magnetic readings. Only a being absorbing a huge amount of radiation would be giving those readings."
"Do you have a copy of this footage?" Asks Quark visibly relieved.
I throw a USB drive at him.
"Nice doing business with you, Koma." says Quark and with that he begins to leave the office."Oh and this place is under full lock-down till I say so. Major Falstaff your in charge." And with that Quark left.
"Good work Koma." Falstaff smiled at me. "Now there's someone I want you to meet."

Falstaff takes me to the infirmary.
"I knew it wasn't the Administrator." says Falstaff. "And this is why."

He leads me into one of the private suites. And on the bed is what looks like the Administrator.
"How long have you known this?" I ask. My sensors tell me she's in a medically induced coma.
"We found her in a hospital as a Jane Doe in Townsville three days ago." replies Falstaff."She's suffered massive head trauma. If they wake her she'll never be able to tell us what happened to her. Can you do something about it?"

"Actually I can." I answer.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Its been a while...

Things have been going well. And its starting to freak me out.

Every time I try to do something it works. I had to make sure that I got Christine's birthday right and get her the present she wanted. I did it. The team training has been running smoothly. Ayris is even listening to me. Oh and Annabell has stopped giving me the silent treatment and she's even made friends with Christine.

I'm just waiting for things to go wrong. Its got to happen soon.

I woke this morning to the lovely face of Christine. She smiled sweetly, then a wicked grin flashed across her face. How I ever met a woman who likes to start the day like that, just amazes me. I'd just like to thank whatever deity that has been watching over me. Thanks a lot.

About an hour later I'd made it to the Slipstream Project Lab. It amazing the progress we've made in the last few weeks. Its now up to the main testing stage.
"Your a little late Koma?" questions Dr Tran.
"I was held up in an important meeting Dr Tran." I answered smiling wickedly.
"We all know why your late Dr Peters." It was the Administrator. Damn!.
"Yes I know everyone knows Ma'am." I reply sweetly, sarcasm dripping from my mouth. "But I do like to keep the appearance that you all don't know I occasionally spend my mornings doing the horizontal ho-down with my girl-friend."
"hmp!" replied the administrator. "We are here for tests this morning not sarcasm Dr Peters. Now are they going to commence or not?"
"Of course they are Ma'am." I answer.

We ran the basic battery of tests. Methodically going through the systems and checking them out. Which I knew was boring the hell out of the Administrator. So I made them go the system checks twice. I know its petty and low of me but I don't trust this woman. She wants Slipstream to work like her life depends on it. And that makes me suspicious.

We get to the main test and the Administrators interest changes once the portal begins to open. We don't open it too far and she seems disappointed about that. The probe is sent into the portal out into the raging cosmic maelstrom. I have to monitor the readings of the probe, this is the tricky bit. If the probe can stand the maelstrom then we can initiate the cosmic wheel. I didn't want to call it the cosmic wheel but we couldn't come up with anything better.
"The probe is holding well." calls out Dr Tran.
"Send in the wheel." I order.
I go to look back to the Administrator and she's not there. Her two guards are on the floor. I search the lab for her.
"Wheel entering portal." calls out Dr Tran.
I turn to see the wheel enter the portal and on it I see the Administrator.
"Abort!" I scream. The wheel stops before it enters the portal. "Shut down the portal. Release the probe."
"But Koma." protests Dr Tran. I ignore him and teleport to the Cosmic Wheel.


"Who and what are you?" I demand.
The administrator doesn't answer. She just smiles. And as the portal closes she leaps into the maelstrom.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In the middle of a chain reaction part2

what happened previously in Lins Blog

I leave the lair. I end up in the closet and there's someone there waiting for me.
"Hey Austin." Its Chroma.
"Not now Christine." I tell her.
"Whats up lover?" she asks. I tell her about Lin and the seismic generator and the nuclear power plant.
"Ouch!" Chroma winced "Also you can't leave unless Prescott gives you permission can you?"

She was right. I'm not in command of anything anymore. So its off to see Prescott.

"So your telling me the synthoid that you created now has a seismic generator and is going to use it on a nuclear power plant." summed up Prescott.
"Yes." I confirm.
"Your sure you can resolve this without bloodshed and contamination." he asks.
"With Chroma and Crater I definitely can." I answer.
Prescott paused and scratched his chin.
"Can't let you have Crater. But I doubt I could stop Chroma going with you. I can only give you 12 hours. If you haven't succeeded by then I will alert the American authorities." He returned to his paperwork. Chroma and I got suited up.


We arrived in the power stations control center.
"Who the hell are you?" shouted one of the technicians. I didn't have the time to explain. So it was out with my weapon of choice the neural destabiliser.
"So thats what it looks like." said Chroma.
"What what looks like?" I snap back, technicians slumped over their desks. "We're here to avert a nuclear catastrophe Christine."
"She meant thats what your neural destabiliser looks like." said a voice from the shadows.

"Henchy!" I exclaimed. "Dude what are you doing here?"
"There's a mole in the union. I've tracked him down to here. When I get my hands on Captain Boomerang he's going to find out just what union busting is all about."Henchy was livid. I'd seen Henchy angrier but I certainly don't want to be in Boomerang's shoes.

"We need to shut the plant down and lock down the reactor core." I give the instructions for Chroma and Henchy to help me shut down the plant.

"So shutting down the plant will help?" asks Chroma.

"If the reactor core is tough enough to take the quake, yeah." I answer. "A small leak is possible but this way we don't end up with a 3 Mile Island and not a Chernobyl."

Chroma doesn't ask anymore questions and we finish in silence.

Then the first quake hits.

"If it comes to it are you willing to go all the way Koma?" asks Henchy coolly. "Cause if you can't I can.."

"No I can do it if I have to you two just get ready. Lin has company, hit hard hit fast we'll take them by surprise." I can do it. But it was nice for Henchy to ask.


this saga is finished in Lins Blog

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Prescott has something to tell me

read what happened in Lin's blog

I'm in the lab working with Dr Tran. He knows his stuff but he's unable to make the right connections in his mind to follow the steps required to rebuild the Transfer relay.

"But if you just open the wormhole the cosmic energy will flow out anyway. So you need to make the Transfer relay so you can use the cosmic power in small amounts." I explain.

"But small amounts are not enough we need power." retorts Tran.

"Tran you have to start small and build up the power. The reason why it didn't work last time was that we thought we could transfer the cosmic energy through the portal and use it here. Thats the mistake. We need to redesign the Transfer relay so that we use the cosmic energy in the portal and generate the electricity through the Transfer relay." I thought I had explained myself more that enough but his expression was blank. "We turn the Transfer relay into a cosmic water wheel. The flow of the cosmic energy will enable us to generate electricity." I explain it at its most simple.

Then the penny drops.

"Ah!" replies Tran. "Its so simple and it's safe as well."

He rushes off to his team. It takes too long to explain all of this to Tran and his team. I could have this up and running in two weeks. Its going to take two months with Tran. Then Prescott turns up.

"Yes what do you want." I complain.
"There were some abnormalities in the results of your tests." he's blunt.
"The medical check we all took when we came back from Fiji?" I ask.
"Yes. That one." replies Prescott. "You were all given the standard tests CAT scans, radiation, tox-screen, blood, DNA. Standard Spearhead policy for post-assignment debrief."

"And..." I poke.

"The tests revealed above average mental and physical abilities." He smirked. "Putting it simply Koma you've lied to us."

"No you didn't ask." I clarify. "You assumed apart from the synthiod implants I was normal."

"Yes we did." the smile left his face briefly. "But now we know your not. Cosmic energy was detected. You will be evaluated as to your power levels and your threat level will be amended. Do not leave the base." He teleported out.

Do not leave the base 'eh! I walk into the closet. Instantly I'm in the lair. I smell something.

"Vadar Lin's been here hasn't she?" I enquire. She still wears the perfume I gave her.


"What equipment?" I ask. I'm naturally curious.

"A SEISMIC GENERATOR" answers Vadar.

"Ok what would Lin need a seismic generator? And why does that scare me." I say to myself.

"TO STOP A NUCLEAR POWER STATION." answers Vadar diligently.

Oh crap!

continued in Lin's blog

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I blame the beer.

Please follow the links as it will help you remember just whats com before, yes Jon IG this is for you.

Its been about 12 hours since we wrapped things up in Fiji.

The bad guys got beaten. The Australian embassy staff were saved during our fight with the International Guard.
Prescott, you remember him.
Stuck up tight-ass Englishman who thinks he's in charge of me. Well while I was saving the team, Prescott had an Special Forces team teleported in and the embassy staff were saved with little fuss. Not one person was killed.

When I got back with Psykan, Xeenon, and Major Force in tow I thought it would at least bring a smile on the Administrators face.
Well she was pissed. She went at me.
"You think I'm going to be impressed." her tone was caustic. "It was just a simple extraction and your super-buffoons screwed it all up."
"Buffoons!" I exclaimed.
"Yes buffoons. Your supposed to be an elite team but all you ended up doing was losing a member to a telepath and untold property damage in downtown Suva." she stopped there. Composed herself, sat down behind her desk. She did a few things on her laptop.
"You are no longer Assistant Administrator. If it was up to me your only concern would be Slipstream. But Prescott believes the team needs you, especially now with Ki-Yama injured. You can go know. But when your not playing super-hero you WILL be in the lab."

With that I was dismissed. Slipstream is a problem, the Administrator is under pressure to get the cosmic energy program back online. Free energy is a big thing. But last time it killed many and changed myself and two others. (my flashback of Slipstream)

I was then accosted by Vince (Vortex), Warren (Crater) and Justice Nichols.

Now Warren's only been here a few weeks He and Justine look rather close, he works fast.
"Koma now your coming to the party." slurs Vince.
"Party?" I ask.
"Yeah. Were having a bit of a celebration. For a first job well done." says Warren smugly.

Ki-Yama turned up, her arm in a brace. Even Aryis was there. The beer was nice. How Warren got Corona here I don't know.

Annabell showed up but it wasn't her crowd.
She left after trying to interest me in a meaningful conversation. I didn't need that. Sure she was once my goth girl but I was a different person back then. But I still know she's one of the few here I can trust.

Well after the beers were flowing and the music got played. Chroma showed up.
The rest of the night was a bit of a blur.
I remember a few things to do with Chroma. But not much else.

Then I wake up in the morning, in bed and someones next to me......

I check myself first, I'm naked. Thats not completely a bad thing. I check the someone next to me, long blonde hair, smells of perfume, I look under the covers. Its female I'm very sure of it.
She stirs.
"Morning Austin. Some fun last night eh!." mentions Chroma.
"Yeah." I answer still quite taken aback.
"You don't remember a thing do you?" she's not accusing me but it sure feels like it.
I nod with a pained look on my face.
"Oh well then I better give you something to remember." her smile is delightfully wicked.

I don't kiss and tell so well leave it there.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The fight you've all been waiting for

I teleport in and Ki-Yama is looking worse for wear.
Her right wrist is broken, as are a few ribs but she's still soldiering on.
"Took them both on didn't you?" I asked in a parental tone.
She scowls at me.
"Got Force though." she spits back at me.
"Blowing up a car wont stop Chroma." I reply.

"Of course you know that Austin." adds Chroma striding through the flames.
"Do you specialise in psycho ex-girlfriends Koma?" quips Ki-Yama.
"Just get out of here." I summon a portal for her. "Crater's with Vortex, send him over."
Ki-Yama limps through the portal and it closes behind her.
"That was quite chivalrous of you Austin." congratulates Chroma. "But I don't think there is going to be much left of you when I'm done." She slams her right fist into the palm of her left hand to emphasise just how ready she is.

My old habit would be to just get the hell out of here and leave someone else to clean up the mess. Unfortunately I'm the one in charge here, so the buck stops with me.

Chroma stops just short of punching distance.
"What are you waiting for, an invitation?" I ask.
"Well you are the weaker combatant here so I was just waiting for your one shot and then I was going to take you out." she answers plainly.
"No, Ladies first." I offer.
"Ok, your funeral Austin." she winds up and swings straight through the hologram of me. The power of the blow, spins her around ninety degrees in the opposite direction. Where I'm standing at the other end of the street with two blasters drawn.
"CHEATER!" she screams as I fire repeatedly. The lasers don't even dent her steel armor, but I knew that. I'm only trying to piss her off. She breaks into a sprint aimed right at me. I stop with the blasters, she's not going to get anymore angry. I set the shields on full and wait for the impact.

Its huge.

I'm thrown back down the street bouncing like a ball. Eventually I run into a building, I tense up for the impact. Finally stopped I get up. There's not much left of the wall I hit.
"Well thats the best test those shields have ever gotten." I tell myself smugly.

"You know what I hate Austin?" yells Chroma still running up the street toward me. "I hate singles nights. I hate people telling me what to do. I hate those little sausage dogs. I hate screaming children. I hate this uniform. " Her pace slows and she stops again in front of me. "But you know what I really hate?"

"You hate this double life you've been living being a mole inside the International Guard." I answer.

Chroma's jaw drops. "How did you know?"

"Its time to come back Christine." I pause for effect. "If you want to give all this up?"

She smiles."You little smart-arse. Yes I want out."

I'm about to tell her welcome back or something when someone falls from the sky.
In a green spandex suit with a bad haircut, Xeenon lies bleeding and unconscious in front of myself and Chroma.
In the air above Ayris just smirks. Burn marks from Xeenon's laser blasts pocket his suit and the ones on his face are slowly healing.
I look at Chroma she looks back at me. "I'm not picking him up." she snaps in disgust. "That loser has been hitting on me since the start. I'm sure he was peeping on me once." Chroma kicks Xeenon in the guts, he groans.

Oh well at least thats over.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Psykan rhymes with garbage can


I teleport just south of where Crater is. I can see him Psykan and Vortex.

It doesn't look good at all.
Psykan is doing the whole "I'm the psychic who's going to make your team-mate kill you." thing.
The problem is that Vortex can kill Crater.
Vince would never have worked it out but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if you can control air you can suck the air out of someones lungs.
Crater has worked this out and has encased himself in his telekinetic aura.
Which means that he's safe.
Until his oxygen runs out. Crater can't move away either cause Psykan has Vince creating a downdraft that is keeping Crater from moving at all.

"Warren, it's Koma. How long can you hold your breath for?" I ask over the communicator system.
"Oh about 2 minutes. Can't talk any more, breathing." he quips.

"Of course I completely understand. You wont be waiting long to inhale again." I really couldn't believe I said that. I'm getting so hero now I'm even doing the glib remarks.
I'd better concentrate otherwise Vince could notice I'm here and I'd be Gone with the wind. Ugh! I did it in my own head.


I teleport right behind Psykan. He's chuckling away watching Crater slowly suffocate. It wasn't long ago I was in Psykan's shoes.
"What good is it being invulnerable when you can't breathe." gloats the green haired villain in his gravely voice. I realise I'm being tardy when Crater gives me a glare, which is detected by Psykan. He turns to see me.

"And you must be Koma." he deduces. "I can taste that brain of yours from under the psychic dampner." Psykan licks his lips. "I was told yours was a treat of cosmic proportions. They were right."

"Yuck!" I reply more than a little grossed out. "Your not getting anything, Garbage-can." I ignore the glib remark and press the button on Vortex's BULB remote.
(A BULB is a little device I made, its put in peoples brains, Its main job is to subdue the subject via painful headaches. It can kill but only if you press the red button)

Vince clutches at his head, funnily so does Garbage-can. I kick the telepath in the head, it doesn't knock him out but I do enjoy it. Then I go for the Neural Disruptor.
I had to set the Disruptor on high, telepaths are harder to subdue on the lower settings. He'll be hibernating this winter.

"Nice work Koma." thanks Crater. "You know for a moment there I thought you were going to join that green haired bastard."
"Not likely Warren." I tell him. "Stay here and protect Vince. He'll be groggy when the headache wears off."
"Your the Boss Koma." answers Crater.

Now its onto deal with Chroma. I just hope Ki-Yama has been able to reign in Ayris.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Commander Force is an ego-maniac

Continued from Project Spearhead

I teleport into the safe-house and there is only Ayris and Ki-Yama.
"Sent Crater after Psykan didn't you." It was a statement not a question.
Ki-Yama nods.
"Bad idea, Psykan is in control of Vortex. What else we're you going to do?" This was a question but Ayris answered it.
"Skulk in the shadows and take the IG's by surprise." he was rather disgusted with the plan and certainly made sure I knew he didn't like it.
"Good idea." I tell Ki-Yama. Ayris' jaw drops. "They're north of here 3 and half klicks. Concentrate on Xeenon and Force first if I can stop Vortex in time we can all be back home in an hour."
"What about Chroma?" snaps Ki-Yama.
"Leave Chroma to me." I order.

And with that I teleport out of there.

I just had to get to Crater before Vortex kills him.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Oh no another team of super humans

What a cliche. I thought. Another team of super humans fighting against my super humans. Annabell and I arrive in the situation room Prescott is dealing with the situation calmly but there is panic in the others around him.
"ASIO told us of their arrival as they attacked." informed Prescott.
"Who are they?" asked Annabell.
"They are mercenaries who go under the title The International Guard. They sell their services to any country who can pay for." explained Prescott. "Putting it simply they're trouble."
"Do Ki-Yama and the others know who they're up against?" I ask.
"No but they have just been attacked telepathically." Prescott's tone hasn't changed since we began. He's so damn stiff upper lipped I'd bet he staples it when he goes to bed.
"I gave them psychic dampners. In fact I gave them everything. How did the Fijian military find out what we were doing?" I ask.
"I suggest we work that out later and deal with the current situation. It seems our trojan cyclone has been discovered." Prescott points to a satellite picture of the cyclone created by Vortex breaking up.
"The telepath's in control of Vortex." I deduce.
"Yes."Prescott pulls up the Vortex's ECG readings. He points to the recent surge in brain activity. "Vortex doesn't think that much."
"Who's there for the International Guard?" I ask.
Prescott changes the screen in front of us and give me the ASIO intel.
"Psykan we already know is there. We have pictures of the whole team coming in as we speak." relays Prescott. "Mr Haynes is it here, yet." requests Prescott.
"Its here Sir. You have it now." responds Mr Haynes.
"Oh crap not him." I gripe.
"True but look at her. Is that who I think it is?" asks Prescott with a sneaky smile.
"Mr Prescott I do believe your right." I reply. "I think this is going to be easier than we both thought."
I leave to suit up. Annabell follows me to the lair. I get to the storeroom door which will open into the lair and she stops me.
"That was Chroma wasn't it?" she asks.
"Yes." I reply.
Annabell screws up her face. Begins to say something and then walks off in a huff.
"Annabell I don't need this right now." I call after her. She doesn't respond. I go into the lair and suit up.

continued in Project:Spearhead

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Koma's Flashback

When the Adminstrator left it was just me and Annabell in the Slipstream Lab. I looked at the lab and I remembered.

I could see it all. Dr Wicker standing expectantly in front of me with the other scientists milling about and of course the Cavilier. He was there just in case things should go wrong.

It begins the same way as before. Dr Wicker gives the order to open the time-slip wormhole. It opens prefectly. We can view the point in time we require just like before. Wicker turns to me and smiles.

"And you thought the Cosmic energy would break the time-slip shielding." She jibes.

"I said the shields wouldn't hold after the power transfer was initiated." I warn back.

"And as I said before Austin it wont happen if we limit the transfer." Dr Wicker returned. "Begin the transfer." She orders confidently.

The Transfer Relay looks like a gigantic trident. It pierces the time-slip shielding and the power starts being registerd in the storage batery.

"Point 04 percent of capacity registered." I announce.

"Whats the influx setting ?" Wicker demands.

"Influx setting is at factor 3 and holding." I reply.

"Thats not too high. It should fill the storage batery in fifteen minutes." calculates Dr Wicker.

The Cavilier flies over from the Transfer Relay manual controls.

"Well done Dr Wicker. This looks like a great success." He congratulates.

"This is only the first step Cavilier. Soon we will be able to power the whole country this way." replies Wicker confidently.

And then it starts to go wrong.

"Influx factor rising to factor 4, 4.5. Storage capacity at 25% percent and rising fast." I relay. "Now at factor 5, 6. Dr Wicker we should end the test now, it we overload the storage battery..."

"Yes Austin I agree." Orders Wicker. "Shut it down."

I go to retract the Transfer Relay.

"The Transfer Relay is stuck." I report.

"No problem I'll get it in." replies the Cavilier calmly. He flies over to the Relay and attempts to operate the manual controls. He puts his whole strength into it and the wheel shatters.

"Influx at factor 11, Storage at 75% and rising fast we have only 30 seconds till we hit overload. We should shut down the Wormhole." I advise.

"No!" Protests Dr Wicker. "If we shutdown the wormhole we loose the Relay. That took 2 years to build. I am not letting this beat us."

The Cavilier has by this time got a grip on the Relay arm and is struggling to remove it under his own strength.

"We need to shut down now Nova." I beg using Dr Wickers surname.

"No!" She shouts back.

The storage reaches 95%. I get up and go to the wormhole console and shove the operator out of the way. I begin the shut down sequence when Dr. Wicker lunges at me.

"You can't stop it. I wont let you ruin it." she screams at me. Her rage overpowers me and pushes me over. I get back up just in time to see the Cavilier with one last pull, pry the Relay from the wormhole. The emergency claxon sounds. Dr Wicker and I both turn to see the shielding crack. The Cosmic energy spills out into the lab in waves. I manage to finish the shutdown sequence but its too late the Cosmic wave hits the Transfer Relay sending the Storage Battery into overload. The light is blinding, I can feel the wave as it comes towards me. I feel it brushing me for a scant second. Then i fall unconscious.

"Austin, Austin." She called after me. Annabell stood in front of me. How long she'd been calling my name I didn't know.

"I haven't seen that look on your face for a long time. Thats fear. Isn't it." Accused Annabell. "What is the great Captain Koma afraid of ?" Annabell continued to glare at me I avoided her eyes for a while.

"I'm not afraid. Not exactly its just that this room, its.." I trailed off.

"Yes that room is what ?" She prompted.

"I was one of the three survivors of Slipstream. I hadn't been in this room since the accident." I answer.

"So you were having a flashback ?" she asks.

"Yeah. And I am not going to let that mistake happen again." I answer.

Just my pager goes off.

Its from Prescott the Teams in trouble.