Saturday, July 29, 2006

There's a knock at the door!

At Koma and Lins bungalow the two are resting.

Then there's a knock at the door

Koma's sitting at the table going over some design specifications. Lin is asleeping onthe lounge.

'Sigh' "No you stay there Lin I'll answers it" says Koma.

Koma goes answers the door. He checks whos at the door first a man in a suit and dark glasses. Behind him is a grey sedan with a woman looking out in pink sunglasses. He opens the door.

"Captain Koma?" asks the man with dark glasses and what looks like an armarni suit.

"Whos asking?" asks Koma

"We were told by SHEILD that.." begins the man. Koma stops him in his tracks.

"Stop right there. Who are you that SHEILD tells you where I am? I knew they knew where I was, but why would they tell you. Who are you?" demands Koma reaching for the security activation switch.

The man in the suit smiles a crude smile.

'Lawyer" thinks Koma.

"My name is Prentiss Lawson-Fyfe and I represent Hi-Fi Pictures. Also I represent Miss Lindsay Lohan." ends Lawson-Fyfe.

"Hey I've kept to the restraining order for a year now. What do you want." complains Koma.

"Its what I want Koma" quizes Lawson-Fyfe. "What I want looks like Lindsay Lohan."

Koma looks inside to see Lin sleeping on the sofa. Prentiss looks in as well.

"Yes thats what we want" smiles Lawson-Fyfe cruely again.

Koma steps outside the door and shuts it behind him.

"Is this some kind of SHEILD trap?" demands Koma.

Koma stops as Lwason-Fyfe signals to the woman in the sedan. She emerges from the sedan and walks up to the pair outside the door.

"I thought you said I'd never see you again. Miss Lohan." enquires Koma.

"I thought so to Mr Peters. But this is no trap". explains Lindsay Lohan.

"Miss Lohan is attempting a carrer change." begins Lawson-Fyfe. "She's branching out into action adventure movies, and here in New zealand we intend to make the movie."

"And you want to use Lin as a stunt double." guess Koma correctly.

"Of course Mr Peters." confirms Lindsay Lohan.

"Well then you'd better ask her."Koma opens the door and calls to Lin. "Lin theres some people here to see you."

"Oh really Komy," says Lin walking to the door. "I was expecting Kate and Mary....." Lin ends her sentance and stares at Lindsay Lohan."You look exactly like me." excliams Lin.

"It is amazing Mr Peters." remarks Lindsay Lohan examining Lin.

"I always call him Komy." replies Lin

"You do know his real name, do you?" question Lindsay Lohan.

"Of course Miss Lohan its Austin Peters." answers Lin.

"Yet you prefer to call him Komy." confirms Lin.

"Yeah!" nods Lin.

"Lin, Lindsay wants you to be her stunt double in a movie." explains Koma to Lin. He then asks Lawson-Fyfe. "This will be to bring down special effects costs."

"Of course Koma." replies Prentiss Lawson-Fyfe.

"Oh yes of course I want to do it Komy. It'll be so much fun working with Miss Lindsay." replies Lin exctitedly

"You do know what your getting into here Lin. Its not going to be all glamour and parties. They want you to work. They also may not want you to be seen. Mr Lawson-Fyfe am I right." adds Koma.

"Well the cast and crew will have secrecy clauses in their contracts. But when it comes to everyone else Miss Lin here will have to be absent." confirms Lawson-Fyfe.

"So I wont be on the red carpet. Or at the after party." asks Lin dissapointedly

"Its a big secret Lin. No one will know that its you in the movie. We'll trick them all." enthuses Lindsay Lohan

"Hmmm a big secret." thinks Lin. "I'll do it. It'll be an adventure Komy and this time we wont get put in danger."

"Well see Lin we'll see." says Koma.

"You'll be sent for tomorrow. Then we'll go thru the contracts. And after that we make a movie." closes Lawson-Fyfe, he and Lindsay Lohan leave.

"Oooo how exciting." screams Lin as they enter the bungalow.

"Yeah its exciting Lin." says Koma sarcasticly.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What are these Sentinels doing here.

Koma follows the T-800's that Lin reprogrammed, then all of the sudden they break formation and turn around to face him. They draw their weapons and fire on Koma.

'What is this crap.' thinks Koma turning on the Magno-Sheild. The bullets deflect away. Koma pulls out his EMP gun and destorys the T-800's easily. Then using the Magno-Deflector to evicserates them.

'Ok this means Lins in trouble.' Koma looks around and sees Magneto and Sky flying off away from the battle ground. Running to where they took off. He finds Lin on her kneesd weeping.

"Oh! Why did she say that. *sob* I was only trying to save her." blubs Lin.

Koma puts a hand on hre shoulder. She looks up to see him, her face is stained with tears. She grabs hims around the waist and howls.

"Ohh Komy I've never been hurt this way before. It really hurts." Lin sobs.

"Thats life Lin. It hurts." consoles Koma. "Whats this? Its a Sentinel."

"Ohh Komy it hurts." continues Lin.

The Sentinels head turns and it focuses on the couple. It stops and slowly walks over to them. It gets to them and raises a hand.

"Terminate all Humans." It cries.

'This sounds like Sky's doing.' thinks Koma. He raises his EMP gun and fires deactivating the Sentinel. With a crash and a groan, it falls.

"Lin you've got to get it together we need to leave now." demands Koma. "You said you'd be brave for me. Now be a good girl and be brave again Lin.

"OK Komy. It hurts." she replies still on her knees looking down and so distraught that she does't notice the arival of another Sentinel. Neither does Koma.

The Sentinel streches and arm and from the heel of its hand a coil emerges and quickly envelops Koma.

"Liiiiiiiin!" shouts Koma. He tries to get to his gun but the coils wrap him up fast and then the other hand comes down and gas emerges knocking Koma out.

Lin looks up to see Koma hung from the Sentinels hand like a yo-yo. Behind Lin two more Sentinels appear they raise their hands together.

Lins eyes glow. Her hands crackle with power. The Sentinels fire. Lin easily dodges the blasts and fires back blasting huge holes in the two. They fall back from the force of the blast skawking and shrieking.

The one with Koma holds him from one hand dangling Koma like a yo-yo. Then with the other grabs Koma, with the intent to squeeze him like a lemon.

"Let him go. Komy's my squeeze not yours." she screams.

The Sentinel doesn't stop. Lin fires again, once at the hand doing the squeezing and then at the coil holding Koma.

The hand with Koma in it falls, Lin sesnes that Koma is safe. And then leaps onto the now one handed Sentinel. Balling her hand into a fist she buries in into the chest of the Sentinel. Lin attempt to reprogram the Sentinel. Learning that Sky had reprogrammed them.

In her rage she screams the cry of one betrayed for the first time. Lin buries her other hand into the Sentinels chest and in one movement rips it in two.

With her rage subsiding Lin. Goes over to Koma, prys him free of the hand and initiates teleportation.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

OK thats just distrubing Lin

Koma and Magneto notice an Eire sound emanating from Sky. The almost musical hum sounds like something out of a James Cameron Sci-fiction movie. Sky's arm begins to transform, it first appears to be a weapon then snaky wiry metals forms touching over the T-800's frame and body...

"What is that sound?" asks Koma to anyone only slightly disturbed. Then he directly asks Magneo "What is she doing?"

"Sky?" asks the equally clueless Magneto.

"That is a ..." Lin graps for the right words. "well I guess you can call it her heart beat..." Lin continues growing in confidence. "She has a heart that is half human-half machine. The machine part is pumping harder. She is upset I think."

"Okay but what is she doing, I do not recognize this behavior." questions Koma trying to get a handle on what exactly is happening infron of him.

"She is." Lin stutters again looking for a more human description. "Is is feeding, Komy I do not understand? She is cannibalizing the T-800 in order to use its alloys and material to do temporary repairs, but they wouldn't be as efficient as just cocooning and repairing."

"Sky I demand that you answer me…" orders Magneto trying to take charge.

Sky simply turns and glares eyes red at Magneto.

"Uh-oh I know that look." mumbles Magneto.

Before Magneto can say another word Sky leaps in the air and begins scanning the area. The Erie sound of her heart beat becoming louder

"Um Sky… Henchmen?" mentions Koma believing that might get some kind of response.

Sky ignores Koma. Sky then begins to run in a direction away from them at full speed.

"Damn Sky!" screams Magneto.

Koma idles up tp Magneto.
"Where is she going?" he asks.

"Uh Oh Komy." interupts Lin worriedly. "She is going after Mystique."

Magneto turns to Koma and starts to explains what is happening.

"Sky's programming is always driving her to pursue someone or thing she has Targeted above and beyond all other considerations." Magneto pauses and then continues. "Her one weakness is that she can not stop until she has terminated that target even when it might be smarter to risk letting the target get farther away. Sky will move around, under, leap over or crash through any obstacle to reach a target but will quite often ignore other factors. Like this time for example, it would be better for her to repair."

"Can I go after her?" begs Lin of Koma.

"Someone needs to find Henchman." begins Koma. Who then looks at Lins face and the pain she is really feeling. "But you can't help her on your own Lin."

"I will go with Lin." Offers Magneto. "We will do what we can. Come Lin." Magneto lifts himself and Lin above the containers and in pursuit of Sky and Mystique.

"Bye Komy" waves Lin.

Koma watches her and Magneto leave.

"Damn, Henchman" curses Koma.

He teleports off to where the Brotherhood were fighting the Terminators.


Strwen all around are the remains of Terimnators and Synthoids. Also in the disaster zome are the unconscious and injured Brotherhood.

"Ohhhh! Koma where'd you come from." asks Pyro. "Ahhh! I think my arms broken"

"Beating Ultron." declares Koma. "Where's Henchman?"

"Oh I don't give a rats about that bastard." whinges Pyro. Koma grabs Pyros broken arm.
"Arrrrgh! what ya doin'." screams Pyro.

"Where is he Pyro." scowls Koma.

"Over there, in the middle of the pile o' terminators." points Pyro. Whothen goes back to cradeling his arm.

Koma walks over to the pile. His sensors read the terminators deactivated. He pulls one off the pile, it activates and stands up. Koma pulls his EMP gun out on it.

"Its ok Komy, I programmed them to help." replies the Terminator.

"You picked up control from Ultron?" asks Koma.

"No just reprogrammed. What are my orders." answers the Terminator.

Koma checks his sensors, 3 of the other Terminators are still active and reprogrammed.

"Get up off Henchman you lot." orders Koma.

They obey. Revealing an unconcious Henchman. Major damage to his cybernetic devices. But all in all he's in better shape than Pyro.

"What are my orders?" ask the terminators as one.

Koma thinks.

"Go assist Lin. Help her in anyway possible. Now." he orders. The terminators disperse.

"Uh! This can't be heaven your here Koma." says a groggy Henchman.

"No its not you Ok. I gotta save the day again." says Koma.

"Yeah Henchmans fine." ansewers Henchman. "Go be a hero. I'll follow you up."

Koma runs off after the Terminators,leaving Henchman behind.

'Hope Lin hasn't done anything stupid.' worries Koma.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Now we see if the plan works, hey where's Henchman

Koma and Magneto follow Lin through the battle to where Sky and Ultron are fighting.

"You said you had a plan Koma?" asks Magneto.

"Yeah I do. Ultron is an electronic entity, more of a virus than anything else. It invades the system of any machine with any kind of chipset. All Ultron needs is a cpu and he can jump into it." relays Koma.

"Yes I know all this how do you plan to stop him Koma?" snaps Magneto.

"By letting him take over Lin's backup system." answers Koma.

Lin climbs up a bank of shiping containers, the two follow her.

"This sounds risky Koma?" doubts Magneto.

"Only for Lin Magneto." answers Koma.

Lin stops. Raises her hand and the two slow down and stand beside her. Below them in the wreckage of many containers Sky is fighting Ultron. Koma gets Magneto's attention and motions for him to move around the fight between Sky and Ultron.

After Sky had whittled the number of Terminators to one, Lin looks to Koma. Koma nods and she steps off the top of the container into the battle. It distracts Sky and Ultron is able to kick her away. Magneto grabs Sky and holds her there. He whispers in her ear.

Koma watches his sensors as he detects Lin shutting down her synthetic brain. He also watches as the sensors show Ultron scanning Lins now fully robotic backup systems. Koma pulls out his EMP gun and fires on the Ultron controlled Terminator.

"Noooo!" Sky screams. She strains at Magnetos grip but he does not relent.

Koma watches through his visor, he sees the backup system of Lin become one by one controlled by Ultron. He waits. He then steps off the endge of the container landing beside the unmoving Lin.

"Happy in your new home Ultron?" asks Koma.

"Very happy Koma. This device you have made is spectacular." Lins mouth moves but the voice is not hers.

"Its nice to be appreciated Ultron." replies Koma blankly.

"Don't trust him Koma he only wants everything dead." screams Sky. "He'll kill all of us."

"And you don't want to do the same?" questions Koma."Oh well better the devil you know."

"Lin activate backup system removal." orders Koma.

Lins eye's light up."Ok Komy"

And with that three chips rise out of Lins left shoulder. Lin grabs them and goes to hand them to Koma.

'fwrrrrrinnnnn' a high pitched whine starts. They all look up as Mystique points a rocket launcher down at them.

"I'll take one of them Koma." she demands.

"Mystique have you lost your mind. How dare you attack your own kind." screams Magneto.

"They are not my own kind, they are a flatscan and two delusional machines. Let me kill them once and for all Magneto. I know someone who'll pay plenty for Ultron and we've got three pieces of him." pleads Mystique.

"You are delusional Mystique. Put that weapon down. Now!" orders Magneto.

"I'm sorry, but I have can't let this go on any further, Toad." counter orders Mystique.

Toads ulta-flexable tounge snatches one of the chips in Lins hand. Mystique fires the rocket launcher.


After the dust clears inside the distinct glow of Magnetos shield Magneto Sky Lin and Koma stand very much alive.

"We're going to find that uber-bitch" states Sky coldly. "And when we do I'm going to kill her."

"Hey Komy where's Henchman." asks Lin.

"Oh crap" replies Koma

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm going to end this now, I think.

Continued from Lins Blog

'She cried' Thinks Koma 'Thats amazing, crying is so hard to program. She really is alive'

Koma thought he could stand anything, puppies being killed, children crying, he thought he was untouchable emotionally but this. Woman.

'She really is a woman, ok not of my kind but she certianly is alive and female.' continues Koma.

The portal opens in the middle of the workshop. Henchman walks out.

"So whats this all about Koma" asks Henchman "I'm in the middle of preparing to take on Fixit."

"Ultrons what its all about." replies Koma.

"So who gives a rats about some walking trashcan." complains Henchman.

"Lin does, Sky's in trouble so's Magneto and the Brotherhood." starts Koma.

"Oh no I'm not doing anything for you and garbage can head. You lost me my chance with Mia, I'm never going to forgive you for not giving me the chance to get some of that." disputes Henchman.

Koma looks up at Henchman, his face an angry scowl.

"Whoa what happened to you?" asks Henchman surprised.

"Lin cried." answers Koma.

"What in bed?" guesses Henchman wrongly.

"No! Whats wrong with you is your mind always in the gutter. She cried cause Sky's fighting Ultron and 'cause the two are evenly matched and Sky could die. That made her cry and that affected me. So I called you cause I thought I could trust you to help me." shouts Koma.

"Sorry" mumbles Henchman."Whats the plan?"

"Its dangerous but not for us, for Lin." answers Koma. "Are you ready Lin?"

Lin steps out. "I'm ready Komy."

Here take these. Koma gives Henchman a visor and a gun.

"Whats this stuff for. I can look after myself." states Henchman.

"The visor enables you to see the CPU's of robots. Look at Lin" instructs Koma.

"Cool colours Koma. Whats its all mean?" asks Henchman.

"You should be able to see the bright green of Lins synthetic brain and some yellow squares as well." explains Koma.

"Yeah I see 'em. This work like infra-red?" says Henchman.

"Sort of, the yellow things are Lins cpu's they enable her to download all of her brain incase of damage. The terminators all have one of these. Use the emp gun to shoot the cpu and the Terminator is." pauses Koma for effect "Terminated."

"Cool. What are we wating for" asks Henchman twirling the EMP Gun.

--- At the battle ---

"Where's Koma Toad" asks Magneto.

"I tried to call him I could not get the call out." Lies Toad because Mystique ordered him not to.

Behind them a portal opens. Koma Henchman, and Lin emerge.

"Where have you been. And why is that fool here." accuses Magneto.

"No time Magneto. I'm here now, and Henchman's with me. You gonna take all this on by yourself." Koma pauses just enough to cut Magneto off before he could reply." I didn't think so. Synthoids take the rubber men out. EMP guns on full."

Out of the portal a river of synthoids pours out to take on Ultrons forces.

"Lin where's Sky?" asks Koma.

"Over there. Fighting Ultron."replies Lin.

"Go." orders Koma "We'll take on the terminators."

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mystique's gone crazy

"Didn't you blow this place up Komy?" asked Lin.

"What you and SHEILD saw was the hideout blow up. The workshop is somewhere completley different. I can turn any door into a point to point portal and its just like walking into another room." confidently replies Koma.

"Now all I have to do is change the entry portal to the Brotherhoods lair and 'voila'" exclaims Koma as the empty doorway glows and another door appears. Opening the door Koma and Lin walk into the midst of the Brotherhood. They are waiting.

Koma walks up to Mystique. "Where's Magneto?"

"Gone to save that thing." grumps Mystique.

"Save Sky from Ultron, I thought we were going to wait?" questions Koma.

"Sky's been calling him, he finally heard her. It so sweet" answers Lin.

"How does she know all that?" sneers Mystique.

"Her and Sky have a big Sister little Sister thing. Sky considers her family of a kind." explains Koma.

"Magneto is home." announces Toad. "Something is wrong"

The Brotherhood rush to the lairs entry, Magneto and Sky are slwoly encased in a cocoon. Magneto stats to loose control and the cocoon falls.

"I understand the technology. Get them into the workshop." shouts Koma.

The Brotherhood look to Mystique.

"Do as he says." orders Mystique who turns to Koma as the Brotherhood carry the cocoon into the lair. "Can you help him?"

Koma looks back and responds "None else here can."

Later in the workshop. Koma is stumped.
"The life signs are normal. They're both in there, but I can't pentrated the cocoon the nano-bots are closing up as soon as I make a whole." he explains.

Mystique leaves and then enters with a high-power laser canon used to cut large mineral rocks and stones…

Toad looked at her, "What are you doing?"

Mystique moved to the sphere "What do you think?"

"NO! Oh Komy that will kill Sky." The Lin stated in horror as she stepped between Mystique and the cocoon

"Look the last time this tin can did this she assimilated the mutant trapped inside.. It's her or Magneto!" Mystique yelled…

The Lin looked at Koma, "No not this time. Komy, Sky is only making repairs… Magneto is in no danger… they are…. Oh Komy its sort of romantic…"

"OUT of my way! Mystique demand

"You will have to go through me…" Lin stated

"Gladly!" Mystique stated.

Then the cocoon, Koma and Lin teleported out, to the lounge room of hideout #4.

Koma looked at Lin "You are sure Magneto is in no danger."

Lin looked at Komy "No they are making up for being away from each other."

"Oh!" replies Koma. "Then maybe we should just wait elsewhere till they're finished." Koma and Lin teleport out of hideout #4.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lets wrap this up and go.

Koma moniters the resuce attepmt from the hideouts workshop.
'Whoa Mia looks hot in that new costume. Well I don't think you'd call it a costume more of a sparkely bikini. Oh well works for me.' Oogles Koma.

"Komy I'm bored this cross dressing isn't half the fun I thought it'd be!" complains Lin.

"You don't have long to wait Mia and Henchman are just dealing with The Thing." assures Koma.

"MIA! that slut." fumes Lin.

"Calm down Lin. You've got to keep looking like Magneto. Remember to use the magnetic-sheild and deflectors. It'll make it look like your using Magnetos powers." orders Koma.

In the plastic cage, Mia breaks in.

"Magneto,"spits Mia "You killed my father prepare to DIE!" screams Inigo Montoya... Mia.

Mai rushes Mag-Lin, her coils wraping around and squeezing. Mags-Lin switches on the shield and with a pulse of the deflectors the coils fly away from her.

"You think those puny devices can control the master of magnetisim. You are a fool to think you can kill me." gloats Mags-Lin.

'Thats some good acting Lin' thinks Koma.

Mia goes again this time using the coils as a distraction allowing her to get close enough to punch Mags-Lin. Just in time Henchman comes between them.

"I don't have time for this. Koma, pick us up." screams Henchman.

Koma teleports them into the workshop.


"Now we've done the job, the union rules are, we leave peacefully. If there's any revenge to be done its not done on union urrgh! time." orders Henchman seperating the two and pushing Mia into the wall. It cracks.

"Did I do good Komy?" says Mags-Lin skipping to Koma's side hugging him and changing back into herself. "I really tricked the bitch didn't I?"

"Your not Magneto." blutrs out Mia. "You the stupid machine. Arrgh" she rushes Koma and Lin.

"I've got this on Henchman." assures Koma. He presses a button.

Mia slams into an invisible shield.
"Thats a Magno-sheild." informs Koma. "Polarised particles charged buy a focused magnetic wave. Just like Magneto."

"Your so smart Komy." Lins eyes light up. "General Fury's here."

"Fury! I ahh don't need to be around when he shows up do I?" asks Henchman.

"No WE, don't have to be here when he blasts through the door again. But Mia does." answers Koma. The three teleport out.

"When I get free your all going to die." growls Mia.

BOOM! The door to the workshop explodes. Mia stands behind the Magno-Sheild as the pieces of titanium deflect off it.

"Agent Payne, your never going to be free. But you might get some revenge" through the dust and smoke. A tall man with a patch stands.

"Someone turn this thing off and start catalouging all this stuff. I want it all." orders Fury to the troops.

'I'm sorry you'll have to leave now.' says VADAR.

"And just why should we leave?" asks a gloating Fury.

'Becasue in ten seconds this hideout will self-destruct.' answers VADAR.

"Wha the ##$$" exclaims Fury."Everybody out, Now"

'5 4 3 2 1....' counts down VADAR.

"Oh SHIT!" says Fury.



In the Helicarrier the communications officer Thurston watches as the hideout explodes.

"General Fury, General Fury, come in..." pleads Thurston. Who hangs his head.


"Thurston your concern is touching but I'mnot dead yet." says Fury, Mia and the entire team.

"Ahem!" On the screens is Koma."Hi I don't want to kill you Fury. But I could of. So just leave me alone. Bye."

"pffff asshole." replies Fury.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

SHEILD are such losers

"Got myself a crying walking sleeping talking. Living doll. Got to do my best to please her just cause she's a, Living DOlllll. Got a roving eye and that is why she satisfiiiies my soul. Got the one and only walking talking, Living Doll."sings Koma in the kitchen making breakfast.

'Voop' Kerrick teleports into the Kitchen Living area of Hideout #3.

"Well take a look at her hair."Continues Koma."Its real and if you believe what I say just feel." Koma spins around and stops as he sees Kerrick. She's smiling as she walks toward the kitchen bench, she sits on one of the stools.
"Well I'd say someone got extra lucky last night." she guesses.
"And this morning too." adds Koma. "But you'd know that from all the cameras and audio equipment thats in here."

"So your cooking, when did you learn how to do that?" asks Agent Kerrick.
"Well Julie when you spend four years in France and then escpae to Italy you learn how to cook the perfect Crepe. I'm not the domestically challenged super nerd you knew when we were at ASIO." answers Koma.

"Well they want you to get Payne here and then out to the Vault in two days time. Well make everything perfect." starts Kerrick. But she's stopped by Lin emerging from the bedroom.

"Hi hon have you finished the Crepe's yet, I'm starving." growls Lin. She sits on the other side of the kitchen bench to Kerrick.

"She eats?" excliams Kerrick.

"Yes I eat its an absorbtion of energy by a chemical process similar to your very inefficent digestion." snaps Lin.

"All synthoids can eat. I made them that way." includes Koma. Smiling as he gives stack of Crepes to Lin who happily serves herself a couple.

"Like the LMD's you made for the French?" questions Kerrick.

"Yes but not the same. The LMD's couldn't get any energy from the food they consumed. I changed that and many other things with the synthoids." answers Koma. He puts the pan in the sink sits beside Lina grabs a couple of Crepes himself.
"So that the end of this visit Kerrick?" he asks.

"No I'm going to hang arouuun." with that the SHEILD agent dissapears the way she came.

"Now that was cheeky Komy." Lin starts to go on with another cute line about her suggums when she's interupted by a huge holographic head of Fury.
"Koma. That was uncalled for." shouts Fury.

"I need the place clean of all SHEILD personal. Mia's one of you, she'll be able to smell this going down with the slightest mistake. Kerrick's a control freak, and I should know. I need a bit of space. Turn off the video, you'll still have audio. I'm not going anywhere, and neither is Lin." says Koma adamantly.

"Ok well turn down the monitering but we'll keep listening." says the holographic head of Fury. It dissapears.

"Ok Komy I'm done." Lin gets up and her stomach opens up and the contents of masticated crepe fall onto the table."Time to clean up now."

'Well the fake Lin I made hurriedly convinced Kerrick and held the food in for long enough. I just hope Lin and Mystique get Magneto out. Now to convice Mia and Henchman.' thinks Koma.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Damn SHEILD they never knock

"And that's it Lin your all fixed." says Koma sitting at a bank of screens. He turns around from the screens gets out of the chair and walks to the banks of synthoid cocoons. The cocoon directly in front of him opens to reval Lin.
"Hi honey." she greets Koma. "Its good to be back all together." She hugs herself.

Then suddenly her eyes light up.

"Your not having another emotional response?" asks Koma.

"No Komy." She grabs his hand and leads him out of the lab.
"Where are we going Lin?" again asks Koma. "The bedrooms on the other side of the.."
Lin drags Koma to the ground and falls on top of him."But here's just fine with me."

'BOOM!WHAM!' an explosion shatters the titanium sealed entry to the hideout.

"You sensed that comming didn't you" says Koma under Lin.
He pushes her aside and looks at her."Whats all of this, why didn't you warn me? We could have been long gone out of here."

"You and your sex-bot just stay down there Koma." ordered someone through the haze.

"Stay down Komy there are many of them." advises Lin.

'click click click click click click click clik' the repeating sound of a plethora of guns cocking just asking to release. Koma stays down.

The haze clears to reveal the soldiers in black and silver.
'About 32' thinks Koma.
Walking through the soldiers strides a tall man with an eye patch.

"Fury what do want with me?" asks Koma getting up.

Fury continues onward towards the now standing Koma and hits him in the face. Koma falls to the ground. Lin does nothing and just stays bedside Koma. Koma shakes his head and looks at Lin and then to Fury.

"You know I thought that puch'd knock you right out." begins Fury. "Your tougher than they say you are. And if you as smart as they say you are you'd have figured out how we found you." Fury pauses for dramatic effect. "This time."

"Ok so Lin's told you where I am. Obviously I didn't remove all of McCoys help the X-Men protocols." concludes Koma wrongly.

"No you got rid of all of McCoy's fail-safes." answers Lin "But I called them because of Mia Payne."

"What does she have to do.." begins Koma but Fury stops this by throwing a file at him. The papers fall to the floor. The manila folder has the SHEILD emblem on it. Paper clipped to the folder is a picture of Mia Payne.

"She's one of yours. So I got talked out of Constrictors suit." sums up Koma.

"By a pretty face and a sob story. No the first time Koma." reveals Fury. "But she's not with us anymore."

"Komy she wants to kill Magneto." states Lin.

"And we want you to bring her in" offers Fury.

"Or what. You'll lock me up, deactivate Lin. Look I know how this works, I've done this before." reels off Koma.

"ASIO wan't it Agent Kerrick?" asks Fury over his shoulder to a woman with short blonde hair.

'Skanks always more skanks' thinks Lin.

"ASIO, MI5, Interpol, oh and was it three or four years with the French secret service." details Kerrick. Purring off the list of Koma's liasons

"Quatre jours" replies Koma. "So Kerricks my handler and I've got to get Payne back."

"Damn straight." answers Fury. He lights cigar. "This is going to be the begining of a beautifull friendship."

'Crap!' thinks Koma.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ok that sucked. Time for some male bonding

Koma teleports into his hideout somewhere you all will never know.

"Whew!" he exclaims as he sits down in his comfy chair.
"Hey Lin can ya make me some...." he stops.
"CRAP!" he screams.

'Flush' the toilet goes in the background. Henchman walks out of the bathroom.
"Well the fine motor skills on these new arms are great Koma." exclaims Henchman.

"Thats great. I glad my skills could help you there." glumy replies Koma.

"Hey don't be so glum dude." consoles Henchman. "You can fix her. Can't you?"

"Yeah I can. Its just that I don't know how much damage I caused to her neural net and its a bitch to fix those neural pathways." complains Koma.

Koma gets up and goes into the kitchen.
"You want a beer Henchman?" asks Koma as he removes a six pack from the fridge. Pulls out one and motions to throw it to Henchman.

"Yeah." says Henchman. He catches a cold one. "Can't stay long though."

Koma sits down turns on the TV. "What ya got to do?" he says.

"Ahh union metting got to say goodbye to Constrictor. That Magnetos getting a red card from the union. No ones gonna want ta work with in now." answers Henchman opening up the can and taking a swig.

"Yeah he killed him over food." adds Koma. "I'm starting to think that working with him is the wrong thing"

On the TV they show footage of the attack on DC.
"Hey there you are Koma, thats a good shot of you." comments Henchman. "And there's Lin and there you go stabbing her in the back of the head. What was that knife?"

"It was a neural destabiliser." says Koma bitterly. "It works on anything with a brain. Puts them in a Koma."

"Thats the Koma in Captain Koma?" questions Henchman.

"Yeah. Devestating weapon. But ya gotta get close enough to use it." explains Koma.

Henchmen gets up "Gotta go can you teleport me to the unioin headquarters"

"Give me the gps co-ordinates." starts Koma "Oh crap" he exclaims.

"Whats wrong?" asks Henchman.

"I teleported Iceman and Beast to Disneyland. Not the savage land." Koma holds his head in his hands.

"Dude" begins Henchman. "You tried your best its ok. They were taken out of the battle it improved the odds in our favour."

"Yeah." complains Koma as he enters the gps co-ordinates for Henchman. The portal opens. "See ya Henchman."

"Bye. It'll work out, don't worry" Henchman waves goodbye. The portal closes behins him.

Koma siwgs the beer and turns the tv over to the World Cup.

Italy v Germany semi final. Italy win 2-0 in extra time.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Koma vs George W. Bush

Koma watched as Elixer healed Magneto, he still required some assistance so Mystique put a gun to his head. That did the job.

'I know I can fix Lin but where is the blue furry one?' thinks Koma.

Magneto was being healed when Constrictor turned up with that B-grade horror movie reject Nightcrawler. Magneto killed Constrictor him with one of Henchmans arms.

'Note to self : don't take Magneto's gumbo' thinks Koma.

Nightcrawler was playing possum and grabbed Elixer and poofed away.

'Man that stinks.' Thinks Koma. 'Thats what a german diet of cabbage and sausages can do for you bowels'

"It *cough* doesn't matter, Mystique. Into the White House!" ordered Magneto.

They rushed inside. Magneto delt with the gaurds and the titanium door.

The President looked a little confused to see us. That was because Mystique had changed into Laura Bush.
"Laura? What are doing with this here guy?" asked the Big W.

"There is no time, darling," Mystique said. "We must get you out of here."

"Well, okay-dokey."

'Man is he really that dumb?' thinks Koma

The President followed us back to the battle field. Everyone stopped fighting. More importantly the press cameras around the perimeter all turned to us.

Magneto starts his speach..

'Yeah yeah this is going to take a while' thinks Koma.

Koma decides that cameras aren't his thing and drops back into the crowd of the Brotherhood. Well he drops behind Blob who is a crowd. He checks the senor rading from his battle suit for Dr. McCoy.

'Got you Dr. McCoy.' thinks Koma.

Over with the gathering X-men Iceman and Henry 'Beast' McCoy are watching to see what Magneto is going to do.

"I do believe that Magneto has us at a disadvantage here" describes McCoy.
"Oh c'mon Hank we can take 'em and save the President." replies Iceman.

"I don't think either of you are going to do any of that." Interupts Koma. "Goodbye." Koma waves as the two heros dissapear.

Koma teleports back to behind Blob.

"What ya doing back there Koma?" asks the uber-rotund villian.

"Oh nothing much just sending Iceman and Beast to the Savage Land" simply replies Koma.

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Lin please don't kill me, Please.

Koma, Lin, Mystique and Pyro enter Magnetos inner sanctum.

"Hey I can pay ya. I'm a famous writer I've got tons of cash. C'mon please Komy. I'll be your mate." continues Pyro begging Koma for his own little Love-Bot.

"Alright Koma, are you ready?" asks the mutant master of magnetisim.

"Uh, ready for what, Magneto?" replies Koma still in a daze from the revelations of his synthetic lover.

"For teleporting our forces to Washington, DC," explains Magneto.

"But the X-Men and the others are still outside. Shouldn't we, you know, finish them off first?" questions Koma. Who then wonders why he said that.

'The battle with the X-men happened outside of MY lair.' thinks Koma.

(Its the reason why Pvt. Hudson was landing outside the hidden access to Magnetos lair right now.)

"No. They don't matter anymore." answers Magneto. "There shall always be time to kill our foes. Dark Phoenix is at this very moment flying over the White House. That means the city's defense forces will be focused on her. We can attack our true targets, the evil repressive racist government human, as we will. Teleport us all, right now!" Magneto ends with a flourish of hand movements.

With a curt nod, Koma completed the teleportation.

In an instant they were on the broad green lawn in front of the White House. The X-Men were there also. Dark Phoenix was flying just above the government building. Storm, Rogue and Gaia were hovering around her. Several men in dark suits and sunglasses were racing out of the building, guns in their hands.

'Beep beep beep' goes Lin.
"Hello you've reached Captain Koma evil-genius. This is Lin." answers Lin.

"Komy its Henchman. He wants to join in the fight. And he's bringing a friend" asks Lin.

"Sure tell him to send in his gps co-ordinates. And stand by." replies Koma.

Koma teleports Henchman and Constrictor in.

'The more the merrier' Thinks Koma.

Magneto glances at Koma, giving him questioning look.
"Henchman said he wanted to help." answers Koma

"And what about him?" Magneto asked with acid in his voice, pointing at Constrictor.

"Well, I didn't realize he was going to bring a friend," Koma answered with a shrug.

"Attack the X-Men!" Magneto bellowed.

Koma decides to take out the secret service goons, teleporting them to North Korea.

"Hey Lin guess where I sent those Gumbies?" asks Koma. But Lins not there.

"Lin?" repeats Koma. He checks his sensors to find her in the battle.

He finds her near the little canadian and something kinda like the Hulk and some dude with wierd hair that looked like anime.

'I hate anime' thinks Koma but decides not to attack him cause he looks a bit more than he can chew.

Koma spots Lin and Henchman about to attack Wolverine.

"My komy is afraid of you Wolverine. I'm going to make sue he has nothing to fear from now on!" shouts Lin.

Logan smiles "Two against one eh? I think yer out numbered."

All of the sudden McCoy appears all blue fur and bounding "Hello Lin. He says."Code Epsilon Omega; engage."

Koma watches as Lin screams, trying to defy McCoy's programming.
"No I'm sentient! I - I must help the X-men."

Koma's sensors detect the changes and the result.
"Komy I can't stop myself." cries Lin as she blasts at the Blob who was trying to squash an unconcious Cyclops.

She continues to blast the ranks of the Brotherhood and then turns on Koma.

"Eliminate K-kkoma." stammers Lin trying desperatley to regain control.

"Ulp" Koma realises he's go to do something to save his skin.

Lin aims at Koma, crying as she tries to hold back from blasting her little snugums.

Lin blasts at Koma, he dissapears. Reappears behind her as she continues blasting wildly

"I hate to do this Lin but you leave me no choice." mutters Koma. He teleports a knife-like object into his hand. Cleanly he buries it deeply into back of Lins head.

The end of the knife lights up. 'Beep bloop beep' it chimes.

Lin stops blasting and slumps to the ground.

Koma wipes a tear from his eye. "Sorry Lin." Lin dissapears.

At that moment Magneto falls from the sky, flames around him from being struck by the Dark Phoenix.

Mystique appears beside him. "Magneto is hurt bring the healer Koma." she orders.

Koma brings the teen to the battle.

"Hey why am I here." asks Elixer.

Koma slaps him."Magneto's hurt heal him or I'll kill you."

"Hey aren't you that dofus Koma who sent all those stupid robots." asks Elixer.

Koma slaps him again. "Heal Magneto or die."

Elixer runs away to the Magnetos side.

"Nice. Thats a side of you I didn't think you had." compliments Mystique.

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