Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Administrator..... I don't trust her.

this blog comes after Crater's post on Project: Spearhead

Ok its has been 12 hours since I got pulled off MY Teams first mission and I'm still waiting for the meeting with the Adminsitrator.

At first I took my time. I tried to get there late. Well it seems the Administrator is a lot more canny than I gave her credit for. In fact I think she's dangerous. I get hourly updates from Prescott about the status of the mission, I wonder if he's a part of this.

An hour later and now Annabell shows up.

"Austin the Adminsitrator wants to see you in the Slipstream Lab. Now." She looks at me aplogetically.
"Ok. This is how it all begins doesn't it?" I ask rhetorically. I get up and walk slowly to the Slipstream labs. I get to the door of the lab and I hesitate.
"Damn! Not now." I mutter to myself.
"This is the first time you've been here since the accident isn't it?" asks Annabell. She remembers that day. Well I'm glad she wasn't there for it.
"Yeah!." I agree. To myself I thought what does the Administrator know.
"Time to shine Koma." I say outloud. I grit my teeth and enter a room I never thought I'd walk into again. I barge in.

"Good morning Dr Peters." Greets the Administrator.

"Thats Koma." I snap back. She wanted to get me angry lets see how she deals with it.
"Of course how could I forget. Only Professor Lorenzo can call you buy your 'old' name." she gestures to Annabell. "I have a question about your handling of Dr Tran's work. Are you meaning to put such a valuable project into mothballs again?" She sounded clear as if she was asking you to pass the salt.
"I know this project. It has possibilities but its too dangerous to continue the way it is right now. " I go to continue but the Administrator interupts.
"Yes I hear you were part of the last, failure." she emphasised the word failure.
"And if you continue to attack the problem the way you are going the same failure is imminent." I said it coldly. I knew the way Tran was going. His scatter shot approach would only get more people killed or worse.
"So is that the reason why you have decided to take on this project by yourself?" Again clear controlled no emotion in her questions.
"Yes as I wrote in my reported to you there needs to be more saftey measures. Also I still havent recieved any information on these dampners and wether they work at all. If we are going to harness the power here we need to make it safe." I emphasised the word safe.
"I was sent here for one specific purpose Koma." her tone was no longer clear now. "And I will have Slipstream up and running as the first Cosmic Powered Energy Station. Your here to make this happen Koma." she paused walked up to me and poked me in the chest. "Your not here to play super-human." Then she walked out of the room.

Yes I was right she is dangerous.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Our first mission, oh their first mission.

So I'd just made sure Warren wold be spending most of his time trying to not to flirt with Ms. Justice Nichols. Despite his very lame attempts and double entendre's he's going to succeed there. She thinks he's alright.
So after playing matchmaker I get back to the lab and there's Prescott standing waiting with all the lab rats trying not to get in his way.
Annable sldes up to me as I walk in.
"Austin, he's been waiting for you for a while. He's freeking out the others. Can you get hin out of here. Oh and tell him not to come back." she whispered in my ear.
I smiled at her and nodded.
"Sure I'll see what I can do." I left Annabell behind and strode over to Prescott."Your here for me I'm told?" I asked.
He handed me a few papers and then dissapeared.
It was a case file. Our first mission.
At that point the doubts filled my head and I got a bit worried.

I went to Spearhead control and set up the mission plan. It was a simple hostage extraction in Fiji. Suva to be precise. The plan took less than an hour to write and then I sent it to Prescott and the Administrator.
They both signed off on it and we were away. I alerted the team and we were in the training room rehearsing the plan.
"So all I'm doing is just being a distraction, this suck Koma." sulked Vortex.
"Vince this requires exact timing one little mistake will lead to death for the hostages and a big fight with the Fiji military. And we DON'T want to fight the Fiji army." I explained.
"So Vince (Vortex) makes with the fake cyclone, Crater, Aryis and myself go and get the hostages out. How?" asked Ki-Yama hands on hips.
"You can get out either by getting the hostages to the pick up point, where Amy will be waiting for you at the arainged time. Or you set up a gateway. I've taught Ki-Yama how to set one of them up. Then all you do is walk through. Now remember the gateway is not permanent it will self destruct after 2 minutes."
"Ok we get all of that Mother Koma. Now when do we go." asked Ayris.

The from behind me Prescott spoke.
"You are going 45 minutes. Koma has meeting with the Administrator in ten."
I turned and stared as angry as I could at him.
"I've been given oprotational command of this mission." Revealed Prescott. "If you leave know Koma, you wont be late." he chided.

And with that I stormed out of the training room.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Training is a mess

this is post follows on from Project: Searhead

Honestly I wasn't that impressed with the first training session. Ayris was being all high and mighty and trying to prove that he was more indestructable than Crater. I was a debarcle to watch. He pretty much just tried to do it all on his own. So I went and made it harder, well I made it impossible for him.
But it wasn't impossible for Crater. Aryis bombed out around the wall of adamantium which eventually crushed him. Well it would have crushed if I let it. And I was tempted. I then stoped the exercise ordered Ayris out, left Ki-Yama in charge of the team for the rest of the session.
When I got to Aryis he was bleeding from his forehead and was cradling his right arm.
"Anything we need to talk about?" I asked.
Aryis just glared at me. He wiped his head of the blood, the cut had healed. Slowly he raised his hand flexed his fingers, then clenched his fist and smiled.
"Super-Healing is a wonderfull thing." He began. "No if didn't know any better you just tried to kill me."
"No you don't know any better. If I had tried to kill you you'd be dead." I answered. "If I ever see you act like that again in training I will make sure you become someones little project. No more Cage, no more nice meals, no more comfy beds, and definatley no more conjugal visits."
Aryis' nasty snear was back. I had to make a point now otherwise he was just going to be a bigger problem.
"You've got two choices Aryis'. Prove me right, that your a waste of time. Nothing but an ego with super powers. Or you can prove me wrong and lead this team. Go back to the Cage and decide which one you want to be."
I left him there and went back to join the team in training

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ayris don't know me very well, do he?

Next was Ayris. As Vincent correctly asked he is a clone of the Cavelier Australia's greatest Super-Human. A man of courage and honour, and these days too old to be saving the neighbourhood, let alone the world. So a few years ago scientists including yours truly were set to the task of cloning a replacement Cavelier. It was the Prime-Ministers idea, that and cloning Don Bradman. Cloning the 'Don' was easy but the Cavelier was tricky. In the process my then superior Dr. Nova Wicker went crazy. She dubded herself Dr. Nova-cane and escaped with the one of the clones. This clone was Ayris. He of course was captured but Dr. Wicker is still on the loose.

Ayris is kept in an area of Spearhead called the Cage. Its a nice place its got luxurious rooms, 24 hour kitchen, gym, and conjugal visits. If I was locked up anywhere the Cage is the place I'd want to be. Of course thats not the only thing that keeps Ayris in control.

I entered through the 20 inch thick adamantium doors and into the Cage's rather beautiful foyer. The whole theory is that if it looks like a hotel they'll treat it like one. It works, sometimes. Ayris was in the foyer wating for me. The staff (guards) were around but they kept a low profile.

"Captain Koma."Smiled Ayris. "Why did you take that moniker? Its like your the poor cousin to Captain Cold."
I ignored that. He had to make himself superior to me, even if he was right.
"Ok you know who I am. You do know I'm required to be present on all missions." I smiled, he didn't.
Ayris wasn't happy.
"So your in charge, congratulations." a dirty snear crept across his face.
"Yes I'm in charge here in the complex." I began Ayris wasn't going to like the rest. "But in the field I'm no more than a member of the team."
"You expect me to accept that compromise. Having you a member of the team I'm going to be constatly looking over my shoulder." he was leaning forward his voice getting louder."And if I make a decision you don't approve of will you... No how can you stop me out there. Really do you even have the balls to tell me I'm wrong."
"Oh I do. But you are right it is a compromise, if I had it my way you wouldn't even be on the team." I left that hang in the air and before Ayris had a chance to reply I plulled out a small remote. Ayris knew what it was. It controlled the Brain implant Universal Locator Beacon. Or BULB for short. Apart from being able to pinpoint where ever Ayris was, it also had a small explosive charge.
He laughed.
"You wont have that in the field. Prescott has it."
He was right but I had an ace up my sleeve.
"Do you know you were captured and brought here before I left?" I asked as if changing the subject.
"No I didn't its nice to know you were one of those nameless lab-rats." again putting me down.
"Yes I was in charge of the lab back then. I invented the BULB. In fact I hand made the one in your very head. Put it there too." I was smiling now, gloating. "Now its not going to take me much to make something to blow your pretty face off now isn't it."
I could feel his hate burning against me. He was beyond words he lunged at me. Before he even got to me a million or so volts exploded through him. The cages security system turned off the current. Ayris slumped to the floor. Burnt, alive, and panting.
"Your a natural leader Ayris why would I not let you lead out in the field. But if you step out of line expect worse than what you just got." I left Ayris on the floor and walked away.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Introducing Vortex and Kiyama

Well with the lab in Annabells control and only the Adminstrators motives for re-opening Slipstream to be answered, I had to go and see the Spearhead team. There were four of them two months ago. On their last Mission they lost Black Titan. He was able to change his size and density. These abilities made him almost completley invulnerable. I say almost beacause even when you can become bulletproof, your still toast when fall into a lava flow. So part of my job was to find a new fourth for the team. Mind you I still had to introduce myself to the remining three. I decided to get the easy one over first.

His name is Vincent Saggers codename Vortex, wind manipulator. He's an adrenaline junky. He loves taking risks cutting corners. The only reason he sticks to the plan at Spearhead is that every mission is pretty much suicide.
"Hey I've met you before." He says as I enter the interview room. "Dr. Peters." I'm amazed he remembered me. I was his trainer when he was first tested for Pegasus.
"Yes and I'm the new Assistant Administrator." I introduced myself. "This our introduction. I have a few questions of you and if you have any questions for me then I'll answer them as well I'm allowed to."
"So Doc! What do you wanna know?" He was as forward and cocky just as the psych report told me.
"Vincent its Koma or Dr. Peters." I corrected. "Do you miss Black Titan?" I kept my face blank waiting for the answer.
"That arsehole. The only reason he died cause he thought he was immortal." He looked at me with disgust. "You think I'd miss him. He got what he deserved."
"You think the same about the rest of the team?" Still blank, still calm.
"Well Kiyama's a fox but she'd kill me if said anything bad about her. I've seen her kill this guy and man she got off on it." He shook his head. "She's cold Dr Peters. But as cold killing bitches go she one hell of a ride." He was smirking. It said 'Yeah I got some with her, and it was great.'
"And Ayris?" I asked keeping him on track.
"He thinks he's Jesus or somthing. I was told he was a clone of the Cavalier. It that true?" he wanted an answer.
"Yes its true." I answered. "I can't tell you the whole story of course. Are you scared of him?"
"If that bulb thing wasn't in his head he'd try take over the country again. So yeah he scares me. But don't tell him that." He was being honest with me. I had one last question.
"You have been told that I'll be a part of the team on most missions?"
"Now thats a joke isn't it." he smiled. I was blank and calm. "Oh really. Ok thats cool."

The female member of the team KiYama was in the gym. As Vincent said she's an assasin. Her powers. She doesn't miss, ever!. She too knew who I was but thats because we were introduced at the party last night.
"Well what do you want." she was in front of the weights. Vincent was right absolute fox.

"This the AA introduction thing. I gotta do it. I just did Vincent then its Ayris next." I made out like this was the boring stuff, merely procedure, nothing important.

"Bullshit." She saw right through me. "This the bit where you confirm all the psycho-babble you read in our files."

"True." I admitted "Also its the bit where you ask me questions."

She turned and gave me a hard stare.
"Ok can I put a name in for our new fourth."
"Sure you can." I already had a fourth picked out and he was well on his way to Spearhead. But it wouldn't hurt if I knew who she was thinking of. "Can you give me a name."

"Layla Rocococo." she smiled as she said it. And my sensors picked up a slight inrease in her temperature. As you all know I can manipulate computers and electrical devices so it was quite easy for me to get the details on Ms. Rocococo, codename....
"Colossal girl." I replied. "Yeah she's a straight fit for Black Titan, but I have someone already."
"Who?" she demanded.
"Warren Schneider, Crater." I answerd.
"Another male." she spat. "You really want to keep the boys club going don't you." She stood up and got right in my face."The Administrator promised me that there'd be less testosterone."

"I never made that promise." I didn't blink I looked her eye to eye. "And I'm not here to arrange sleepover parties. I'm here to make this the best team it can be. Sure, I'm open to discussion, but this Kiyama is bullshit." With that I turned my back on her and walked out.
I could feel her angry stare burn the back of my head as I left the gym.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dreams and visions

**** ok from here on in Koma is going first person ****

"Austin, Austin..." Lin whispers softly in my ear.

I can see her walking thorough the garden while I sit in on the verandah of the bungalow.

Then I see a woman with a crow.

Then I see Lin again in dark glasses.
"I'm living my life now Austin. Its strange but I'm living it." Lins voice trails off and I wake up.

I should have cut off all connection to Lin but even if I did that VADAR would keep sending messages about where Lin was. VADAR is a little bit too overprotective of Lin but maybe thats a good thing. Anyway after last nights party its going to be hard enough trying to get all the jobs that need to be done today.

I get to the lab before everyone else. Well thats easy I don't need much sleep even after I'd had a bit too much to drink. Also it helps when you can open a door that changes an eqipment closet in the Lab into a doorway from the workshop. I look at the clock its 5:45am. I'm early. Oh well I get some time to go over the files of the super humans I'll be managing.

At 7:30am the lab rats start filing in. They all great me with a hello or a hi they don't know me. Only Annabell worked here when I last worked here. When she comes in all eyes are on us.
"Good morning Dr. Peters" her smile is polite and cordial. Whats she up to.
"Morning Professor Lorenzo." I smile back just as polite. The lab rats all know the history between us. I can read it from the messages they are currently sending each other.
"So you've beaten us all here this morning. Have you reviewed our current projects?" asks Annabell.

I tell her I have but I'd like to go over the project with her and the team leaders. She gives me the usual polite office talk and tells me that they all are very happy to have me as the new Asisstant Administrator. Annabell arranges the meeting with the project leaders at 11am. I go back to the psychological reports on the super-humans.

At 11am Annabell came to get me.
"The team leaders are waiting in the conference room for you Dr. Peters." her tone was the same cordial polite office tone. Something was wrong I had to ask her now otherwise I'd be thinking about it all the way through the team leaders meeting.
"Whats wrong Annabell?"
"Pardon." she replied.
"Look this charade of Dr. Peters and Prof. Lorenzo. This have anything to do with last night?" I had to ask. Last night was a nice time but Annabell was a bit over clingy.
Annabell gave me a look of frustration and muttered something like 'Bring it up now why don't you.' Then she took my hand and dragged me into the closet. Now because I was entering the closet the gateway portal activated and we ended up in the workshop.

At first Annabbell didn't realise that we weren't in the closet anymore.
"Austin you very well this isn't just about last night this is a..bout...." She stopped there and looked around.
"Cool Austin very cool." she chuckled a bit and then remembered why she'd dragged me into the closet in the first place. He face changed from amazment at the workshop to a firm mask of determination.
"Last night I was drunk and yes I wasn't totaly in control of myself. But I thought we could pickup where we left off. But seeing you want just a professional realtionship...." she was hurt. Even a blind man could see it.
"Annabell at the moment I can't have you throwing youself at me in front of everyone."I explained.
"Oh so thats it. Your still with Lin." she snaped.
"No thats not it." I snapped back. "We need a realxed feel in the lab, but what we don't need is the lab rats thinking they can sleep with the boss to get a promotion."
"Me promoted. Your putting me in charge of the lab. really?" she shouted excitedly and then the penny dropped. "Ohhh! so because your promoting me you don't want everyone to think that I got the job cause I was sleeping with you."
"Exactly." I explained. "Anyway from what I hear you just got dumped too."
"Yeah one of the pilots got transfered a while ago. Sorry I went all clingy on you."
appologised Annabell. "Oh and by the way this is a really cool lair."
"Its not a lair its my workshop." I corrected.
"Its lair Austin. And I'll prove it. Your name Santa?" she asked
"No." I answered
"Well then its a lair." She put her hands on her hips and triumphantly.


"Et tu VADAR." I exclaimed.

"And you have a talking computer thingy." she added. "This is so a Lair."

After that we went to the conference. It was the usual stuff for a secret govenment lab. Weapons, drugs, robotics, genetic mutation of farm animals. Then a project code name came up that got my attention.
"Slipstream! Your working on that!" I rudely interupted the young scientist who name was Fletcher Tran.
"Yes Dr. Peters. The Adminsitrator reopened project Slipstream last year. As to date we have made no headway at all. Because of this the Administrator has diverted almost all funding into Slipstream, and still we have made no progress." Tran sounded as if he was defeated by the Slipstream project."But with you here now Dr. Peters I believe you can give us the support to finally deliver a brekthrough." Trans confidence in my ability to make the breakthrough was optimistic, but well placed.
"I'm sure your right. But Slipstream was closed down because of saftey concerns how have you gotten around this?" Slipstream delt with a dimensional construct similar to time travel yet quite different. When opened the 'Gateway' as it was named would create localised gravity and time distortions.
"We have been able to create saftey barriers that keep the disturbances to a smaller area then before." ansered Tran.
I had my reservations about such barriers but I felt it was better to see them in action. I asked for a demonstration. Tran was very happy adn wanted to give a demonstration right away. Annabell said it'd be better for the demostration to be tomorrow. I agreed and with that the meeting ended and the project leaders walked out. Annabell stayed behind.
"So you want to help Tran or stop him?" she knew what happened last time Slipstream was opened up we both did.
"Cut his funding, cut his team back to five. Tell him he has my full support but he does't need the resources." I replied.
"You want to stop him?" asked Annabell. "The Administrator isn't going to like that."
"Tran will continue but under my direct supervision, the Administrator's just going to have to take it. Now I've got to deal with the Super-Humans."

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The New Job

Still in the roadhouse Koma gets more information dealing with the new job he's just agreed too, of which he knows nothing about.

"So I'll be working in which division of The Pegasus Agency. R&D?" asks Koma optimisticly.

"Spearhead." replies Falstaff.

"What. Thats just the Australian knock-off of the suicide squad. Murderers, criminals..." begins Koma.

"Evil geniuses." adds Falstaff.

"Oh!" stops Koma. "OK so what am I doing with these fellow scoundrals."

"Your the new Assistant Administrator." answers Falstaff.

"Well thats good sit back do the lab stuff and notify the next of kin when one of them dies." smiles Koma.

"No your going to be the on-field assistant administrator." corrects Falstaff. "There are two AA's. The other is comming to pick us up about.... now."
Instantly a man in a suit and tie appears beside Falstaff and Koma. "Koma this is Prescott. He's the other AA. He's taking us to Spearhead central."

--- Later at the end of the tour of Spearhead central---

"And here Koma is where you'll be doing most of your work." explains Falstaff. "But you've been here before haven't you?"

"Yeah I ran the labs here after Dr Wicker went nuts. Does the old crew still work here.?" inquires Koma.

"Go on in and find out." urges Falstaff.

Koma steps forward to enter into the lab, pauses.
"Falstaff..." he begins but Falsatff is gone. "Damn. Well lets just get this over."

Koma opens the door and enters.

"Austin!" shouts the woman in the lab. She rushes up to Koma and hugs him. "Its so good to see you again. We've all been following your exploits as 'Captain Koma'. So is it true about you making a synthiod copy of Lindsay Lohan? 'Cause Vincent thinks you did, I'm not sure. We all we're so excited when Prescott told us you were comming. Its so excting."

"Thats a lot to answer Anabell but, its good to see you too." Koma smiles, looks around the lab. "Its good to be back home."

"We're having a party tonight. You are the guest of honour and you need to be their and you can't go alone. Soooooo." Anabell rocks on her heels arms folded looking elsewhere, waiting for Koma's reply.

"Are you free tonight Anabell." asks Koma. "Cause if I had to choose anyone it'd have to be you."

"I'd be delighted too Austin. Or should I say AA , sir." salutes Anabell.

"Sir? Thats a bit too formal." corrects Koma. "So do I pick you up or are you gonna find me."

"Oh I'll find you." smiles Anabell suggestively. She turns and leaves the lab. Koma exhales.

"Not ready for that were you." Behind Koma is Prescott.

"You always 'port in without even a voip or a bamf. Its just not polite." complains Koma."And yeah I didn't expect that."

"So how are we going to do this. You going to hate my guts from the start or are we going to try and make a go of this." Prescott folded his arms waiting for the answer.

"I don't even know you. But I get the team, the labs, and the risk. You get the administration, paper work, and have to ring the next of kin. Sounds good to me." answers Koma.

"No you have to ring the next of kin. Apart from that your right." corrects Prescott

"Ok deal." Koma holds his hand out for Prescott to shake.

"I don't make deals. Consider this a verbal agreement." And with that Prescott dissapears.

"Arrogant bastard." mutters Koma.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Koma's new direction

Koma sits in the workshop, alone.


"Did she take the gift with her?" asks Koma


'Well thats all I can do for her right now' thinks Koma.'That could have gone better. But I did better than when I broke up with Kerrick.'

"Pardon!" responds Koma."Who gave you a brain?"


"I'm not sure VADAR." questions Koma. "I hope she understands why I've done this."


--- A few days later at a dingy roadhouse somewhere in Australia ----

Koma walks into the roadhouse. He looks up and down the interior.

"You lookin for sumone." enquires the lady behind the counter.

"Yes. A man named Falstaff." answers Koma. "But I see there's noone here but you."

"You blind." accuses the lady.

"Excuse me." replies Koma.

"Did you not see the bloke in the last booth." the lady points to the man in the booth. Who wasn't there when Koma looked before. Koma doesn't bother to reply and walks to the booth.

"Take a seat Koma." orders Falstaff.

"You can take the major out of the army but you cant cure him of ordering people around." quips Koma as he sits opposite Falstaff.

"You were never good at jokes Koma." grimly replies Falstaff."And the fact that your here means your in and this.." Falstaff tosses a picture of Lin at some resort. "Proves you have pushed IT away."

Koma picks up the picture glances at it.
"Thats Lindsay Lohan not Lin. I know the difference." Koma passes the picture back. "Lin is in the Mojave desert. ANd if you call her IT again I'll find a way to kill you."

"You threaten me." Falstaff smiles and chuckles. "I had my doubts about you. But that puts you in the lead for this job."

"How many people did you ask?" enquires Koma.

"Just you." answers Falstaff.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Koma can't play.

"This week uhhh. I can't do it this week Fred. I'm so sorry. Gee that really sucks." Koma snaps his fingers in annoyance.

"Why can't you come? You are part of my plan, your neural detabiliser would very helpful." Compliments Fred in the hope that a bit of ego stroking will get Koma onside.

"Thats nice of you to say so Fred but I've got a family celebreation this week and I can't be late for it." explains Koma. "If I could rearange things that'd be great but I can't, sorry."

"Thats quite all right I can manage without you." accepts Fred. "But you'd better leave soon he'll be waking up in a while."

"Thats no problem well just go to the workshop." replies Koma.

"Umm just where is this workshop?" Enquires Fred. Who quickly reassures with. "In case I need to contact you."

"You can't read my mind Fred." Koma taps the side of his head. "Psychic dampners. But if I needed to tell anyone of the good guys. It'd be you."

Koma gestures and a portal opens. He and Lin walk through into the workshop.

"You didn't tell me you had a family party happening." Pouts Lin.

"It was a surprise. I thought we had some free time so I aranged for you to meet the folks." Koma waits for the response from his synthetic lover.

"Oh thats amazing. I finally get to meet your family. Oh this is a big step. Ohh! I must tell Sky she'll be so jealous. Magneto hasn't even introduced her to his children. She's going to be soooo jealous. Ha!" Lin jumps in the air. "Oh and you" she points a Koma."You're getting something special tonight." She grabs him by his shirt and pulls him toward her. Her kiss is passionate and quick. "Thats to keep you in suspence." She runs off to the workshop living quarters. "Ooooo! so much to do. So little time"

Koma smiles a happy smile. 'Well at least I'm getting thanked before she meets my Grandparents.'

Monday, September 11, 2006

Finally some peace and quiet.

In the workshop Koma comes to the end of a long day.

"VADAR does it work. Confirm." orders Koma.


"And Onslaught is where?" asks Koma.

'Xavier/Onslaught is on the North American continent. New York state, Westchester.' replies VADAR.

"Brilliant. That scan of cerebro that I did while we were at Xaviers has proven to be very profitable." Koma smiles."Xavier Onslaught whatever the chromedome wants to call himself wont get near without us knowing about it. Ahhhh! Well time for a well deserved rest."

Koma leaves the workshop. Enters the bungalow in New Zealand.

"Finished have we know?" asks Lin. She's in the kitchen waiting. Koma walks into the kitchen.

"Yes I'm finished." He leans over and pecks her on the cheeck. "But we have yet to start." He smirks a nasty litlle smile. Lin grabs him they kiss ferociously.

"Well," exhales Lin. "thats the entree. Now go sit outside while I make the main course. Then later desert."

Koma walks outside onto the verandah sits back and relaxes.

'Well thats all that.' Thinks Koma to himself. 'Onslaught can't come near without me knowing it. Magneto is busy with Mystique. Henchman and Magdelena have their little quest. Lin is back together.' Koma opens his eyes and looks around checking the surrounds then does a quick sensor check of the bungalow, the town, the entire North Island, New Zealand, and finally the Southern Pacific. Only an earthquke warning in Rotarua. He relaxes. 'All is well.'

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Koma brings a friend.

Read Henchman, Gaia, Magdelena, Prof X, Wolverine.

Continued from Lins Blog.

Koma left the unconscious pair Xavier and McCoy behind him with Lin in tow. He gets to the classroom. Thinks about the ways he could enter and decides on dramatic and violent.


Several people in the class screamed. Koma stood in the doorway dramtically framed in smoke from the incinerated door. He smirks and thinks 'Everythings working now. This is great.' And then Lin ruins it.

"Hi Gaia! It's me, Lin!" she gave a little wave.

Koma shots Lin a quick glance. "Lin not now!" he chastises.

Lin's smile vanishes. "Oh, right..." she appologises.

Gaia looks at Koma and Lin. She turns her head a little to the side.

"I'm sorry, do I know you two?" Gaia asks.

'Xavier is there no end to your meddeling' thinks Koma to himself.

"Dude, that's Lindasy Lohan!" says one of the more stupid class members.

"Jonathan, sit." orders Gaia. "You are...?" she asks.

"Your worst nightmare." replies Koma quickly as he pulls out the Neural Destabiliser and fires at Gaia. Blue sparks fly and explode inside the little bubble Gaia made around the weapon. Koma swears and pulls his hand from the little fireworks display in front of him.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" demands Gaia. She makes a sweeping motion with her hand and Koma slams up against the wall. "Interrupting my class and trying to kill me!"

Koma grits his teeth and thinks 'I'm going down like this without undoing some of Xaviers crap.'
"You destroyed New York! You almost destroyed the planet!" shouts Koma.

"What?" Gaia still doesn't believe and her grip around Koma intensified.Lin's eyes glowed and she powered up to help

Koma. One of the students holds her back magnetically.

WHOA!" the youth excalimed. "She's made of metal... She's a robot!"

While Koma continues to try and escape he also continues to give Gaia the truth "And then you had your little friend Xavier wipe everyone's minds, so you wouldn't remember!"

"You're raving." responds Gaia with a look of disgust.

"Am I?" asks Koma. He stops struggling for a eyeballs Gaia. "You can go ask Xavier for yourself later... Right now he won't do you much good... He's taking a little 'nap'."

"Wha-" Gaia rips Koma's mind open of Koma's recent memories to see Professor Xavier and Beast laying unconscious in the Professors office.

Gaia's grip on the Koma losens.
"Who are you?" she asks.

"I'm known as Captain Koma." offers Koma catching his breath. "You don't remember any of it do you?"

"No I don't. The Professor did this to portect me didn't he?" Gaia's question needs no answer.

"Hey, can you get Magneto Junior to let Lin go. Please." implores Koma.

"The names Override." protests the young mutant. He looks to Gaia, she nods he releases Lin. However they have no time to work out what to do next when.

'BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!' the evil laugh is heard in the mind of everyone.

"Theres a large spike of psionic energy comming from the Professors office." informs Lin. "Incredibly large."

"Off the scale." adds Koma.

"Oh no!" exclaims Gaia. "Its Onslaught." Gaia pauses then looks at Koma. "You can teleport or something can't you?"

"Yes, what are you thinking. Teleport Onslaught, I think he'll see it comming." snaps Koma.

"No get the students somewhere safe." explains Gaia.

"We don't need protection, were mutants" says Johnathan the stupid one.

"In training." responds Override. "We're not X-men yet." he adds. He said X-men with pride.

"Hmmm you'll be one." remarks Koma. "Where too Gaia."

After sending Gaia and her students away, Lin turns to Koma.

"Oz, you do remember Henchmans here." reminds Lin.

"Yeah and." replies Koma he checks his sensors. "They're out in the woods around the Mansion."

'HENCHMAN, TODAY YOU WILL DIE.' Koma hears the scream in his mind.

"Another psionic burst. What did you hear?" asks Lin.

"Onslaughts after Henchman." Koma answers. "We better go help them. You ok with that."

"Sort of. How do we beat Onslaught?" asks Lin.

"By being smart Lin. By being smart."


Out in the woods Henchman and Magdelena are running from Onlsaught. Its a futile race, Onslaught catches them.

'I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE HENCHMAN. YOU ARE A WORM YOU NEED TO BE CRUSHED.' Onslaughts words scream into Hechman and Magdelenas minds.

"Get outta my head." screams Henchman back. He goes to leap into action, but Onslaught swats him back.




"Hey big red and stupid." shouts Koma. "Pick on someone your own size." Koma smiles. Behind him is a large green man, smiling the same wicked smile.

"Hulk smash big red man."*

* thanks to Ed Benes and comicartcommunity.com

Monday, September 04, 2006

Koma wakes

Lying in bed Koma opens his eyes.

'What happened?' Koma tries to remember. His memories don't remember anything of the last week but his wetware system tells him differently. He sees Gaia and her dark minions, henchmans sad face, and Lin. Lin exploded. She's dead, again.

"VADAR confirm." orders Koma.

"What? Where is she?" demands Koma.

'Beside you.' replies VADAR.

Koma looks at the empty space on the other side of the bed. On the pillow is a chip. Koma picks it up. Teleports a light bee into his hand, inserts the chip and puts the light bee on the bed. Lin materialises.
"Oz what happened?" asks a surprised Lin. "I was sensing Gaia and then I ended up here." She goes to hug Koma and falls through him.
"Crap. I'm a hologram again." she screams.

--- Later after Lin's new body has been made. ---

"So what do we do?"asks Lin huging herself relieved to be corporeal again. Koma sits in front of a display of his wetware memory of the last week. It gets to the destruction of Lin.

"Oh dear!" she exclaims. "So that's what happened to me. Good thing we backed up that morning."

"We did but all the chips including the one in the protective safe was wipped. The chip your in now materelised from nowhere." explains Koma. "Somethings screwed up. Amazing!" Koma exclaims at first the vision from his eyes of the final battle, then at the vision of the archangel and Gaia battling in the sky.

"You don't remember any of this?" asks Lin.

"No my memory has been wipped like your chips." answerd Koma gravley.


"Well that explains the memory wipe. Xavier has been up to his old tricks. Trying to protect people from bad things." Koma swivels his chair and gets up. "Time to go to Xaviers Lin."

"What about Gaia?" she asks wondereing why Koma's mind is closed to her right now.

"We'll see what happens with Gaia." replies Koma flatly. "We'll see."

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gaia I will do all I can to kill you.

Koma goes to the battle scene and is acosted by Vegeta.

"Hey you!" Shouts the arrogant Saiyan. "Can you create a portal for me ?"

"Ever hear of saying please mate?" snaps back Koma.

"We have little time for manors." explains Vegets. He uses his finger to dig into the road. It was a set of coordinates.

"Can you send me there?"

Koma checks the co-ordinates "My GPS connection says there's nothing out there."

"That's what your supposed to think, can you send me there or not?" snaps Vegeta.

Koma opens a portal "Have fun in the middle of nowhere" Koma laughs.

Vegeta ignores him , and walks through the portal.

The heros and others are gathered about. The battle has been and gone. But the next will be soon. Its just a matter of time.

'If I call Magneto he might come and help.' Thinks Koma. 'But he's so bombastic. Oh well we need all hands on deck for this.'

Koma flips the phone on.

Magneto tries to get out of it, he asks where the X-men are. Koma tells him that Cyclops and Iceman are dead as was Magdelena. Also about Vegetas failure and that the X-men are retreating back to the Mansion or what was left of it.

Magneto agrees to come and has some transportation issues.

Koma opens a portal, and hangs up the phone.

Lin sends a communication. Henchman needs help his energy cell is leaking still. It needs to be fixed.

Koma leaves.

He enters the chamber, Henchman is lying on the table.

"So its still leaking?" says Koma to Henchman.

"Yeah. You can fix it?" he asks. Henchmans eye's are red. Koma notices but doesn't say anything about it.

"Of couse." Koma goes through the energy cells schematics. "This I'll take a few minutes and you'll be right as rain.

Crap wheres the modulator." Koma checks his pockets the tools in the chamber. "I'll be a few seconds." Koma rushes out into the workshop.

"Lin wheres the energy modulator. I need it, Now!" Koma rushes around. "Crap." he yells throwing tools and draws around.

"Umm its right in front of you the green one." informs Lin. Koma looks down, there it was.

"I'd loose my head if it wasn't fixed on. Thanks Hon." says Koma. Lin smiles and Koma runs off to the chamber. As he rushes into the chamber Koma feels something. Like he's being watched. He shakes it off and deals with Henchmans energy cell.

"And thats it." Finishes Koma. "You'll be up and about in ten minutes."

"Great. Thanks Koma." Henchman forces a smile. Then Komas face changes he looks into middle distance.

"Lin, NO!" Koma shouts. He turns and rushes out of the chamber. Henchman tries to get up but the enregy cell is not powerfull enough for him to move.

Koma races, he sensed Gaia. He'd worked out how to translate the energy she uses. In theory he knows that if Gaia was trying to look you and you had the energy signals worked out you could know that she was looking at you. If Gaia new this she'd.


Koma arrives on the scene. There is nothing left of Lin. Koma checks the backup systems they were erased. All of them.

Even the ones in Electro-Magnetic Pulse proof safe.

Koma goes back to Henchman. He doesn't say anything, he just looks to Henchman. And Henchman looks back at him with exactly the same look. They wait till the energy cell repairs.

Koma opens a portal. They enter to go to the final battle. And they don't care what happens.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Henchman Needs Help.

Read Vegta's, Gaia's, Prof X, Henchman, Magdelena, Lin's.

New York. A portal opens.

Koma and Lin walk into the devastation.

"Henchmans this way. He's ok. His systems are reparing." Koma walks over to where his Yellow suited friend stands recovering. Henchman doesn't seem himself, he rushes up to Koma. And he kneels.

"Koma, please I need to find where Gaia is." Begs Henchman. "I need to kill her while, she is still weak."

Koma takes a step back, hes never seen Henchman this way. And really doesn't want to see it now.

"Holy Crap." Excailms Koma who then takes another step back. "Are you ok?" He asks Henchman who is obviously isn't.

"No, I have to kill Gaia. She took Maggie from me." As he explains Henchman shakes with anger and despair.

Lin steps between the two men. "Komy, we have to do something?" she asks

"We will. I already have an army ready." answers Koma.

"No, Koma I have to do this myself." Henchman looks Koma in the eyes and contiues. "Earth needs everyone else here."

Koma sees Henhcmans intent. He knows, what Henchman will really do. "O.K." agrees Koma he opens a portal.

Henchman enters the portal and it closes behind him.

"How did you know where to send him Oz?" Querys Lin.

"Well Gaia wasn't intrested in hiding where she was. There were massive readings across the board. All you had to do was piece the information together. She created a new dimension for herself. Also she still needs to be connected to the Earth and all I had to do was find the connection and send Henchman to the other end."

"Its a suicide mission he's gone on, isn't it?" asks Lin. But she knows the answer.

"I'm monitering his systems." reassures Koma.

Koma looks at Lin. "I'll pull him back when he's gone too far. You never know he might beat her." Lin looks down.

The two see the fight between Henchman and Gaia. They follow every hit, every kick, every punch. They notice the powercell being used and the overdrive settings being activated.

"I warned him about that overdrive enchancement. Its way too taxing on his system." Comments Koma.

"Pull him back now. Hes going to die." Lin grabs Komas arm. "NOW OZ, NOW!" she screams.

Koma holds on for a little more. He sends Lin to the workshop, he portals Hemchman to a dampner chamber to contain the bleeding energy cell.

Koma strides off to the battle scene. 'This is going to be fun.' thinks Koma. 'I just hope its only Gaia whos going to try to kill me.'

Monday, August 28, 2006

Whats happening.

At the bungalow in New Zealand Koma is watching TV when a report from New York comes on.

"Lin, come in here" Koma calls her to the TV. Where footage of Gaia's attack upon New York is being shown.

"Is this real?" exclaims Lin. "I thought Gaia was one of the X-Men? Is that Magdelena there, oh my she's dead. We should go and help."

"Its not our fight Lin." dismisses Koma.

"If its not our fight then who's is it." argues Lin. "I'm lip reading Gaia's ranting. She wants to kill everyone."

"Oh great, another impossibly overpowered meglomaniac wanting to re-make the world in their image. As if we didn't have enough of them." complains Koma sarcasticly.

"Oz this isn't the time for sarcasim. We need to help them, we can." pleads Lin.

Koma thinks about it. The dangers, the pain involved, the fact that he can help, the fact that he could die. Then he looks into the eyes of Lin. He could let the world burn if she didn't mind. If she didn't care, he didn't care. But she cares. She wants to help. If he didn't help he'd be less of a man in her eyes. And in the end thats what counts. What she thinks matters.

'Man I'm screwed.' Thinks Koma. 'But I can't dissapoint her. Who else stands by me. Who else beleives in me.'

"I do." answers Lin. "I can still read you thoughts. Sorry." she smiles at him.

"Ok." Koma relents. "Lets go. But lets go with a plan. I hate going without a plan." Koma walks to what normally is a closet in the bungalow. Now it opens up into the workshop. Lin follws smiling, excited to be playing the hero. She dreams of saving the day. Koma can read her mind as well as she reads his. Slowly her excitement rubs off on him.

'Captain Koma, HERO' he thinks. 'Nope, that'll never happen.'


"Great they'll help. I hope." Koma still doesn't beleive he'll get out of this alive. "But these just might do the trick." He opens a drawer filled with neural disrupters, the knife blades gleaming. He grabs the drawer and slots it into a cabinet marked, equipment portal.

"Get the rest of the weapons drawers and put them in the equipment portal Lin" orders Koma. "We'll need every weapon at our disposal."

"Even the swords and stuff?" asks Lin

"Everything." answers Koma. Koma exhales. Closes his eyes, enters the river of information he is now connected to. Gets the information he requires.

"Ok we're ready." Koma narrows his eyes. "Lets go"

Friday, August 25, 2006

A new Lin.

Koma looks at the schematics for Lins new body, and then compares them to the old one.They don't match up. Skys adaptions are beyond the current technology. The complete mesh between the synthiod tech and Sky's unique construction is just not possible. Not this way. Koma knew what he needed to do, but he wasn't ready for that.

"Lin." calls Koma.
"Yes Komy, have you finished the designs?" Lin floats over. Having realised she was a hologram she had recently taken to flying around the workshop.

"Not really." Koma answers. "I can't give you what you had before. It wont be the same unless.." he trails off.

"Unless you get Sky involved." finished Lin. "And you don't want her involved, do you." Her tone is negative.

'She's dissapointed.' thinks Koma. 'But I just don't trust Sky.'

"I know you don't trust her. But I really want to be back in a body." She looks at Koma longingly.

"I forget you can read my thoughts now. Sorry, I just don't trust where her and Magneto are going." apologises Koma.

"You need to guard your thoughts better Oz. Your transmiting them very loudly. Sky will know everything you've thought of. I already do. But I understand." she goes to comfort him and falls through him and the chair he's in. "Crap. Oz please, anything is better than this." as she pleads holographic tears appear.

"Ok. Vadar begin construction of Lin 2.0" orders Koma. "Umm Oz. Your calling me that now?"

"Well that is your nickname." explains Lin "I can't be calling you Austin. I'd feel like I was with Austin Powers and you know how I can't stand him. Those teeth and the hairy chest, ugh!"


Koma and Lin walk over to the cocoon reserved for Lins new body.

"So its not going to be the same. How much different?" Lin asks just a little bit nervous.
"You wont be a synthoid." reasures Koma. "I was able to enhance the body to almost what you were before. You'll have all the updates except for the shape changing which will limit your invulnerbility."

"Ok and if I don't like it we can go to Sky?" Lin asks, knowing its the last thing Koma wants to do.

"There's one more avenue before we have to go to Sky. But I'm hoping you'll like what I've put in this new body." Koma smiles.

"Oz I can read your thoughts. Were still linked from when you updated me at Lindsays. Even VADAR can read them. Can't you VADAR." explains Lin.

'AFERMATIVE MISSTRESS. THIS IS TRUE." agrees VADAR. And a picture of what Koma was thinking appears on a terminal attached to the cocoon's chamber.

"Ok so I need to work on this." He closes his eyes, bows his head. He opens his eyes again. He smiles. "Did it work."

"Sort of." Lin attempts a hug and walks through Koma. "You'll need work a bit more at it."



"I gotta change that to a chime or something. Makes it sound like the microwave finished cooking. Upload yourself Lin. Its all yours" Koma doesn't need to tell Lin at all. The light bee stops projecting and falls to the floor.

'Hisssssssss!' The cocoon opens. Lin walks out.

"Well this is." Lin Pauses feeling the new body. "Sooo much better. I can feel through my skin, you've updated the sensory system. Everywhere." She grabs Koma.

"Urrghn! Not so tight Lin." chokes Koma. Lin loosens her grip. "Thats better."

"What about this then." Lin clamps her mouth over Koma's.

*** Unlike recent posts on other blogs. 'Captain Koma's Blog of Evil' will never go to the depths of depravity that others have gone. This post ends here. ***

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A funeral for a loved one?

Koma is still sitting long after Magneto and Sky leave.


"Huh!." Koma awakes from his silence. He checks the e-mail just by thinking it. "Oh I see it. Its from Lindsay. She's having a funeral for Lin. Oh well I 'spose thats nice."

Koma sends off an e-mail apologising that he wont be there. He then pauses as if there is something he's forgotten.

"Whats next VADAR?" asks Koma.


"Ok lets do a DNA test for the mutant gene. A full C/T scan. Total wetware systems check. That should tell us whats happening." Koma finishes satisfied that the time required to do these tests will take a couple of days. Giving him something to do, other than think of Lin.

-- Two days later --

"So this is what we've found out VADAR." begins Koma. "I'm not a mutant but my brain and my nervous system along with my spinal cord have adapted to information without the wetware buffer."

'TRUE' affirms VADAR.

"Ok thats that, what do we do next. Gee I could muder some Fish and Chips. Lin can you go to the shop up from the bungolow in New Zeland. Ohh crap!" Koma closes his eyes tears appear in the corners. He hits his forehead with his hand. "IDIOT. Idiot, I am such an idiot. VADAR replay Lins last message, NOW!" Koma stands rubbing his hands together, shuffling from one foot to another. Impatient for VADAR to respond to his command.


"Komy I'm here at the location. Kerricks plugged Ultron into me. Have to purge my self and destroy connections to VADAR. Ask Lindsay...."

Koma doesn't speak he closes his eyes and starts to search. He looks through the sattleites and systems that VADAR has connected to. Searching for and finding."

"Two chips. How could that be? One is with SHEILD, but its wiped. The other is in Malibu. With ..." Koma bites his lip. He gestures and a point to point door opens. "I'm going to get cleaned up VADAR, put any messages through. Okay?"


-- An hour later in Malibu. --

'Hope the restraining order was really dropped for the movie. Otherwise I'm in a bit of trouble.' thinks Koma. He walks up to the security guards box outside the gate to the resort where Lindsay Lohan is staying.

"Name" demands the guard flatly.
"Cap.. um, Austin Peters." stammers Koma.
"Who ya hear to see?" snaps the guard.
"Miss Lohan." replies Koma.
"Miss Loahn expecting you?" suspiciously asks the guard. Who enters in Koma's name seeing if he's on Lindsays list of visitors.
"Your on the list." responds the gaurd surprised. "I'll need to see some ID." the guard reaches out and Koma gives him his Austrlian drivers lisence.
"That all seems correct. Joe will come and take you to Miss Lohans residence. After that your her responsiblity. But," guard pauses for effect."all anyone has to do is buzz us and your history." The guard then places his hand on his side arm for effect. Koma smiles and nods his understanding thinking to himself how easy it would be for him to take all the guards out.

After Joe came, Koma finally arives at Lindsays place.
"Miss Lohan has been told your here." informed Joe. He was a lot more freindly than the guy at the gate. "She's waiting around the back, follow the path."

Koma emerges from a faux rainforrest into a scene from an old fantasy.

"Austin. I'm so glad you called." Lindsay rushes up to Koma and hugs him. Koma hugs back politley. "That was a bit stiff." comments Lindsay sarastically.
"I was only trying to be poilite." replies Koma.
"pffft Theres no restraining order." says Lindsay. "And anyway I'd forgive you if you went a bit overboard. Considering Lins dead and all." she winks at him and smiles.
"Well thats more information than I needed." says Koma who then changes the subject. "But getting to why I'm here. Lin gave you something didn't she?"

"Yeah she did. I think its a chip, you know a computer chip." Lindsay ushers Koma inisde the plush dwelling. "I gave it to some tech-head, but he couldn't get anything from it. It destroyed the stuff it was connected to." Lindsay walks into a room and dissapears.

"I made it that way. You do know its Lin." reveals Koma.

"Get out of here. This!" Lindsay rushes out of the room holding the chip in the palm of her hand.
"Yes that. May I?" asks Koma with his hand outstretched.
"Of course." Lindsay places the chip in Koma's hand. "How is Lin in all of that?"

"Its Lin compressed and sandwiched. Its a backup system. Just in case anything goes wrong and Lin is either electronically or physically endangerd." Koma pulls a small silver egg out his pocket.

"Like with that bitch Kerrick. So whats that?" asks Lindsay.

"Its a light bee. A remote holographic projector" explains Koma. He inserts the chip into the light bee and it activates and floats out of Koma's hand. Then an image flickers and froms in front of them.

"Hi Lindsay." The very real image of Lin waves. "Komy! So it all worked out in the end. I don't know." Lin goes to hug Koma and her arms pass right through him. "Oh I'm a hologram . Thats cool."

"I'll give you an update." Koma closes his eyes and transmits the last few days.

"Ohhh! When did you learn to do that Komy."Lin asks surprised. Then changes subject. "You had a funeral for me. And the movie premiered, I missed the after party. Ohh if I could hug the two of you I would."

"This is so weird. And noone would believe it." says Lindsay smiling.
"Welcome to my life Lindsay." replies Lin. "This place is beautifull, who designed it."

Lindsay gives Lin a full tour of the two storey dwelling. Koma just tags along. Smiling when he knows he should, laughing at the right intervals. All the while enjoying the fact that for the moment the worst is over. Time to have a break.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ultron is reborn or Is Koma a mutant?

Koma is out of the Sensory Deprivation chamber. He feels the skin around his neck that has just recently been freed from the mutant dampner. He reaches around to the small puncture where the dampners probe connected to his spinal cord.

'Close one Austin.' he thinks to himself.



"What abnormalities?" asks Koma.


"What could cause that?" questions Koma outloud.


"I'm not a mutant, I think I'm not a mutant." replies Koma. "We'll deal with this new devolpment later. VADAR jam Kerricks teleportation. Oh, and how soon till a weapons sattelite passes over the movie location."


"Good re-open point to point teleportaion system. Inform SHIELD of the current developments they'll want to know that two of their agents have gone rouge. Has Ultron fully reintergrated himself yet?" checks Koma.


"Really?" Koma answers surprised. He concentrates and tries to get the information on Ultron. Its all there. Everything. The data just flows through his mind like a river. He sees it all. No strain on his brain. He sees the intergration of Ultron in Lins empty body.

"She's gone VADAR." mumbles Koma. "Open point.. Oh I can do that myself can't I VADAR."


Koma just gestures. The portal opens. He smiles a nasty grin. And walks through.

At the movie location Koma's portal is not detected by Kerrick she is too busy celebrating with Mia.

"Ah-hem!" coughs Koma. "I hate to interupt this sapphic fantasy but theres some payback to deal out."

- 10 minutes till Sattelite04 is in position -

"Payback from you." scoffs Mia. She turns to Kerrick and jokes "Koma's angry cause we killed his little sex toy. I'll deal with him lover." Mia releases her self from Kerricks embrace and slinks over to Koma. Her coils wrap around him. They cover him all over.

"Now for something shocking." quips Mia. Unfortunatley for Mia Koma has been able to link to the coils and as Mia gives the mental command to shock Koma it feeds back into Mia.

"Arrrrgh" Mia screams in pain. Koma keeps is going till he thinks he's gone too far. Then he holds for a little while longer. Mia collapses on the ground, she flails wildly then Koma cuts the charge. Mia convulses in fits and starts.

- 8 minutes till Sattelite04 is in postion -

"Mia." screams Kerrick. "If you've killed her I'll."

"What kill Lin, make my life a living hell, put SHIELD on my arse. You've done everything you can Kerrick, there's nothing left. So have you enjoyed your revenge?" asks Koma

"What.. Yes I have" replies Kerrick. "I got back at you. I tricked you, SHIELD, and now with Ultron I'll rule the world."

"Hmmm I don't think so. Do you Fury?" asks Koma to the SHIELD director.

- 6 minutes till Sattelite04 is in postion -

"What... where." Kerrick looks around for the Agents and the Colonel. "Oh thats a good trick, Austin make me think Fury's here. What was that suppsoed to do." snaps Kerrick. She turns back to Koma and he's rasing a neural disrupter.

"So I can do this of course." he replies. phzzzzzziummmm. Kerrick falls to the ground beside Mia.
'Do you think you can stop me Koma?' Ultron questions from Lins body. 'I am indestructable. It is only minutes till I am whole again. You can detect the energy shield Kerrick placed me in, you do not have the power to destroy it. It is futile.'

- 4 minutes till Sattelite04 is in postion -

"Sure I can. But you can't detect anything outside of the shield you're indside of. So I could have anything on me." answers Koma.

'If you had something you would have used it immediatley. I am a threat to your very existance and I have killed the entity that once was the host of this body.' deduces Ultron.

- 2 minutes till Sattelite04 is in postion -

"Well what if the weapon was elsewhere Ultron. Did you think of that? What if it was.. lets say for explanations sake in orbit." questions Koma.

- 1 minute till Sattelite 04 is in postion -

'That is possible but it would take time to position.' counters Ultron 'And I have less then seconds before I am whole again. Then you are dead.'

- Sattelite04 is in postion -

"Hmmm you first." replies Koma.

From above the location on a low earth orbit sattelite a powerful beam pinpoints the shiled over Ultron. It fires. Koma un jams the teleport system and takes Kerrick and Mia out of the area.



Up in the Helicarrier Fury watches as the beam of energy unleashses its destrustion on Ultrons shield.


Koma teleports in front of Fury with Kerrick and Mia. Agents come and take the two women away.

"So Koma are you happy now?" asks Fury to Koma.

"No. "answers Koma who continues. "The shield is destroyed. But Lins body will survive the blast. We need to get down there quickly. Recover the body and eviserate it."

"I don't take orders from you Koma.." begins Fury. "but your right. Get down there and get Ultron."

"Colonel Fury." alerts an agent. "We're getting a blip on the scanners. Its Magneto."

"Crap." curses Koma. "I'll deal with him Fury you get Lins body. Make sure you get everything. Any part of it could lead to Ultron rebuilding himself."

"I said I dont take orders from you Koma." begins Fury but Koma is gone. "Damn I hate that. I thought he made a sound when he did that."

"He used a portal. It doesn't make a sound sir." replies the agent.

"When I want an answer agent I'll order one." shouts Fury. "Do we have the body yet?"

"No sir. Not yet sir. The area is still too hot." replies the agent shakily.

As Magneto and Sky fly towards the Helicarrier. A portal opens in front of them on its edge Koma stands.

"Koma we have come to aid you and Lin." states Magneto.

"Lins gone." says Sky.

"Is this true?" asks Magneto.

Koma nods. He steps back from the edge of the portal and gestures that the two enter.

"What about SHEILD we could take them down?" offers Magneto.

"No. They're doing the right thing now. Let them do it. I'll take you back to London you can help the Brotherhood." offers Koma.

"Yes I do have to deal with that traitor Toad. What about Mystique?" asks Magneto. Koma doesn't respond. Magneto and Sky enter the portal and it closes behind them. Once in the workshop Koma sits down. Removes his hood and sighs.

"Koma." prods Magneto.

"I don't think Koma wants to talk my love." says Sky. "Lin is gone. He is mourning."

"Koma I'm sorry. I was thinking of myself.." Magneto beings to appologise.

"Yeah thats right you do. All the time about your great mutant war. You rush into situations and try to solve problems with your great powers. But its like using a sledge hammer to crack a peanut. All that ends up happening is that everyone gets hurt, except Magneto. Who surpise, always manages to escape to fight another day." Koma finishes his rant, puffing. He gestures and a portal opens. "Get the f$#% out of here now before I decide to kill you. I can do it."

"You are in pain and lashing out. I will forgive this outburst Koma. But you threaten me again and I will destroy you." replies Magneto and with that he and Sky leave.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Got it. But Ultrons got Lin

Read Lins Blog before this

"Time since we started VADAR." calls Koma.


Koma is still in the sensory deprevation chamber. With the SHIELD mutant power Dampner still atached to his throat.

"So thats the all the viruses delt with." notes Koma.


"Crap." Koma thinks for a while then begins again. "Lets match the past procedures, to the remaining procedures. If they match the virus loaders, or the self destruct patterens. Flag them for me."


"Unique?" asks Koma.


"Lets have a look at them. Shall we." enquires Koma.


"This turns me into a paraplegic, if its activated. And the second one is the activation call for the first which is waiting for a mobile phone call to start. This is Kerricks coding, I'd know it anywhere. I can also stop it. And after that I can get out of here." smiles Koma.


"Komy I'm here at the location. Kerricks plugged Ultron into me. Have to purge my self and destroy connections to VADAR. Ask Lindsay...." the message ends.

Koma doesn't talk. He sets to work getting himself free. He knows Lin is possibly gone, but Ultron can still be stopped.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Putting off the Dampners

--- VADAR LOGS ---

The Master has returned.

Contdition critical. Servere brain trauma. Backup wetware systems are deactivated, coma induced to reduce further damage.

Emergency protocols ACTVATED. Sensory depravation chamber prepared. Master prepared, placed in chamber.

Connecting to wetware systems.

System check. ERROR. Wetware system to host connection broken.

Mutant power dampner detected. SHEILD design 2.3. Initalising deactivation.

ERROR New system parameters in SHEILD design 2.3. Deactivation cancelled.

Wetware systems restart.



"I'm in the SD chamber, aren't I" asks Koma


"You weren't able to deactivate the dampner were you." concludes Koma.


"Anything else VADAR?" Koma enquires.


"Tell her I'm fine that she should go help Lindsay." orders Koma.


"Yes it does. Connect the dampner to the wetware systems." orders Koma.


"Yeah I know that but the only way to get this thing off is for me to hack it. So if you connect to the dampner and act as a buffer to the information flow, I can make my way slowly through the system." informs Koma.


"Ouch." smarts Koma as the limited but unshielded data hits his mind. "Ok I've got a handle on it. So lets begin."

The machine and Koma being the process of going through the dampners systems. Procedure by procedure. Line by line. A long and exhausting process.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

A caged Koma.

continued from Lins Blog, Henchmans Blog, Skys Blog and Magnetos Blog

"Ohhh.." Koma groans and stops short of using any kind of reference to the truck that hit him, or the fact that he and Toto are no longer in Kansas.

'Hey my sensors are offline, thats not possible. Unless.' thinks Koma who grabs at his throat. He feels metal. He traces his hands around it. Feeling the lack of seams, the fact that it's the same temperature of his skin.

"Oh crap. She's still here with them." Koma exclaims to himself bitterly.

The doors of the cell open and a tall slender woman with short blonde hair enters.

"Yes I am here Austin. But as we heard, you already worked that out." quips the woman.

"Kerrick, I thought I did enough for Fury to get rid of you. But obviously I didn't." says Koma through clenched teeth.

"Oh you did, Fury fired me. But then you went and dissmembered Ultron. Fury doesn't want Ultron put back together. So who do you go to to stop Captain Koma and his inventive genius? Me of course." explains Kerrick.

"So you set up the field that jammed the teleporter." questions Koma.

"Yep" answers Kerrick.

"You guessed that because I had internalised most of my gizmos that it would be enabled via the use of synthoid technology and its wetware interface that you helped me design." questions Koma

"Afirmitive" answers Kerrick

"That using a mutant dampner which works on the activation of power by the brain would also dissable my stuff?" questions Koma.

"Yes." answers Kerrick.

"So you are officially the biggest sore looser in the world." concludes Koma.

"Ye.. What?" exclaims Kerrick.

"You've just used the biggest world wide para-military spy network to get back at an old boyfriend." explains Koma.

"I what!" shouts Kerrick. "I'm a sore looser. Over you! YOU!. Before I met you, you were a little super-geek more intrested in his little gizmos. In fact I'd say you still are that super-geek just that your playing doctors and nurses with your little gizmos."

"Kerrick. Leave him, NOW!" Even through the speakers Fury's voice echoes in the cell.

"But.. Yes Colnel." Kerrick relents and withdraws truning on her heel and striding out. The doors close behind her.

Koma smiles.

In the communications centre of the Helicarrier. Kerrick walks over to Fury.
"Agent Kerrick, what did I tell. No what did I order you to do." asks Fury gently

"Well sir you ordered me to inform Koma of his detention and try and get him to tell us the whereabouts of Mystique." answers Kerrick.

"And what did you do Agent Kerrick? You got back at your old boyfriend." Fury get closer to Kerrick and stands tall above her.

"SHEILD is not to be used to be used for revenge. After all this is over you Agent Kerrick will be back in Australia and you will never work for SHIELD again. Is that clear Agent Kerrick." shouts Fury.

"Yes Sir. That is clear." responds Kerrick mutely.

"Now you stay here and tell me what Koma is doing know." orders Fury.

"Pardon sir." enquires Kerrick.

"On the screen woman. Whats he doing Now!" shouts Fury.

Back in his cell Koma is screaming. He is tapping furiously at his right fore-arm.

"Arrrrrrgh! Crap crap crap crap." screams Koma. "No, overload, damn. Dampners now. Too much information. Uhhh... crap!" Koma collapses onto the floor.

"Well Agent Kerrick what just happened? Well... I'm waiting." growls Fury.

"I don't beleive he's doing this. He just tried to take manual control of the sensors and teleportation. He couldn't take the information from his sensors. It was way too much for him. Normally the wetware stops this from happening restricting the data flow. He could have killed himself." finishes Kerrick stunned.

"We need him alive and we need him healthy. Now! Get the medics to him." orders Fury.

"Sir we shouldn't do this. It could be a trap." warns Kerrick.

"Are you in charge Kerrick. No you're not. Medics deal with him. I want him alive." shouts Fury.

Fury screws his face up in a rage and paces the floor.

The cell doors open and the medics race in. They stop.

"Colnel Fury. Koma's gone." reports the Medic.

"Ok so he died. We have to deal with his sex-bot now." fumes Fury.

"No sir. He's left the Helicarrier. Teleported out we believe."

"He what!" screams Fury.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Koma Koma-napped

Continued from My Last Post, Lins Blog and Henchmans Blog.

'Gee Henchmans taking his time.' thinks Koma waiting by the falls.

Komas sensors alert him to Henchmans arrival. Koma senses a second presence following Henchman.

"Hey Koma. Sorry I'm late it took a while with Mia." appologises Henhcman.

"You've got more than that to be sorry for." angrily snaps Koma. "She followed you."

"What you've got to be kidding. " replies Henchman surprised. "I used every trick in the book. You can't find me unless."

"Unless they tag you with a tracer during an intimate moment." finishes Koma. Koma draws his neural disruptor. And aims to where Mia emerges from the forrest.

"Oh there you two are...." phzzzzzziummmm "ugh!" Mia falls to the ground.

"Koma that was pretty harsh man. She's not that bad." comments Henchman looking at the luscious Mia unconscious on the ground.

"She was in the way. And a wild card, I don't like wild cards. Anyway she'll come to in few minutes." explains Koma.

"That the thing you fried Lin with the neural thingy" asks Henchman.

"Yeah. Look there could be Mystique or anyone from SHIELD or Cyberdyne here all of them very dangerous to us. I understand you had an itch that needed scratching but it would've been better if you hadn't. SHIELD are above us in that Heilcarrier, they have been jamming my teleporter. I've had Lin working on a solution, she should be done by tomorrow. So for now lets just lay low keep our heads." asks Koma.


"Cool I can do that, Koma. Koma...." calls Henchman but Koma is not there. He's not anywhere.

"Well lover it looks like your employer has been taken by my boss." purrs Mia. "So lets go see the synthoid. "

"Ok looks like I've got nothing else to do." mumbles Henchman.

"Oh I can think something." says Mia licking her lips.

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Director Trap

On location somewhere in New Zealand Koma is sitting behind a bank of cameras, crew, and extras quietly reading.

"Excuse me Mister Peters. The director wants to see you." mumbles the directors assistant Phil.
"Oh realy Phil, thats great. What kind of mood is his highness in today?" sarcastically asks Koma

"He's just had his third whisky and its 11am" replies Phil.

"Well then we'd better get to him before the fourth." concludes Koma geting up out of his chair. "Phil this is about Lin

this time isn't it cause the her and Lindsay have been playing "Directors Trap".

"Yes, I think?" mumbles Phil who wished he took that job his mother got him at the post office instead of following his

dream into movies.

"Koma!" shouts the director. "Where are you? That robot of yours is causing more trouble than she's worth AGAIN!"

"What wrong this time sir?" asks Koma struggling to hide his contempt for the director.

"Lin keeps trying to ad-lib during takes." begins the Director. "All she's gotta do is scream and fall off the cliff. I

mean how hard is that."

Koma surveys the scene and turns back to the Director "Where's Lin?"

"She's over there with the harness on." snaps the Director.

"Thats Lindsay." points out Koma. "Lin is (Koma checks his sensors) over in Lindsays trailer.

Lindsay skips up to the director and pokes him on the nose. "Got ya Dave. Ha ha ha ha ha-ha !" she trills.

"Thats it I've had it." screams the director. "Phil where's my whisky. This scene is cancelled till after lunch."

Lindsay looks at Koma.

"Lin says you can tell the difference between us without even looking. How do you do that? YOur not wearing anything

under your shirt. Oh I know its your watch. Oh your not wearing a watch. I give up."

"Do you want to know?" asks Koma

"Yes of course I do." replies Lindsay.

Koma pulls up the right sleeve on his long sleeved shirt revealing not so normal bumps under the skin.

"Ewwwww!" sqwerms Lindsay. "Did you do that to yourself. Thats just gross Austin."

"Yes I did and its not just in my arm." Koma reaches up to his left eye and prises the eye ball out.

"Arrrgh!" shreiks Lindsay "Ewwwwie! YOu did that to gross me out didn't you."

"You bet" chuckles Koma. "Now lets go get Lin."

Then from behind a deep voice asks "Is everything all right Miss Lohan, he isn't dong anything you don't want him to do."

the security gaurd stands there intimidatingly.

"No its quite fine. He's Ok for now. Lins in the trailer she said she'd see you for lunch. Bye" Lindsay leaves the two.

"So you made it." declares Koma. "Nice to see you here.." Koma pauses for effect "Henchman!"

"Good to be here. So what am I doing for you Koma. This place seems pretty normal." enquires Henchman.

"Well I suspect it isn't, and I'm sure I'm being watched, but you aren't. They, whoever they are may wont suspect you

without the AIM suit. So sneak around and find out stuff. Especially from the Lawyer Prentiss Lawson-Fyfe."

"Thats the guys name he should sue his parents." quips Henchmans.

"He probably did." answers Koma who continues "His secretary, Alison she's a big flirt start with her."

"Sounds like a great job Koma, I'll make sure she's clean." agrees Henchman.

"And if she isn't?" asks Koma.

"I'm sure I'll think of something after we both get dirty." smirks Henchman.

"I'm sure you can." agrees Koma.

Later at lunch with Lin and Lindsay.

"I can't belive that Lin can eat, Austin its just amazing what you've made." exclaims Lindsay.

"I sort of didn't make Lin well I sort of did, but she's something else." explains Koma poorly.

"I told her the story Komy she knows all of that but I am a synthoid and you did make all of that technology" points out


"Oh yeah I did the graft on that didn't I." sighs Koma.

"Lin said it was five years with CRSIO" wrongly comments Lindsay.

"CSIRO Lindsay. And it wasnt just five years there it was all together ten years in three different countries. I was used

to make stuff for governments who then used it for the military instead of medicine which was what the synthoids were for

in the first place."

"They're supposed to be replacement parts for people Lin." finishes Lin.

"Is that why you've got the stuff in your eye and your arm." concludes Lindsay.

"Yep. Thats the short answer." finishes Koma who sees Henchman waving to him at the other end of the canteen."I have to

go and get back to my book. And you two ladies have to stop playing parent trap."

"Ohh Komy but we like it." pleads Lin.

Koma walks out of the canteen. Henchman walks beside him and hands Koma a small silver disc. Henchman then puts one hand

over his eye and mouths the word SHEILD.

"Tonight 11pm. Meet me at the falls." whispers Koma

Henchman nods and the two part company.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

There's a knock at the door!

At Koma and Lins bungalow the two are resting.

Then there's a knock at the door

Koma's sitting at the table going over some design specifications. Lin is asleeping onthe lounge.

'Sigh' "No you stay there Lin I'll answers it" says Koma.

Koma goes answers the door. He checks whos at the door first a man in a suit and dark glasses. Behind him is a grey sedan with a woman looking out in pink sunglasses. He opens the door.

"Captain Koma?" asks the man with dark glasses and what looks like an armarni suit.

"Whos asking?" asks Koma

"We were told by SHEILD that.." begins the man. Koma stops him in his tracks.

"Stop right there. Who are you that SHEILD tells you where I am? I knew they knew where I was, but why would they tell you. Who are you?" demands Koma reaching for the security activation switch.

The man in the suit smiles a crude smile.

'Lawyer" thinks Koma.

"My name is Prentiss Lawson-Fyfe and I represent Hi-Fi Pictures. Also I represent Miss Lindsay Lohan." ends Lawson-Fyfe.

"Hey I've kept to the restraining order for a year now. What do you want." complains Koma.

"Its what I want Koma" quizes Lawson-Fyfe. "What I want looks like Lindsay Lohan."

Koma looks inside to see Lin sleeping on the sofa. Prentiss looks in as well.

"Yes thats what we want" smiles Lawson-Fyfe cruely again.

Koma steps outside the door and shuts it behind him.

"Is this some kind of SHEILD trap?" demands Koma.

Koma stops as Lwason-Fyfe signals to the woman in the sedan. She emerges from the sedan and walks up to the pair outside the door.

"I thought you said I'd never see you again. Miss Lohan." enquires Koma.

"I thought so to Mr Peters. But this is no trap". explains Lindsay Lohan.

"Miss Lohan is attempting a carrer change." begins Lawson-Fyfe. "She's branching out into action adventure movies, and here in New zealand we intend to make the movie."

"And you want to use Lin as a stunt double." guess Koma correctly.

"Of course Mr Peters." confirms Lindsay Lohan.

"Well then you'd better ask her."Koma opens the door and calls to Lin. "Lin theres some people here to see you."

"Oh really Komy," says Lin walking to the door. "I was expecting Kate and Mary....." Lin ends her sentance and stares at Lindsay Lohan."You look exactly like me." excliams Lin.

"It is amazing Mr Peters." remarks Lindsay Lohan examining Lin.

"I always call him Komy." replies Lin

"You do know his real name, do you?" question Lindsay Lohan.

"Of course Miss Lohan its Austin Peters." answers Lin.

"Yet you prefer to call him Komy." confirms Lin.

"Yeah!" nods Lin.

"Lin, Lindsay wants you to be her stunt double in a movie." explains Koma to Lin. He then asks Lawson-Fyfe. "This will be to bring down special effects costs."

"Of course Koma." replies Prentiss Lawson-Fyfe.

"Oh yes of course I want to do it Komy. It'll be so much fun working with Miss Lindsay." replies Lin exctitedly

"You do know what your getting into here Lin. Its not going to be all glamour and parties. They want you to work. They also may not want you to be seen. Mr Lawson-Fyfe am I right." adds Koma.

"Well the cast and crew will have secrecy clauses in their contracts. But when it comes to everyone else Miss Lin here will have to be absent." confirms Lawson-Fyfe.

"So I wont be on the red carpet. Or at the after party." asks Lin dissapointedly

"Its a big secret Lin. No one will know that its you in the movie. We'll trick them all." enthuses Lindsay Lohan

"Hmmm a big secret." thinks Lin. "I'll do it. It'll be an adventure Komy and this time we wont get put in danger."

"Well see Lin we'll see." says Koma.

"You'll be sent for tomorrow. Then we'll go thru the contracts. And after that we make a movie." closes Lawson-Fyfe, he and Lindsay Lohan leave.

"Oooo how exciting." screams Lin as they enter the bungalow.

"Yeah its exciting Lin." says Koma sarcasticly.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What are these Sentinels doing here.

Koma follows the T-800's that Lin reprogrammed, then all of the sudden they break formation and turn around to face him. They draw their weapons and fire on Koma.

'What is this crap.' thinks Koma turning on the Magno-Sheild. The bullets deflect away. Koma pulls out his EMP gun and destorys the T-800's easily. Then using the Magno-Deflector to evicserates them.

'Ok this means Lins in trouble.' Koma looks around and sees Magneto and Sky flying off away from the battle ground. Running to where they took off. He finds Lin on her kneesd weeping.

"Oh! Why did she say that. *sob* I was only trying to save her." blubs Lin.

Koma puts a hand on hre shoulder. She looks up to see him, her face is stained with tears. She grabs hims around the waist and howls.

"Ohh Komy I've never been hurt this way before. It really hurts." Lin sobs.

"Thats life Lin. It hurts." consoles Koma. "Whats this? Its a Sentinel."

"Ohh Komy it hurts." continues Lin.

The Sentinels head turns and it focuses on the couple. It stops and slowly walks over to them. It gets to them and raises a hand.

"Terminate all Humans." It cries.

'This sounds like Sky's doing.' thinks Koma. He raises his EMP gun and fires deactivating the Sentinel. With a crash and a groan, it falls.

"Lin you've got to get it together we need to leave now." demands Koma. "You said you'd be brave for me. Now be a good girl and be brave again Lin.

"OK Komy. It hurts." she replies still on her knees looking down and so distraught that she does't notice the arival of another Sentinel. Neither does Koma.

The Sentinel streches and arm and from the heel of its hand a coil emerges and quickly envelops Koma.

"Liiiiiiiin!" shouts Koma. He tries to get to his gun but the coils wrap him up fast and then the other hand comes down and gas emerges knocking Koma out.

Lin looks up to see Koma hung from the Sentinels hand like a yo-yo. Behind Lin two more Sentinels appear they raise their hands together.

Lins eyes glow. Her hands crackle with power. The Sentinels fire. Lin easily dodges the blasts and fires back blasting huge holes in the two. They fall back from the force of the blast skawking and shrieking.

The one with Koma holds him from one hand dangling Koma like a yo-yo. Then with the other grabs Koma, with the intent to squeeze him like a lemon.

"Let him go. Komy's my squeeze not yours." she screams.

The Sentinel doesn't stop. Lin fires again, once at the hand doing the squeezing and then at the coil holding Koma.

The hand with Koma in it falls, Lin sesnes that Koma is safe. And then leaps onto the now one handed Sentinel. Balling her hand into a fist she buries in into the chest of the Sentinel. Lin attempt to reprogram the Sentinel. Learning that Sky had reprogrammed them.

In her rage she screams the cry of one betrayed for the first time. Lin buries her other hand into the Sentinels chest and in one movement rips it in two.

With her rage subsiding Lin. Goes over to Koma, prys him free of the hand and initiates teleportation.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

OK thats just distrubing Lin

Koma and Magneto notice an Eire sound emanating from Sky. The almost musical hum sounds like something out of a James Cameron Sci-fiction movie. Sky's arm begins to transform, it first appears to be a weapon then snaky wiry metals forms touching over the T-800's frame and body...

"What is that sound?" asks Koma to anyone only slightly disturbed. Then he directly asks Magneo "What is she doing?"

"Sky?" asks the equally clueless Magneto.

"That is a ..." Lin graps for the right words. "well I guess you can call it her heart beat..." Lin continues growing in confidence. "She has a heart that is half human-half machine. The machine part is pumping harder. She is upset I think."

"Okay but what is she doing, I do not recognize this behavior." questions Koma trying to get a handle on what exactly is happening infron of him.

"She is." Lin stutters again looking for a more human description. "Is is feeding, Komy I do not understand? She is cannibalizing the T-800 in order to use its alloys and material to do temporary repairs, but they wouldn't be as efficient as just cocooning and repairing."

"Sky I demand that you answer me…" orders Magneto trying to take charge.

Sky simply turns and glares eyes red at Magneto.

"Uh-oh I know that look." mumbles Magneto.

Before Magneto can say another word Sky leaps in the air and begins scanning the area. The Erie sound of her heart beat becoming louder

"Um Sky… Henchmen?" mentions Koma believing that might get some kind of response.

Sky ignores Koma. Sky then begins to run in a direction away from them at full speed.

"Damn Sky!" screams Magneto.

Koma idles up tp Magneto.
"Where is she going?" he asks.

"Uh Oh Komy." interupts Lin worriedly. "She is going after Mystique."

Magneto turns to Koma and starts to explains what is happening.

"Sky's programming is always driving her to pursue someone or thing she has Targeted above and beyond all other considerations." Magneto pauses and then continues. "Her one weakness is that she can not stop until she has terminated that target even when it might be smarter to risk letting the target get farther away. Sky will move around, under, leap over or crash through any obstacle to reach a target but will quite often ignore other factors. Like this time for example, it would be better for her to repair."

"Can I go after her?" begs Lin of Koma.

"Someone needs to find Henchman." begins Koma. Who then looks at Lins face and the pain she is really feeling. "But you can't help her on your own Lin."

"I will go with Lin." Offers Magneto. "We will do what we can. Come Lin." Magneto lifts himself and Lin above the containers and in pursuit of Sky and Mystique.

"Bye Komy" waves Lin.

Koma watches her and Magneto leave.

"Damn, Henchman" curses Koma.

He teleports off to where the Brotherhood were fighting the Terminators.


Strwen all around are the remains of Terimnators and Synthoids. Also in the disaster zome are the unconscious and injured Brotherhood.

"Ohhhh! Koma where'd you come from." asks Pyro. "Ahhh! I think my arms broken"

"Beating Ultron." declares Koma. "Where's Henchman?"

"Oh I don't give a rats about that bastard." whinges Pyro. Koma grabs Pyros broken arm.
"Arrrrgh! what ya doin'." screams Pyro.

"Where is he Pyro." scowls Koma.

"Over there, in the middle of the pile o' terminators." points Pyro. Whothen goes back to cradeling his arm.

Koma walks over to the pile. His sensors read the terminators deactivated. He pulls one off the pile, it activates and stands up. Koma pulls his EMP gun out on it.

"Its ok Komy, I programmed them to help." replies the Terminator.

"You picked up control from Ultron?" asks Koma.

"No just reprogrammed. What are my orders." answers the Terminator.

Koma checks his sensors, 3 of the other Terminators are still active and reprogrammed.

"Get up off Henchman you lot." orders Koma.

They obey. Revealing an unconcious Henchman. Major damage to his cybernetic devices. But all in all he's in better shape than Pyro.

"What are my orders?" ask the terminators as one.

Koma thinks.

"Go assist Lin. Help her in anyway possible. Now." he orders. The terminators disperse.

"Uh! This can't be heaven your here Koma." says a groggy Henchman.

"No its not you Ok. I gotta save the day again." says Koma.

"Yeah Henchmans fine." ansewers Henchman. "Go be a hero. I'll follow you up."

Koma runs off after the Terminators,leaving Henchman behind.

'Hope Lin hasn't done anything stupid.' worries Koma.

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