Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - Part 2

The thing I love about operating theatre's is that they are clean. Not just clean like home clean, I mean CLEAN. So clean you can smell it. But whats better than a sterile environment is brain surgery.
"Do you remember when we put in Aryis' BULB?" Annabell loves surgery too. Its actually where she first hit one me. Some would call that a bit strange. I found it amusing.
"Yes I do." I answer. "You almost killed him if I remember correctly."
"Dr Peter's you promised me you'd never mention that again." she warns.
Things are good. Annabell's talking to me, Christine's been nothing but wonderful, I've got a mystery to solve and I'm mucking around with someones brain. Things just couldn't get better.

I finish with the wetware installation.
"Time to boot up the Administrator's brain." I announce to Falstaff and Prescott who are watching behind the glass.
Annabell sets up the installation routine. This the best thing about brain surgery, you can operate while the patient is awake.
"She should be awake in three, two, one." Annabell smiles. "Wakey wakey Ms. Administrator" she greets.
"Wha! Who are you?" asks the Administrator.
"Her name is Alicia Quest." says Falstaff through the intercom. "She's never spent a day as the Administrator, she doesn't know you from Adam."

After that bombshell. We finished up with Ms. Quest's surgery and Falstaff asked her a few questions. She remembered who attacked her and through the wetware system we could download her memories. We even saw the attacker change into Ms. Quest. That left a few questions in my head and I made sure that Major Falstaff knew about them.
"Your questions will be taken under consideration." Falstaff replied.
"Excuse me!" I snapped back. "Your giving me the executive brush off here."
"Your not a field agent Koma. The little you know about this the better." he was holding a lot from me.
"You brought me in here to flush HER out didn't you?" I accused.
"Of course. You did your job well Koma." And he just walked away.

I have two choices. Leave it alone like a good boy. Or investigate it myself.

Of course I'm going to investigate it. This isn't Captain Koma's blog of good.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - The begining

Its been two weeks since the test.
I'm sitting in the Slipstream Lab connected up to the recorded footage of the test. You know, the test that screwed up royally when the Administrator, went through the portal and into a cosmic malestrom.
I'm searching the footage that was taken. That gave me nothing, but if I overlaid the infra-red, with the electro-magnetic recorder, and the ultra-violet footage.
"Got ya! You can't beat a cosmically enhanced genius." I raised my fist in triumph.
"What have you got Austin?" It was Christine. "You've been connected to all of this for the last 5 hours. I swear your only happy when something is going wrong."
I disconnect my wetware nodes from the system. It makes a popping and slippery sound as the nodes release the optic fibers from the wet-ware interface.
"Ewww!" complains Christine. "I hate that sound."
"I'll ignore that." I replied. "So they're ready for me?" I asked.
"Yes." answered my Nordic Mistress of Steel.

I get to the Administrators office, the Administrator's not there of course but Prescott, Falstaff and a guy in grey are.
For those who forget Falstaff is the guy who asked me to join Spearhead he kinda looks like Mark Harmon. Prescott is the Assistant Administrator he looks like Rupert Everet. The guy in grey looks like the Armin Shimerman, he played Quark on Star Trek DS9.
Quark in the grey suit is ranting to Falstaff and Prescott.
"So we don't know where the Administrator is, she could be dead or lost or anything..." his hands are flailing in the air.
"ah-hem!" I interrupt.
"Oh so your here now." Attacks the grey suited Quark. "The great Dr Austin Peters. Oopss! sorry Captain Koma. What did you think you were doing out there? Where's you little sex toy? I hear you like them young with big ones. Have you got anything for me to go back to the Head of ASIO?"
Normally I'd put a little turd like this in his place, but Falstaff gives me a look of "Don't do it Koma" So I don't.
"One. "I begin." I prefer to be called Koma. Two. Lin is a sentient synthetic life form. And these days I'm into tall blondes. Oh and Three. Whoever went through the portal wasn't the Administrator, cause last time I checked she couldn't absorb cosmic energy."
Quark took that in.
"Do yo have proof of this?" he asked.
"If you watch the Administrator's screen you'll see the footage of the incident."
I begin showing the footage. "Now watch the change that comes over the fake Administrator as she gets closer to the portal. I layer the infra-red, ultra-violet, and finally the electro-magnetic readings. Only a being absorbing a huge amount of radiation would be giving those readings."
"Do you have a copy of this footage?" Asks Quark visibly relieved.
I throw a USB drive at him.
"Nice doing business with you, Koma." says Quark and with that he begins to leave the office."Oh and this place is under full lock-down till I say so. Major Falstaff your in charge." And with that Quark left.
"Good work Koma." Falstaff smiled at me. "Now there's someone I want you to meet."

Falstaff takes me to the infirmary.
"I knew it wasn't the Administrator." says Falstaff. "And this is why."

He leads me into one of the private suites. And on the bed is what looks like the Administrator.
"How long have you known this?" I ask. My sensors tell me she's in a medically induced coma.
"We found her in a hospital as a Jane Doe in Townsville three days ago." replies Falstaff."She's suffered massive head trauma. If they wake her she'll never be able to tell us what happened to her. Can you do something about it?"

"Actually I can." I answer.