Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The big reveal....finally

~ We were trapped in my own base on the moon. The only way out was to de-age and overpower Gladys. Galdys the clone of Australia's greatest hero The Cavelier so she could carry a portable dimensional gateway to earth. She did it and we were able to leave the moon. However, after setting up we were confronted with an army of robots lead by a flying man in orange and black. ~

The sheilds lasted less than a minute. The guy in orange and black floating above the robot army destroyed it by a force beam, which came from his hands. Then the robots came and just kept coming. The first few hundred got blown away by the cannons, but a few got through and we were kept busy protecting the cannons and the gateway.

Murphy's Law of course continued its recent domination of my life and despite our efforts we lost the first of four cannons. We were loosing again, it was only a matter of time before they would overwhelm us.

"Austin, whats the plan?" asked Chroma as we sheltered behind cannon 4 as the robots swarmed over what was left of cannons 1 and 2.
"Your asking me, now?" I ask back. "I thought you'd had enough of my plans."
"Austin." begins Chroma. "Ever since I've known you you've had a plan. Often they're so crazy that it seemed like they'd never work, but they did. Whats your plan?"

"Aww!" Interupted Henchy. "Hate to break up this touching Halmark moment but it looks like Henchy's gonna die and Henchy don't like that." Henchy was wearing one of the robots heads like a hat.

"Why are you wearing the robot head?" I asked expecting something ridiculous.

"Dude, it's camo. If you can't see it, you can't hit it." replies Henchy.

I smiled. Not because Henchy made me laugh but because I had an idea.

"Whats the plan Koma?" asked Chroma guessing my smile.

"Christine get Gladys from the lair. We're going to need her again." I looked at Chroma and she wasn't happy about it. "This is the plan. You wanted one, this is it. Now do it." I ordered. She left through the gateway.

"Dude!" exclaimed Henchy negatively. "Splitsville! Population you and her."

"Henchy get back in there and get as close as you can to the leader without him noticing you." I tell him.

"The floaty guy, done. Then what?" asked Henchy back.

"Then wait for your opening." I tell him. "Are we clear?"

"As clear as Chicken grease." answers Henchy and he left.

I turn back to see Chroma and Galdys emerging from the gateway.

"Chroma says you need me again?" asks Galdys wearily.

"Yes." I reply writing something down on a piece of paper. "Get up as high as you can and when I tell you to go do what it says on the paper."

"Okay but..." starts Gladys.

"No ifs, no buts. Just do it." I order handing Gladys' the paper. "Chroma give her your earwig."

Chroma puts the earwig communicator in Galdys' ear and in a flash of light Galdys is gone.

Then BOOM! An almighty blast goes off knocking Chroma and I to the ground.


"So what happens next?" asks Chroma as she gets up off the ground.

"We surrender." I answer.

The robots rush in. Chroma takes postion to defend herself.

"We surrender!" I tell her and the robots. I put my hands on my head and kneel. She does the same. The robots take position and aim, but do not fire.

"So the great evil genius admits defeat." mocks whoever is in the floating gold and black armour. "Where are the Henchman and the clone?"

"Henchy split during the fight." spat Chroma angrily. "He's a mercenary he's only around if there's a chance to be paid."

"And the clone?" demanded the still hovering figure of malice.

"Its all well and good to demand stuff but I don't like talking to people without a name." I quip back. The force beam from his hands comes from directly above me. It flattens me into the ground.

"I am Burning Man." declares Burning Man. "Now tell me where she is?"

"I'd like to tell you where she went but I specifically told her to GO. I didnt say where." I replied my face in the dirt. Burning Man released the force beam on me. I looked up to see the light of Galdys pass over Burning Man as she flew past him.

"Arrrrgh!" screams Burning Man. His hands cradling his helmet free head.

Another stream of light passes me and I've got the helmet in my hands.

"Hurts when you have your helment taken off at sublight speeds, doesn't it." I mention. The very hot helmet in my hands that Galdys gave to me on the way back.

"Robots kill them." orders Burning Man still with his hands over his face. The Robots sit down. Burning Man pulls his hands from his face. I'm standing in front of him and the robots with the helmet and control of the robot army.

"I'm sorry it had to end this way, Cavilier." I tell him and Henchy takes the shot.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

One big battle begins

~ Australia had been taken over by someone using one of my own plans. I didn't know who did this and so far I haven't been able to stop them or him or her. Having retreated to my lunar lair with the remaing members of the rebellion I came up with a drastic solution. Manipulating the genetic structure of Gladys (a female clone of The Cavalier Austalia's greatest hero) de-aging her and accelerating her powers to dangerous levels. Dangerous for Gladys that is. ~

I'd just given then now golden Gladys one of my gateway briefcases. Its so easy to operate a child could do it. Just open and step back, quickly.

"See you soon." said Galdys doubtfully. And with that she turned and made her way through the airlock and out onto the moons surface. One short pulse of light and she'd gone. Unfortunately as I turned around I found Forutna and Christine.

"You careless bastard!" screamed Fortuna the wheel chair bound healer. Obviously Christine my girlfriend had told Fortuna what I had done to Gladys.
"Not only are you a careless bastard. "Continued Fortuna. "But you're a selfish coward too. Letting a naieve innocent take the burden of saving us by giving her a death sentance. And for all these years I thought you were just fooling us, but no you really are an evil genius."

And with that she wheeled away.

"Ouch!" exclaimed Henchy. "Hey a brotha gots to what he gots to do."

I looked to Christine not expecting much.

"I-I knew what Koma was capable of but I never dreamed you let him do it Austin." said Christine. "You could have come up with something else. Couldn't you?"

Before I could answer a gateway was requesting access, I opened it up. On the other side was Galdys, golden shining like the sun itself.

"So what took you so long?" I joked.

"It was so easy." smiled Galdys. "They didn't even fire at me, I just aimed at Australia and then here I am."

Gladys had landed in the middle of the Nullarbor desert. Pretty much the middle of nowhere. Hard enough for anyone to get here let alone detect Gladys flying at sub light speeds.

The next ten minutes were full of everyone getting what we needed to make an advance position and preparing anything I had in the lair that could fly to carry a briefcase gateway anywhere so we had an emergency exit. I had a few flying synthoids and a two seater jet. We put Silver and Fortuna in the jet and told them to make for Indonesia. I sent the synthoids north and west, no sense in sending them east thats where our adversary was.

Having finally gotten most of the defensive weaponry and shields up to protect the gate Vadar my Lairs artifical inteligence informed me that...


Before I could utter anything the desert was filled with androids and above them was a figure in Gold and Black.

Vadar then told me.

Okay this was going to get ugly