Thursday, March 22, 2007

Psykan rhymes with garbage can


I teleport just south of where Crater is. I can see him Psykan and Vortex.

It doesn't look good at all.
Psykan is doing the whole "I'm the psychic who's going to make your team-mate kill you." thing.
The problem is that Vortex can kill Crater.
Vince would never have worked it out but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if you can control air you can suck the air out of someones lungs.
Crater has worked this out and has encased himself in his telekinetic aura.
Which means that he's safe.
Until his oxygen runs out. Crater can't move away either cause Psykan has Vince creating a downdraft that is keeping Crater from moving at all.

"Warren, it's Koma. How long can you hold your breath for?" I ask over the communicator system.
"Oh about 2 minutes. Can't talk any more, breathing." he quips.

"Of course I completely understand. You wont be waiting long to inhale again." I really couldn't believe I said that. I'm getting so hero now I'm even doing the glib remarks.
I'd better concentrate otherwise Vince could notice I'm here and I'd be Gone with the wind. Ugh! I did it in my own head.


I teleport right behind Psykan. He's chuckling away watching Crater slowly suffocate. It wasn't long ago I was in Psykan's shoes.
"What good is it being invulnerable when you can't breathe." gloats the green haired villain in his gravely voice. I realise I'm being tardy when Crater gives me a glare, which is detected by Psykan. He turns to see me.

"And you must be Koma." he deduces. "I can taste that brain of yours from under the psychic dampner." Psykan licks his lips. "I was told yours was a treat of cosmic proportions. They were right."

"Yuck!" I reply more than a little grossed out. "Your not getting anything, Garbage-can." I ignore the glib remark and press the button on Vortex's BULB remote.
(A BULB is a little device I made, its put in peoples brains, Its main job is to subdue the subject via painful headaches. It can kill but only if you press the red button)

Vince clutches at his head, funnily so does Garbage-can. I kick the telepath in the head, it doesn't knock him out but I do enjoy it. Then I go for the Neural Disruptor.
I had to set the Disruptor on high, telepaths are harder to subdue on the lower settings. He'll be hibernating this winter.

"Nice work Koma." thanks Crater. "You know for a moment there I thought you were going to join that green haired bastard."
"Not likely Warren." I tell him. "Stay here and protect Vince. He'll be groggy when the headache wears off."
"Your the Boss Koma." answers Crater.

Now its onto deal with Chroma. I just hope Ki-Yama has been able to reign in Ayris.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Commander Force is an ego-maniac

Continued from Project Spearhead

I teleport into the safe-house and there is only Ayris and Ki-Yama.
"Sent Crater after Psykan didn't you." It was a statement not a question.
Ki-Yama nods.
"Bad idea, Psykan is in control of Vortex. What else we're you going to do?" This was a question but Ayris answered it.
"Skulk in the shadows and take the IG's by surprise." he was rather disgusted with the plan and certainly made sure I knew he didn't like it.
"Good idea." I tell Ki-Yama. Ayris' jaw drops. "They're north of here 3 and half klicks. Concentrate on Xeenon and Force first if I can stop Vortex in time we can all be back home in an hour."
"What about Chroma?" snaps Ki-Yama.
"Leave Chroma to me." I order.

And with that I teleport out of there.

I just had to get to Crater before Vortex kills him.