Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Administrator..... I don't trust her.

this blog comes after Crater's post on Project: Spearhead

Ok its has been 12 hours since I got pulled off MY Teams first mission and I'm still waiting for the meeting with the Adminsitrator.

At first I took my time. I tried to get there late. Well it seems the Administrator is a lot more canny than I gave her credit for. In fact I think she's dangerous. I get hourly updates from Prescott about the status of the mission, I wonder if he's a part of this.

An hour later and now Annabell shows up.

"Austin the Adminsitrator wants to see you in the Slipstream Lab. Now." She looks at me aplogetically.
"Ok. This is how it all begins doesn't it?" I ask rhetorically. I get up and walk slowly to the Slipstream labs. I get to the door of the lab and I hesitate.
"Damn! Not now." I mutter to myself.
"This is the first time you've been here since the accident isn't it?" asks Annabell. She remembers that day. Well I'm glad she wasn't there for it.
"Yeah!." I agree. To myself I thought what does the Administrator know.
"Time to shine Koma." I say outloud. I grit my teeth and enter a room I never thought I'd walk into again. I barge in.

"Good morning Dr Peters." Greets the Administrator.

"Thats Koma." I snap back. She wanted to get me angry lets see how she deals with it.
"Of course how could I forget. Only Professor Lorenzo can call you buy your 'old' name." she gestures to Annabell. "I have a question about your handling of Dr Tran's work. Are you meaning to put such a valuable project into mothballs again?" She sounded clear as if she was asking you to pass the salt.
"I know this project. It has possibilities but its too dangerous to continue the way it is right now. " I go to continue but the Administrator interupts.
"Yes I hear you were part of the last, failure." she emphasised the word failure.
"And if you continue to attack the problem the way you are going the same failure is imminent." I said it coldly. I knew the way Tran was going. His scatter shot approach would only get more people killed or worse.
"So is that the reason why you have decided to take on this project by yourself?" Again clear controlled no emotion in her questions.
"Yes as I wrote in my reported to you there needs to be more saftey measures. Also I still havent recieved any information on these dampners and wether they work at all. If we are going to harness the power here we need to make it safe." I emphasised the word safe.
"I was sent here for one specific purpose Koma." her tone was no longer clear now. "And I will have Slipstream up and running as the first Cosmic Powered Energy Station. Your here to make this happen Koma." she paused walked up to me and poked me in the chest. "Your not here to play super-human." Then she walked out of the room.

Yes I was right she is dangerous.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Our first mission, oh their first mission.

So I'd just made sure Warren wold be spending most of his time trying to not to flirt with Ms. Justice Nichols. Despite his very lame attempts and double entendre's he's going to succeed there. She thinks he's alright.
So after playing matchmaker I get back to the lab and there's Prescott standing waiting with all the lab rats trying not to get in his way.
Annable sldes up to me as I walk in.
"Austin, he's been waiting for you for a while. He's freeking out the others. Can you get hin out of here. Oh and tell him not to come back." she whispered in my ear.
I smiled at her and nodded.
"Sure I'll see what I can do." I left Annabell behind and strode over to Prescott."Your here for me I'm told?" I asked.
He handed me a few papers and then dissapeared.
It was a case file. Our first mission.
At that point the doubts filled my head and I got a bit worried.

I went to Spearhead control and set up the mission plan. It was a simple hostage extraction in Fiji. Suva to be precise. The plan took less than an hour to write and then I sent it to Prescott and the Administrator.
They both signed off on it and we were away. I alerted the team and we were in the training room rehearsing the plan.
"So all I'm doing is just being a distraction, this suck Koma." sulked Vortex.
"Vince this requires exact timing one little mistake will lead to death for the hostages and a big fight with the Fiji military. And we DON'T want to fight the Fiji army." I explained.
"So Vince (Vortex) makes with the fake cyclone, Crater, Aryis and myself go and get the hostages out. How?" asked Ki-Yama hands on hips.
"You can get out either by getting the hostages to the pick up point, where Amy will be waiting for you at the arainged time. Or you set up a gateway. I've taught Ki-Yama how to set one of them up. Then all you do is walk through. Now remember the gateway is not permanent it will self destruct after 2 minutes."
"Ok we get all of that Mother Koma. Now when do we go." asked Ayris.

The from behind me Prescott spoke.
"You are going 45 minutes. Koma has meeting with the Administrator in ten."
I turned and stared as angry as I could at him.
"I've been given oprotational command of this mission." Revealed Prescott. "If you leave know Koma, you wont be late." he chided.

And with that I stormed out of the training room.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Training is a mess

this is post follows on from Project: Searhead

Honestly I wasn't that impressed with the first training session. Ayris was being all high and mighty and trying to prove that he was more indestructable than Crater. I was a debarcle to watch. He pretty much just tried to do it all on his own. So I went and made it harder, well I made it impossible for him.
But it wasn't impossible for Crater. Aryis bombed out around the wall of adamantium which eventually crushed him. Well it would have crushed if I let it. And I was tempted. I then stoped the exercise ordered Ayris out, left Ki-Yama in charge of the team for the rest of the session.
When I got to Aryis he was bleeding from his forehead and was cradling his right arm.
"Anything we need to talk about?" I asked.
Aryis just glared at me. He wiped his head of the blood, the cut had healed. Slowly he raised his hand flexed his fingers, then clenched his fist and smiled.
"Super-Healing is a wonderfull thing." He began. "No if didn't know any better you just tried to kill me."
"No you don't know any better. If I had tried to kill you you'd be dead." I answered. "If I ever see you act like that again in training I will make sure you become someones little project. No more Cage, no more nice meals, no more comfy beds, and definatley no more conjugal visits."
Aryis' nasty snear was back. I had to make a point now otherwise he was just going to be a bigger problem.
"You've got two choices Aryis'. Prove me right, that your a waste of time. Nothing but an ego with super powers. Or you can prove me wrong and lead this team. Go back to the Cage and decide which one you want to be."
I left him there and went back to join the team in training