Thursday, August 14, 2008

You wait a few months and you get expsition

"Remember Squatter's we go when the Swagman gives the signal." reminds Crater through my earpiece. "Jumbuck out."

"What's Crater say?" asks Queenie my second in command.
"We wait for Koma, thats the plan." I tell her.
Queenie's got the proportionate powers of a Bee, and the attitude of a super model.
"Its been 2 hours. No ones ever gone into Olympus and lived to tell the tale." Queenie smiles slyly. "Your little man's dead and if we stay here so are we."
I just give her a snarl and turn steel.
"So can I kill you now and you wont have to wait?" I ask her. She backed down.

How in the hell did we get here. Olympus is a big Super Human Gaol. It holds all the super humans who haven't be zombified like almost everyone else here in Australia. Austin has gone in there with Henchy to start a breakout. There are eight of us in total and we've been slowly making our way here for the last two months.
I'm here with Queenie who hates me with a passion and Jet the last free flyers. Jet doesn't say much he just waits for the chance to fly again. In between operations he's grounded. Who ever is in charge has eyes everywhere looking for flyers.

Crater is in charge of the other group. He's really stepped up from the laconic test pilot I remember. If it wasn't for his permanent shielding he would have been a zombie. With him are the most vulnerable members. Fortuna and Galdys. Fortuna is a healer her husband Silver is supposed to be in Olympus. Galdys is... well I'm not sure they don't say much about Galdys.

The earth rumbles and shakes a bit. The three of us look at each other.
"Squatters to Jumbuck did you feel that?" I ask calling Crater.
"Be on standby Squatters any moment now." replies Crater.

"Get ready were on in any second." I order Queenie and Jet. Jet smiles. Jet's a telekinetic flyer so its all mind over matter for him, when he flies he's almost invulnerable.

The entire west wall of Olympus explodes.
"Thats the signal we go now. Stick to plan and we'll get out alive." I shout. Queenie and Jet race off into the air. I take the long road into the destruction.


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