Monday, September 08, 2008

The begining of the end


The explosion blew up the Western wing of Olympus. The androids came in great numbers trying to suppress the escapees and also find me.
"Don't move creep!" the Androids sounded out in unison.
"Deactivate" I order. They fall to the ground like rag dolls. I turn to one of the security cameras "You stole one of my plans. You used it to subjugate an entire country. My country. If anyone is ever going to take over Australia its going to be me. So get ready cause this is the begining of the end."
I spend the rest of my time in Olympus freeing those who couldn't get out by themselves. I tell them all the same thing. Run, hide, make it hard for them to find you. Take out as many Mobile Phone towers as you can.

Eventually I hear an American accent coughing and swearing. Its Henchy and he's legless. Literally.
"Koma that f&^%ing Albino stole my legs!" he screams at me.
"I'll make you new ones." I tell him.
Before Henchy can scream another obscenity a metallic fist appears through the wall. Its Chroma.
"Squatters to Jumbuck. Found Swagman and Tucker Bag. Meet you at the Billabong. Squatters out." reports Chroma into her head-piece.
"Hard day at work honey?" I ask her.
"Yeah. Really bad. I had to wait around all day for this idiot to finish his job so I could do mine." answers Chroma.
"Billabong? Is that Aussie slang for marajuana?" questions Henchy.
"You've had enough drugs, your already legless." replies Chroma.
"Excuse me but I left my sense of humour in my missing legs!" snaps Henchy.

As I teleport us all out I think to myself. "This was just a bit too easy."


Nepharia said...

Oh, c'mon -- you know something aweful is going to jump out from behind that stack of boxes there and just ruin a perfectly happy ending....

Henchman432 said...

I hate monkeys and Oz.

Professor Xavier said...

Poor Henchie. He can never seem to hang on to his limbs.