Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Koma can't play.

"This week uhhh. I can't do it this week Fred. I'm so sorry. Gee that really sucks." Koma snaps his fingers in annoyance.

"Why can't you come? You are part of my plan, your neural detabiliser would very helpful." Compliments Fred in the hope that a bit of ego stroking will get Koma onside.

"Thats nice of you to say so Fred but I've got a family celebreation this week and I can't be late for it." explains Koma. "If I could rearange things that'd be great but I can't, sorry."

"Thats quite all right I can manage without you." accepts Fred. "But you'd better leave soon he'll be waking up in a while."

"Thats no problem well just go to the workshop." replies Koma.

"Umm just where is this workshop?" Enquires Fred. Who quickly reassures with. "In case I need to contact you."

"You can't read my mind Fred." Koma taps the side of his head. "Psychic dampners. But if I needed to tell anyone of the good guys. It'd be you."

Koma gestures and a portal opens. He and Lin walk through into the workshop.

"You didn't tell me you had a family party happening." Pouts Lin.

"It was a surprise. I thought we had some free time so I aranged for you to meet the folks." Koma waits for the response from his synthetic lover.

"Oh thats amazing. I finally get to meet your family. Oh this is a big step. Ohh! I must tell Sky she'll be so jealous. Magneto hasn't even introduced her to his children. She's going to be soooo jealous. Ha!" Lin jumps in the air. "Oh and you" she points a Koma."You're getting something special tonight." She grabs him by his shirt and pulls him toward her. Her kiss is passionate and quick. "Thats to keep you in suspence." She runs off to the workshop living quarters. "Ooooo! so much to do. So little time"

Koma smiles a happy smile. 'Well at least I'm getting thanked before she meets my Grandparents.'


Lolth said...

The itsy bitsy spiders crawl all over the house
Black went the Sun and the vampires all came out
night replaced the sun with screams of much pain
and the itsy bitsy spiders feed on the remains

Magneto said...

Oh sure, I can just see it.

"Wanda, Pietro . . this is my death-dealing cyborg girlfriend. She's a Terminator from the future whose mission is to kill all life on Earth."

The kids will love that.

captain koma said...

Ummm. Spiders, vampires. Not on the sundreched coast of Western Australia. white sands, sunny spring days, and a love of limestone buildings.


Anyway I've eat tons of garlic. Don't I Lin.


Darth Nepharia said...

Even MORE confirmation that Fred ISN'T helping Onslaught. But what is he up to?

HOLG said...

I'm sorry to inform you that Noel has been killed.

There will be a funeral for her, but a time hasn't been set yet.

J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

*Taps foot* Are you back yet?