Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Introducing Vortex and Kiyama

Well with the lab in Annabells control and only the Adminstrators motives for re-opening Slipstream to be answered, I had to go and see the Spearhead team. There were four of them two months ago. On their last Mission they lost Black Titan. He was able to change his size and density. These abilities made him almost completley invulnerable. I say almost beacause even when you can become bulletproof, your still toast when fall into a lava flow. So part of my job was to find a new fourth for the team. Mind you I still had to introduce myself to the remining three. I decided to get the easy one over first.

His name is Vincent Saggers codename Vortex, wind manipulator. He's an adrenaline junky. He loves taking risks cutting corners. The only reason he sticks to the plan at Spearhead is that every mission is pretty much suicide.
"Hey I've met you before." He says as I enter the interview room. "Dr. Peters." I'm amazed he remembered me. I was his trainer when he was first tested for Pegasus.
"Yes and I'm the new Assistant Administrator." I introduced myself. "This our introduction. I have a few questions of you and if you have any questions for me then I'll answer them as well I'm allowed to."
"So Doc! What do you wanna know?" He was as forward and cocky just as the psych report told me.
"Vincent its Koma or Dr. Peters." I corrected. "Do you miss Black Titan?" I kept my face blank waiting for the answer.
"That arsehole. The only reason he died cause he thought he was immortal." He looked at me with disgust. "You think I'd miss him. He got what he deserved."
"You think the same about the rest of the team?" Still blank, still calm.
"Well Kiyama's a fox but she'd kill me if said anything bad about her. I've seen her kill this guy and man she got off on it." He shook his head. "She's cold Dr Peters. But as cold killing bitches go she one hell of a ride." He was smirking. It said 'Yeah I got some with her, and it was great.'
"And Ayris?" I asked keeping him on track.
"He thinks he's Jesus or somthing. I was told he was a clone of the Cavalier. It that true?" he wanted an answer.
"Yes its true." I answered. "I can't tell you the whole story of course. Are you scared of him?"
"If that bulb thing wasn't in his head he'd try take over the country again. So yeah he scares me. But don't tell him that." He was being honest with me. I had one last question.
"You have been told that I'll be a part of the team on most missions?"
"Now thats a joke isn't it." he smiled. I was blank and calm. "Oh really. Ok thats cool."

The female member of the team KiYama was in the gym. As Vincent said she's an assasin. Her powers. She doesn't miss, ever!. She too knew who I was but thats because we were introduced at the party last night.
"Well what do you want." she was in front of the weights. Vincent was right absolute fox.

"This the AA introduction thing. I gotta do it. I just did Vincent then its Ayris next." I made out like this was the boring stuff, merely procedure, nothing important.

"Bullshit." She saw right through me. "This the bit where you confirm all the psycho-babble you read in our files."

"True." I admitted "Also its the bit where you ask me questions."

She turned and gave me a hard stare.
"Ok can I put a name in for our new fourth."
"Sure you can." I already had a fourth picked out and he was well on his way to Spearhead. But it wouldn't hurt if I knew who she was thinking of. "Can you give me a name."

"Layla Rocococo." she smiled as she said it. And my sensors picked up a slight inrease in her temperature. As you all know I can manipulate computers and electrical devices so it was quite easy for me to get the details on Ms. Rocococo, codename....
"Colossal girl." I replied. "Yeah she's a straight fit for Black Titan, but I have someone already."
"Who?" she demanded.
"Warren Schneider, Crater." I answerd.
"Another male." she spat. "You really want to keep the boys club going don't you." She stood up and got right in my face."The Administrator promised me that there'd be less testosterone."

"I never made that promise." I didn't blink I looked her eye to eye. "And I'm not here to arrange sleepover parties. I'm here to make this the best team it can be. Sure, I'm open to discussion, but this Kiyama is bullshit." With that I turned my back on her and walked out.
I could feel her angry stare burn the back of my head as I left the gym.


captain koma said...

OK there you go.

Who says I don't deleiver when asked.

Or in this case Henchy, ordered.


Local Henchmen 432 said...

This should be good.

Poison Ivy said...

There's no greater rath than a woman scorned.