Friday, December 01, 2006

Training is a mess

this is post follows on from Project: Searhead

Honestly I wasn't that impressed with the first training session. Ayris was being all high and mighty and trying to prove that he was more indestructable than Crater. I was a debarcle to watch. He pretty much just tried to do it all on his own. So I went and made it harder, well I made it impossible for him.
But it wasn't impossible for Crater. Aryis bombed out around the wall of adamantium which eventually crushed him. Well it would have crushed if I let it. And I was tempted. I then stoped the exercise ordered Ayris out, left Ki-Yama in charge of the team for the rest of the session.
When I got to Aryis he was bleeding from his forehead and was cradling his right arm.
"Anything we need to talk about?" I asked.
Aryis just glared at me. He wiped his head of the blood, the cut had healed. Slowly he raised his hand flexed his fingers, then clenched his fist and smiled.
"Super-Healing is a wonderfull thing." He began. "No if didn't know any better you just tried to kill me."
"No you don't know any better. If I had tried to kill you you'd be dead." I answered. "If I ever see you act like that again in training I will make sure you become someones little project. No more Cage, no more nice meals, no more comfy beds, and definatley no more conjugal visits."
Aryis' nasty snear was back. I had to make a point now otherwise he was just going to be a bigger problem.
"You've got two choices Aryis'. Prove me right, that your a waste of time. Nothing but an ego with super powers. Or you can prove me wrong and lead this team. Go back to the Cage and decide which one you want to be."
I left him there and went back to join the team in training


Professor Xavier said...

And I get complaints about the Danger Room being too tough. Whew!

brennan said...

duck i dont no what all that "stuff" was but it soundered like a lot of crap to me and i only read one line. Y dont u use ur real name the duckalicious duck cuase captain koma isnt a good name