Sunday, October 07, 2007

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - A new tail

You know those bits in Star Trek when everyone starts falling about the place. Its just the camera man shaking the camera in a vain attempt to make the poor acting of the cast look well, more lame. As we found out, in a zero gravity environment its so much worse.
"Koma!" screamed Christine floating upside down in front of me. "I thought you had an artifical gravity thing in this piece of retro space junk?" I know when I'm in trouble with my nordic mistress of steel, she calls me Koma.
"Christine honey." I began explaining. "The cosmic maelstrom is screwing with the everything but life support and propulsion. Just be thankful that you can breathe and that we're getting out of this." But as usual when you try to use logic to diffuse an angry woman it just backfires.
"Well honey you'd better be thankful I can't control where I'm going. Cause I'd be screwing with your face." snapped back my petulant platinum paramoor. She floated angrily out of the control room.

In floated Ayris who began taunting me.
"Koma's log....stardate....who cares." begins Ayris in his best James T. Krik impression. "Its four days into this cosmic catastrophe and we still haven't found our way out of the maelstrom. Everyone is snapping at each other. Alicia Quest went into her quarters two days ago and hasn't come out. Tran and I haven't slept since this started. I fear we will all die. Oh and my girlfriend hates me. Hahahaha!"

"I'm glad your enjoying this little trip Ayris." I reply sarcasticly. "Are you going to help or are you just going to wait till I threaten to blow your head off for the thirteenth time."

Ayris was going to give his "Koma you don't have the balls to set off the charge that you put in my head..." reply when suddenly the artifical gravity was returned. Ayris hit the floor with a "WHOMP!". Then Tran ran in.
"Artifical gravity's back on and sensors have detected the edge of the maelstrom. We're getting out of here!" he screamed.

So within 2 hours everyone is quite happy and we are approaching a small 4 planet star system. The trail that the intruder left is so still amazingly strong. Sensors analyse the four planets as we get there and its the fourth planet from the sun that's drenched in the intruders energy signature. Tran goes to sleep, so does Christine. Ayris dissapears back to his room and I'm left alone in the control room alone.

I begin to feel different. Its probably just the fact I haven't slept in a week. I look at my hands and they're glowing. The energy continues to grow around me. Pulsating bright and its all I can see.

I wake up on the floor and everyone is above me looking down on me.

"Whats happened?" I ask.

"Ummm how do I tell you this..." begins Christine.

"Your legless Koma." says Ayris bluntly.

I look down and all I see is a purple tail.


Anonymous said...

can we call you Koma the Cobra now?

Guess what the next post is my 100th post so I have invited everyone to comment and ask a question or fill in the thing (I stole from Fluke)

Fluke Starbucker said...

Woah, you're prolly gonna be popular with the ladies of planet Hugemongous.

captain koma said...

Thanks for the advice future vice president. You've got my vote.

Even though technically I can't vote cause I'm an Australian.

Fluke Starbucker said...

Don't let technicalities stop you. They've never stopped a US Presidential election from taking dubious votes before.

We cater to your people, as well as your dingos, wallabys, and kookaburras, which sit laughingly in your gumdrop trees.

Wolverine said...


Good look fer ya Koma.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Whoa! I had some purple tail once. pissed fire for a week after until I saw the doctor.

It got better.

Professor Xavier said...

How much more evil could Koma be? None. None more evil.

Robin said...

You're looking might fine there Koma, migh-tee f-ine.

Okay, enough with the sucking up.

Since you rejected the Rose McGowan synth, how about a Rihanna Synth. She's in my age range (she's a teenager). So what do you say?