Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Once more unto the breach

The ship is ready to fly through the cosmic maelstrom. Well thats what I tell everyone except Dr Tran. Cause he knows like me that there are way too many unknowns to prepare for everything that could happen in a cosmic maelstrom. Oh and I've finally been given permission to show you a pic of the fabulous Dr Tran. There he is on the right in white.
I've chosen a few to come with me. Christine, Tran, Ayris and Alicia Quest.
You might not remember Alica Quest. She was supposed to be the Administrator before some shape shifting intruder from the cosmic maelstrom came and stole her life. She was brain damaged and left for dead by the intruder. I was able to get her up and about again using my synthoid technology. She used the synthoid the tech to find out what ASIO and "Quark" knew about the intruder. She really relished doing that. She impressed me so much I got Major Falstaff to assign her to Spearhead so I could manage her recuperation personally.
So with the team finalised and the ship ready all we had to do was get the ship into the maelstrom and follow the intruder's trail.
"Koma how are you getting the ship from the hanger to the slipstream lab? Its way too big to fit thorugh the corridors and the slipstream lab is at least a kilometer underground in the first place." Tran often states the obvious.
"Hmmm your right there Tran but you know how the slipstream lab is bigger than the hanger we're in right now. It'll fit the ship quite easily." I answer.
"But how?" asks Tran again not thinking it through enough. And then.
"Oh!" exclaims Tran when the penny drops way too late and the ship and ourselves are instantly teleported into the slipstream lab.
"So your taking us through a cosmic storm in that?" asks Ayris sarcastically.
"I was expecting something cooler than that Koma." adds Alicia Quest.

"I agree." I answer. "There wan't anytime to make it cool, its got to be able to withstand the maelstrom."
"What do you call it?" asked Christine.
"The Cosmic Express." I beam.
"More like the Cosmic Blimp, Koma." says Ayris.

I ignore him and we all get aboard.
"Turbines to power. Engines to speed." I call from the helm.
"Its FAB. Koma" replies Tran.

"Geeks in Space." snaps Ayris.

"Maelstrom open and ready." informs Tran.

"And Where We Land This Time Is anybody's Guess." I say as I activate the engines. The Blimp's thrusters explode and we enter the maelstrom.


Fluke Starbucker said...

Hold on, what's uncool about that ship?

It's clearly da bomb.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I agree. It has an old school Flash Gordony feel for it. All those new fangled ships with their safety switches and transformation circuits are what's uncool.