Monday, December 17, 2007

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - A traitor amoung us


We arrive on the planets surface but something is wrong.

"These are not the co-ordinates where we are supposed to end up Koma." says Alicia Quest.

Ayris is hanging out the back of our little group. His eyes are darting forth and back looking for something. I don't mention anything about it cause my sensors are going haywire. Alicia's confirms that I'm not making this stuff up.

"Somethings coming. A lot of somethings flying right at us." she says slightly alarmed.

"You see both of them?" I ask.

"What do you mean Koma?" she asks at first. "Oh yes. Two different groups. Winged?"

"The townsfolk weren't winged Koma." says Tran.

I look again at Aryis and he's sweating a bit. I'm quite sure all of this has happened because of him. Can't prove it, yet.

"Austin can't we teleport away from here?" demands Chroma.

And of course we can't there's something jamming my connection to the ship.

"No." I tell Chroma. "We're either running or fighting. I'd expect a bit of both."

"We're sitting ducks out here. Cover would be a good idea." said Tran stating the obvious.

Unfortunately by the time we get to any cover they'll be on us. We make a break for it anyway. I order Ayris to run interference, but soon as he hit the sky he was shot down. The fire continued but only from the flyers from the north.

"Alicia shields up, NOW!" I order. I do the same in the hope that they hold out long enough.

We get to some shelter behind a cliff face from the flyers shooting at us. The volley of fire then stops.
"The flyers from the south are attacking the ones from the north." explains Alicia.

I use the pause in fire to look back for Ayris. He's gone. My sensors confirm his location and my suspicions. Right in the middle of the flyers who attacked us.

"Take Alicia and Tran and find a good place to lie low for a while." I tell Chroma. "I'm going after Ayris."

She gives me that look you get from women that says they think your crazy.

"I know I'm crazy but he's me responsibility." I tell her.

"Just blow up the damn bomb you put in his head." she replies.

"Yes dear. I'll be back before dinner." I call over me shoulder as I race out into the open to find the traitor.

"Over confident bastard." I hear her mutter. "Leaves me to look after the kids, while he has all the fun."

I race across the open desert. Straight for Ayris' position. While dodging blasts I get a look at the opposing parties. One is very ugly the other very human-ish. If you can call people who have wings human-ish.
I spot Ayris with the ugly ones. He sticks out like an Aryan needle in a very ugly haystack. From here all I have to do is press the red button and the bomb in his head goes boom.

I press it and nothing happens. I check the controller, nothing wrong with the signal.

"Oh Koma?" interrupts Ayris. "You should have gone with the others."

I look around and I'm surrounded by the ugly things.

"Goodbye!" smiles Ayris.

"Oh carp!" I mutter as the ugly things fire.


Professor Xavier said...

Your team really does strike a pose.

Doctor Smoke said...

From one evil genius to another, I am impressed by the great evil society you have created.

good show.

Fluke Starbucker said...

Your post here brings to mind a very important question I've never dared to ask before... How does one determine the degree of ugly in a haystack anyway?

captain koma said...

To answer you all -

Prof. X - Yes and thats the way we roll.

Doctor Smoke - Its good to hear from you too. Thanks a lot.

Fluke - Believe me when you've seen an ugly haystack you'll remember it.