Friday, January 25, 2008

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - Alive and hurting

Amazingly I woke up and I wasn't dead. I knew I wasn't dead because I was quite sure that my personal Hell would not be a stone dungeon with a green man standing in the corner.
"My name is Zax. Your injuries were many, it took some time for them to heal." he said calmly.
I went to get up, and the pain was tremendous. So I lay back down.
"You should not have done that." said Zax.
"Why didn't you warn me?" I asked sarcastically.
"One must experience something to truly know what it is." replied Zax.
"Oh great your THAT kind of healer." I snap back. "What kind of mystic mumbo jumbo do you peddle?"
"You are a man of science, and your barbs are merely the pain talking." answered Zax.

He was right so I shut up and tried to think. The last thing I remember was me doing my best impression of General Custer. With Aryis and those ugly things playing the indians. It wasn't pretty. I had two questions in my head. How was Chroma and the others? And how did Ayris stop the damn blub in his head from detonating?

"Your woman and the others are safe." declared Zax.
"Thats a relief, if I believed you that is." I told him.
"I'm quite sure you can find them with the devices you put in yourself." advised Zax.
"Ayris would have told them of all the implants I have, they would have put up a dampening feild or something to stop it from working." I checked the systems. They were all on-line. I checked in with the ship in orbit, I even was able to contact Alicia Quest. She told me that the teleportation was down but apart from that, she'd been able to detect my location the whole time. She sent me a file with everything they'd learned and then the connection was broken.

I looked at Zax, I suspected him at first but then the door slammed open and Ayris stood in the doorway. Those ugly things were behind him too.
"You were supposed to inform me directly when Koma gained consciousness." accused Ayris.
"I beleived it was better to inform her majesty directly." replied Zax. "You are rarely apart from her so it seemed more efficient this way." I was quite sure that was a shot at Ayris but Zax said it with such humility that it was barely detectable.

"Koma." Ayris smiled a greedy smile. "If I had my way.." he began.
"But you didn't did you. Your just the intruders nazi rent boy aren't you." I guessed this was all the intruders doing and it was always fun to push Ayris' buttons.

Ayris flew at me his fist raised, ready to put it through my face and out the other side.

Suddenly there was a bright shining light and a voice in my mind.
"HALT!" It screamed.
Appearing between myself and Ayris was a woman glowing with power. Zax and the ugly things hit the floor. Even Ayris withdrew his fist and dropped one knee to the ground in submission. The woman dismissed everyone except for Zax and then turned to face me.
"Dr Peters I must apologise for my courtesan's vile temper." she apologised. "He has yet to understand the rules of hospitality."
"Wha!" I began clumsily. "Umm. What is my hosts name that I may thank her." I asked.

"I am Galaxia, Queen of this world. But you knew me by another name, the intruder." she replied.

I finally understood what it was like to tightrope walk over Niagra falls. And why they didn't wear white pants.


November Rain said...

just popped over to have a read

Fluke Starbucker said...

hwait... so, a stone dungeon with a green man in the corner is not your idea of hell?


Chroma said...

is it yours fluke?