Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chroma's side of the story

Ok here's what happened to us when Koma left me to mind the children.

Koma screwed up.
The fact that a man with a cosmically enhanced intellect could get beaten by Ayris only proves that there's more to this Intruder than even Koma thought. I'm no detective but it screams out loud that Ayris has been in league with the Intruder for a long time. Possibly before Koma even came to Spearhead.

So I'm watching my boyfriend getting smashed around by Ayris and the Kelza soldiers, deciding whether to save him or not. When I was told by Alicia Quest and Tran that we had another problem to deal with. The other group of winged warriors had found us and were approaching. Tran stepped in front of me, doing the whole save the women and children first thing.
"Tran why are trying to protect me when I'm armored up?" I asked him.
"Oh! Just doing the right thing." he answered. It was sweet he did that but I can handle a few bird-men.

They said they were the good guys. I tried to get them to save Koma but by then Aryis and the Kelza soldiers (thats what the ugly things with wings are called) had flown away taking Koma with them. Alicia assured me that she knew he wasn't dead and that she was monitoring where they were taking him.

The good guys were called the Avian. They flew using a special winged harness. This disappointed Tran, he wanted them to have real wings. We were introduced to their leader Wyrvyn and his wife Anya.
Anya told us the long an somewhat complicated story of the planets last 50 or so years. It seems that there was once two different societies. One in the north that was scientific and definitely more advanced than earth. And another in the south that was less dependent on technology and was based on a religion that promoted harmony with the land. The two peoples lived in what I would call a fantasy of peace and tolerance. Well all this changed when a scientist discovered the maelstrom (Anya called it The Source) that existed just outside the planets solar system. She successfully taped into the maelstrom and was able to use the energy to power the northern peoples cities. Kind of reminded me of who we were looking for. Somewhere along the line something went wrong.
"They probably brought way too much of the maelstrom's energy through their portal. It explains the devastation we saw." commented Tran.
She didn't know what to do with Tran's comment so she continued telling the story.

It seems that the maelstrom imparted its great power into one person. She was twisted by the change.
"Ultimate power corrupts ultimately." said Alicia Quest.
"Wise words of truth you have spoken." complimented Anya. "She resolved to bring all things under her rule. Those of the north who survived fled from She and the devastation. They were accepted by those of the south and they found peace for a while. But She gave herself the title of Queen Galaxia and came after them. The struggle was all but lost before it began. All who resisted were changed in Kelza. But there was one last chance. Galaxia had to keep recharging from The Source. It was hoped that even she would be consumed by The Source if thrown into it. A small band were chosen and they accomplished the task. There was only one survivor who was himself changed by the The Source." Anya told us that this one became a healer and brought health to the people and the land.
"So then she came back and you're back to where you started." I said.
"Yes maybe you and your group can help us get rid of this mad Queen once more." Anya smiled in hope that we could help.
"Unfortunately were the ones who helped her return." I said. "But we are here to help."

I waited for the backlash. A scream, a slap in the face, anything. Wyrvyn stormed out, fury upon his face. But Anya wasn't, if she was I couldn't tell.
"I will deal with me Husbands rage. You have shown much strength in telling the truth." Anya smiled not in hope but maybe because she actually was hopeful."I believe we can save your husband and expel Galaxia."

"He's not my...." I tried to protest but Anya had gone.

"Congratulations Mrs Peters." joked Alicia. "May I be the first to congratulate the blushing bride."

As Koma would say "Oh carp!"

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