Friday, March 07, 2008

Koma's Kosmic Odyssey - Epilouge

Hi more from me again.
When I last posted here, I'd just found out that my darling boyfriend had hidden a murderous mercenary in our space ship and had just let him loose.
What was worse was this yellow maniac decided to take my plan and give himself the leading role that I had saved for me.
Sometimes the friends of your boyfriend can be a problem.
But as my father, The Major would say "Its better to let the bastard have his fun. Cause if he gets killed there's one less bastard in the world."

So now I was a part of a very violent, bloody and dangerous distraction. When I could have been crawling through a sewer to wring the neck of the traitor who ambushed my so called "genius" boyfriend. Fortunately I was able turn my frustrations on the evil Kelza army. Not much beats being able to wail on an evil army to get out all that pent up rage.

It was hard going at the begining and we were constantly being shut down. The Kelza's rearguard actions were stopping us from creating any real damage to the castle's walls. Not everyone can metalmorph into a platinum powerhouse (oh dear Koma's illiteration is catching) Then the Kelza's resolve just disappeared. They just stopped, it was like someone cut their strings.

"Your mate is wining!" congratulated the Avian leader Wyrvyn. "Galaxia cannot keep her horde in thrall, and fight a second foe."

"Did they get taught Ye olde english from Thor?" asked Tran.

Anyway with the Kelza out of the way we stormed the castle. When we got to the throne room there was Ayris' corpse, Henchy and Koma. Who to my surprise had legs and wasn't purple anymore. I didn't see Galaxia at all.

"Is it all over?" I asked.

"Yeah its over." replied Koma. I sure wasn't going to get all emotional and run to him. He hadn't done his Reed Richards "I am so smart" speech. But he didn't. He just walked up to me gave me a kiss on the forehead put his arm around me and said.
"I'm ready to go home Christine. What about you?"

The rest of our time on the world called Silandra was a real blur of feasts and celebrations. We were hailed as victors, champions and heroes of Silandra.

At one point I'd lost Koma. Eventually I found him in the throne room with Zax the healer.
"So you will remove all access to the source on Silandra?" asked Zax.
"For now, yes." answered Koma. "The construct I've encased it in will stay out in space. But anyone smart enough can tap into the source. And you don't have to have the power of the source to become a tyrant."
"You smart and wise Koma." replied Zax. "We will have to teach our children the lesson of Galxia." Zax turned to look at the statue in the middle of the throne room. And the penny dropped as to what happened to Galaxia.

"Thats her isn't it?" I asked walking up to the statue which was Galaxia.

"We couldn't kill her and we couldn't change her back to who she was before. So Zax changed her into something else." Koma's tone was bittersweet. "But onto happier things, my dear Christine."

He proudly pointed to the structure holding the portal to the maelstrom.

"This is our way home." On a control panel he pressed a few buttons. "And voila!" He shouted.


The structure teleported away.

"Ok i'll bite. How is that getting us home?" I asked.

"Well my dear I just made Richard Dean Anderson's fantasy into reality." he beamed in his geekiness.

"You made a stargate!" I said realising. "We don't have to spend three weeks in that bloody maelstrom. Yes!" I screamed as I jumped into Austin's waiting arms.

I'd like to blame what came next on that I'd had a bit to drink. But as my mother said about The Major
"You have to reward your man when he finally gets it right."

So when we finally got around to leaving, Tran told us he was staying. It seems that Wyrvryns Sister had been doing a bit more than teaching Tran how to fly. Koma told me that she was pregnant. So it was just the four of us.

We got back in to the Slipstream lab expecting at least Prescott or Annabel but it was empty.

"Where's everybody gone too?" asked Henchy.


Professor Xavier said...

I want a Stargate!

captain koma said...

You're gonna have to pay for that.

And I don't take that mutant money you know.

Professor Xavier said...

We have a saying here in America - when the cat is away, the mouse gets tagged - twice!