Thursday, March 27, 2008

So whats been happening

When we got back we were in a storage bunker in the south pole. Its under Mawson Station in Antarctica. Thats where Australia keeps stuff like alien weaponry and the slipstream lab, so no one can get at it. The staff of the bunker were quite surprised to see us but the Army commander Major Christenson wasn't.

The four of us were led into the Major's office Me, Henchy, Alicia Quest and Chroma.

"Hello Christine." said the Major getting out of his chair smiling.
"Dad!" exclaims Chroma who rushed towards the Major, they embrace.
"Does he know she's got an evil genius for a boyfriend?" quips henchy.
"Guy!" scolds Alicia digging Henchy in the ribs with her elbow. I thought something had been going on between those two.

"How are you here? You hate snow!" asked Chroma.
"Well it has been 2 years since you left and when I heard they were packing up the slipstream lab and sending it here I came to wait for you." answered the Major.

"2 years? But we were only gone a few months." asked Chroma retorhically and then turned to me. "Austin did you know this would happen?"

"It was a possibility. But I didn't think it was a definate." I replied in my defense. "If anything it could have been a whole lot more than 2 years if we didn't use the orbiting stargate I made."

"Koma 2 years,Great man! The Frickin union will have listed me as dead by now." complained Henchy.

After getting chewed out by everyone - for miscalcualting the effect of time on an object travelling through a cosmic portal from one side of the universe to another - the Major told us the long and boring story of how after a few weeks the Government had given us up for dead. After six months Spearhead had been disbanded and the Slipstream lab had been sent to Antarctica.

"So they moved the lab here and you waited for us to return." replied Henchy sarcastically. "How cute! Can I be excused on account I'm an American?"

"Your all tired." said the Major ignoring Henchy "You should get rested and refreshed. I'll give you a sit-rep in the morning 0800 hours. The lieutenant will show you to your rooms."

We all got shown to our rooms. When I mean our rooms I mean our rooms, he gave us each a room. I was about to protest but Chroma saw it coming.
"The Major's a bit old fashioned." explained Chroma. "I'm quite sure its nothing we can't get around later." when she said later her smile was quite wicked.

The rooms weren't anything special bed, bedside table, ensuite. I was feeling very tired. It had been a really hard trip. I went to sleep but was troubled by dreams of Aryis' head exploding and his blood getting all over me. I tried to wash it all off but it wouldn't go away. Then in front of me was Chroma, she smiled at me. I walked towards her and she vanished. This repeated over and over. When I woke up I couldn't move. I was held in some kind of stasis feild. I could think and breathe but I couldn't even wriggle my toes.

"Good morning Dr Peters." I was Chroma's Dad the Major.
"I'm kind of having a bit of trouble here Major." I replied. "Is this how you grill all of Christine's boyfriends or only those who just happen to be evil geniuses?"

"Peters this is more important that my daughters misplaced affections for you." snapped the Major.

"What then? What could bring you to do this to me." I paused then realised. "You did this to the others too. You did this to your own daughter. What's happening?"

"Australia has been taken over. At this secret base resides the rightfull Australian government in exile." The Major didn't smile. He wasn't joking.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Ah you shouldn't have let him know you were an evil genius, he's going to try to use that against you now.

On the plus side, I don't think you've missed much in the two years. Hollywood writers were on strike and there's a bunch of bad reality shows on TV, but that's about it.

captain koma said...

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Henchman432 said...

Aww..Man, I had a date with Powergirl.

Red Robin said...

Don't worry Henchy, My older brother kept PG company.

And isn't the Antartic where Superman keeps his Fortress? I seem to remember that's where it is, I only went there once when i was Robin, not sure how safe that stuff is out therewith all the aliens attacking big blue and all.

captain koma said...

Hmmm! I think you'll find that Supes is in the Arctic.

Lex agrees with me in this fan trailer of Superman 2

captain koma said...

Oh and in this one too.

mush miss tessmacher

Professor Xavier said...

I wouldn't worry about missing your turn with Powergirl, Henchy. Everyone has had a shot with her by now and, well, let's just say all that mileage has made the ride less fun then it use to be.