Friday, April 04, 2008

Koma's Han Solo impression

I'm ushered into a cell after my interrogation by Major Christenson. Actually its more like they shove my exhausted and numb body into the cell and I collapse to the floor. Ala Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Fortunately theres more than just Chewbacca in this cell.
"Koma! Dude you look way bad man." says Henchy picking me up off the floor helping me to one of the beds.
"Hey Chewie. We doing ok?" I ask.
"We got Leia and Lando here as well." replies Henchy. "So you better come good soon. Cause Henchy wants out."
"Did he hurt Christine?" I spit out teeth clenched.
"Now we're all fine though it looks like he did a number on you?" answers Henchy.
"Yeah. But he didn't try and kill me." I reply.

I rest up for a while and think. Henchy goes over to Alicia.
"She'll be fine once the backup systems kick in gear." I reassure him. "Give me two minutes to get back online and I can..."
The cell door opens suddenly to reveal and old friend.
"No bother Dr Peters I'll reboot Miss Quest." In rushes Annabell. "Oh you must be Henchy. Hi I'm Professor Lorenzo, but you can call me Annabell."
"Koma?" demands Henchy wanting to know if Annabell's ok.
My systems weren't up but I know Annabell when I see her.
"She's fine Henchy let her do it." I tell him. "It will hurt less than me doing it."

Henchy steps back to let Annabell do her thing.
"Ok I'm done the reboot will happen when I get outside the cell." says Annabell awkwardly. "Its just to make sure you don't use my entry as a ruse to escape. Sorry, the Majors rules."

Annabell leaves and as promised Alicia wakes up.
"I'm Lando?" Alicia demands.
Christine wakes up within the hour and we all talk about the possibility of Australia being taken over. It goes nowhere cause we've been away for 2 years.
Eventually the girls go to sleep. I don't need sleep but Henchy doesn't seem to be as exhausted as the rest of us. He tells me thats because he was interrogated first.
"How much?" I demand.

"More than you could ever pay me." he answers.

"Well its nice to know your still the same." I smile. "What you gonna tell Alicia?"

"Well I'll make something up. I'll let her down gentle." Henchy smirks back.

I'm more than a little worried about all of this. Annabell knows almost all of my tricks, she was definitely behind the stasis field that took out mine and Alicia's neural networks. I know nothing of Christine's Dad but my first impression is of a real hard case. Christine believes him. I still need convincing.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Going from a yellow suit to a hairy body like that isn't much of a step up for Henchy, fashionwise.

Professor Xavier said...

On the upside I know what to get you for Christmas now - a new neural net.

captain koma said...

what no pithy star wars jokes?