Monday, April 28, 2008

Double crossing is good business

So Henchy and I were running down the maze of corridors that made up the underground station.
"You've gotten fit Koma." complimented Henchy. "Normally you'd be pooped by now."
"Thanks but I can't take the credit here." I answered.
"Ah!" said Henchy knowingly. "Wow Chicka wow wow."
"No Christine put me on a Pilates course." I corrected.
"You know you coulda just played along..." began Henchy but he was interupted by a row of machine guns that dropped from the celing.
"Looks like the Major in law has you up for a shotgun wedding." quipped Henchy.
I had the station map downloaded along with the locations of the booby traps. I had to get to the main elevator access shaft. Then climb down said access shaft to the storage bay where the portal was fire it up and get out.

Then it got harder. The corridor ended. It kept on going on the map Alicia was given by Annabell.

"I thought you had the map in you head or something?" said Henchy.

"So did I." I answered.

I heard the sound of a lot of people with a lot of guns running down the corridor.

"Guys with guns, backs to the wall. At least I got you to cover my back." I tell Henchy.

I turn around and Henchy's fist rockets into my face. As I fall into the black I hear Henchy apologising.
"Sorry Koma, nothing personal. Its just business."


Henchman432 said...

I am young and I need the money.

Nepharia said...

I love it when bad guys go after one another...looking forward to see who wins this round.

Professor Xavier said...

Henchman and his quips. Like beans and burbon, an explosive combination.