Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cloning up a storm.

"Tell me what she is?" I demand.
Fortuna's just finished healing my hand her warm smile shifts becoming a frown.
"Actually I'm quite surprised its taken you this long to work it out." she sighs.
"It was the barcode tattoo that tipped me off." I tell her. "VADAR's trying to decode it now."
(VADAR is the computer that runs my lair. Lin named her.)

"Well you'll find out that its Gladys' DNA code." reveals Fortuna. She turns her wheelchair around and rolls out of the kitchen. "You should be able to work out "what" Gladys is from that."

"VADAR did you get that?" I ask.


The DNA code was stored in my wetware systems. I recognised the sequence immediatly


"Don't bother VADAR I already know who she is." I tell VADAR. "But I need the sequence analysed, especially for aging.

YES SIR complies VADAR.

I find Fortuna and Galdys at Silver's bedside. Silver got badly injured when the synthoids attacked us. He was injured so badly that she couldn't heal all of his complications at once. Fortuna can heal burns and cuts quickly but having to grow back whole organs exhausts her. So to make it less painful for Silver he was put in a coma. (No joke this time)

"How is he?" I ask.
"He's fine. " She answers. "But thats not why your here."
"Galdys is a clone of the Cavilier." I tell her. "If I can reverse her aging we can get outof here."
The Cavilier


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

You can recognize DNA just by looking at it? That's a pretty neat trick.

Professor Xavier said...

How come VADAR shouts so much? Don't you have a volume control on his voice box?

captain koma said...

I am a genius Jon.

Yeah I should really do something about VADAR's volume settings. Maybe use a different font or colour.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Hope you'll be at the Enterprise Christmas Party.