Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Lair is where? - Exposition time again.

~ When last we left off Koma had just discovered that the old lady Gladys wasn't an old lady but a clone of the Australian Hero The Cavilier. How did this happen? Well here's how. ~

"Yes your right she is a clone of the Cavilier. But how does that lead to getting us out of here?" enquires Fortuna.
"That depends my dear on where Koma's lair is." adds Silver awakening from his induced coma.
Fortuna checks the large simian. Silver however is more concerned with our current predicament.
"Fortuna I'm quite sure that your talents are needed elsewhere especially if we are trapped here on the moon." And with that the talented Gorilla reveals the location of my lair.

Its a few minutes later and I'm sitting in front of Fortuna, Gladys, Henchy, Silver and Chroma. All but Chroma knew where the lair was and the true nature of our situation.
"Spill it Koma no more hiding." demands Henchy. "We want it all, now."
"Just tell them Austin." encourages Chroma.
So I tell them that the lair is on the Moon and after I used my sattelite array to teleport us here whoever we have been up against jammed the sattelite array.
"Hang on you've got two ways to teleport, the sattelites and a dimensional gateway. Why can't we use that?" asks Fortuna.
"Yeah. What she said." agreed Henchy.
"The gateway requires two points to connect to." I explain. "There are only three operating right now. Me, the lair and one on Mars. We need to get a gateway on the earth."
"Surely you have escape pods Koma." suggests Silver. "We could send a gateway in one of them."
"Yeah I thought that far ahead Silver but I also thought far enough to send an empty one. It got shot up on re-entry." I tell the simian techno-mage.
"So I'm the only way out then?" quivers Gladys realising what she has to do.

Fortuna tried for an hour to work out another way. She even demanded to have me send another escape pod. This time WITH a gateway in it. It got blown up just like the others.
"We have to de-age Gladys you that. We can do it, genius remember." I point to myself smiling trying to be positive.
"If she dies I will never forgive you." spits Fortuna she stroms off.

An hour later and Silver and I have prepared the chamber for Galdys. Henchy is hanging around like a bad smell.
"If she's a clone of a dude how come she's a chick?" asks Henchy.
"Its hard to make perfect clones of people with powers. The DNA can be replicated perfectly but the result will often be less than the original. Powers are effected by more factors than just DNA. We found that out when we made Ayris." I reply and Silver picks up where I left off.
"Ayris wasn't invlunerable nor did he have the energy abilities of the original Cavilier. He wasn't cared for or loved." adds Silver.
"We'll work on the Nature versus Nurture argument later." I interupt. "Basicly it was easier to flip the Y chromosome to X. Yet you got the aging out. I thought Fortuna had worked that out?"

"Your right she did." answers Silver. "But the government wanted Fortuna to make an army of Cavliliers. She sabotaged the plan by making Galdys older."

"So do you understand now Henchy?" I ask.
"Whats DNA?" replies Henchman.

"Are you sure this will work?" asks Galdys emerging in a robe.
"Fortuna and I both guarantee it. " I reassure her. "Please enter the chamber."
Gladys drops the robe and enters the chamber.
"Old lady skin arrgh!." screams Henchy and he sheilds his eyes. "My eyes, my eyes."
"Henchy!" I scold.
"Hey man where is Deadpool he'd be loving this." continues the Henchman.

"Now or never Silver." I order. Silver starts the process and I think to myself. Is this how Frankenstien felt?


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