Thursday, April 16, 2009

One big battle begins

~ Australia had been taken over by someone using one of my own plans. I didn't know who did this and so far I haven't been able to stop them or him or her. Having retreated to my lunar lair with the remaing members of the rebellion I came up with a drastic solution. Manipulating the genetic structure of Gladys (a female clone of The Cavalier Austalia's greatest hero) de-aging her and accelerating her powers to dangerous levels. Dangerous for Gladys that is. ~

I'd just given then now golden Gladys one of my gateway briefcases. Its so easy to operate a child could do it. Just open and step back, quickly.

"See you soon." said Galdys doubtfully. And with that she turned and made her way through the airlock and out onto the moons surface. One short pulse of light and she'd gone. Unfortunately as I turned around I found Forutna and Christine.

"You careless bastard!" screamed Fortuna the wheel chair bound healer. Obviously Christine my girlfriend had told Fortuna what I had done to Gladys.
"Not only are you a careless bastard. "Continued Fortuna. "But you're a selfish coward too. Letting a naieve innocent take the burden of saving us by giving her a death sentance. And for all these years I thought you were just fooling us, but no you really are an evil genius."

And with that she wheeled away.

"Ouch!" exclaimed Henchy. "Hey a brotha gots to what he gots to do."

I looked to Christine not expecting much.

"I-I knew what Koma was capable of but I never dreamed you let him do it Austin." said Christine. "You could have come up with something else. Couldn't you?"

Before I could answer a gateway was requesting access, I opened it up. On the other side was Galdys, golden shining like the sun itself.

"So what took you so long?" I joked.

"It was so easy." smiled Galdys. "They didn't even fire at me, I just aimed at Australia and then here I am."

Gladys had landed in the middle of the Nullarbor desert. Pretty much the middle of nowhere. Hard enough for anyone to get here let alone detect Gladys flying at sub light speeds.

The next ten minutes were full of everyone getting what we needed to make an advance position and preparing anything I had in the lair that could fly to carry a briefcase gateway anywhere so we had an emergency exit. I had a few flying synthoids and a two seater jet. We put Silver and Fortuna in the jet and told them to make for Indonesia. I sent the synthoids north and west, no sense in sending them east thats where our adversary was.

Having finally gotten most of the defensive weaponry and shields up to protect the gate Vadar my Lairs artifical inteligence informed me that...


Before I could utter anything the desert was filled with androids and above them was a figure in Gold and Black.

Vadar then told me.

Okay this was going to get ugly


Henchman432 said...

*Cracks Knuckles*


captain koma said...

Thought you'd like that. I might even get to the end of this story arc.

Nepharia said...

Must have become ugly indeed -- there haven't been any updates in over a week!