Friday, June 26, 2009

Okay I think this wont go on any further.....

"Dude when did you go all Law and Order?" asks Henchy sitting back watching the surveillance feed from Jorgy's cell.
"What! I've had surveillance cameras in the lair for ages?" I reply
"So when's Ice-T getting here?" Henchy asks. "Tell him to bring popcorn."

Was it my imagination or was Henchy sounding more and more like Deadpool these days.
I didn't have time to dwell on that anymore as Galdys was still just standing and looking at Jorgy.

This is boring! what are they doing talking with their eyes?

"Your a clone of me, aren't you." states Jorgy breaking the silence.
"Yes I am Gladys." answers Gladys
"God! They used my mothers name for you. Is there anything Koma wont defile?" complains Jorgy.
"I was created by Fortuna and Silver." answers Galdys
"You can't be her. She told me they got the aging wrong. That you looked over 50."
"Koma fixed me. I was made to replace you. You lost your powers and went bad"
"I didn't loose my powers." seethes Jorgy. "Koma's damn cosmic power station took them from me."
"Koma made you bad so you helped take over Australia?" simplifies Gladys.
"He made me powerless I couldn't save people anymore." protests Jorgy. "I helped make eveyone safe, they can't hurt themselves anymore."
Gladys considered what Jorgy had said. She looked at Jorgy and then at the ground. Then she looked at the camera.
"Koma told me he would never use mind control, because its stops people being people. That only a selfish person uses it, because they cannot get what they want any other way."

"If I had my powers...." fumes Jorgensen.
"You do not. You are captured and your superior will be stoppped." declares Gladys she turns and leaves.
"You'll never stop her. She's so much more powerful now. She doesn't even need to touch you to hurt anymore."

Gladys stops and smiles at Jorgensen.
The speakers announce themselves with a crackle...
"Thanks for making it easier Jorgy." I tell him. "Its nice to know who I'm going up against."

Later on Henchy and Gladys met me for my plan.

Okay we know who we're up against Novicane my former boss who after the cosimic incident that took away Jorgy's powers got powers of her own. She can heal or hurt, to avoid this meant just not getting touched. Now thanks to Jorgy we know different. So by following the co-ordinates in Jorgy's Burning Man suit we can go where he came from. So all we have to do is..

"Umm scuse me dude but if we go in blind there could be a trap and stuff?" interupts Henchy.
"Yes I agree with Henchy." adds Gladys. "There are only three of us. Where is Chroma?"
"I can answer both questions with the same answer." I tell them. "I sent Chroma there ahead of us."

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