Sunday, May 31, 2009

Henchy's angry

The body lies in front of Henchy. Its head has a hole the size of a tin can.
"Explosive tipped bullets?" I ask Henchy. Trying to find out what made that size of a hole.
"Deer slugs." smiles Henchy
"Ah yeah." I reply remembering I'd built a hand gun to carry deer slugs for Henchy.
"Who is he?" asked Gladys joining us.
"Yeah! I do like to know who I kill." chimed in Henchy.
"Its Jorgensen." Chroma tells them. "Your genetic donor, the Cavalier."
"Whooo Yeah!" shouts Henchy. "I killed me Australia's superman. Koma I could kiss you for this."
"He went bad and he had to be stopped. Its all over now." says Gladys trying to convince herself the death was worth it.
"And when he finshes healing Gladys you can ask him why he did it." I tell her.

Henchy still hadn't finished shouting by the time Jorgensen had finished healing.

Jorgensen wasn't happy he'd been shot and captured.
"It had to be you." spat the ex-superhero behind the plexiglass.
"I'm sure Harry Connick Jr isn't wild about you using his material." I quipped.
"You haven't worked it out yet have you?" chuckeled Jorgensen. "The great comsmicly enhanced genius hasn't worked out who stole his plans and took over Australia. So you have to come to me."
"You still hate me don't you. Cause I just came here to introduce someone to you. I've got all I need to answer that question." I tell him holding the Helmet he wore as Burning Man. "Jorgy this your um sister Gladys. She has a few questions."


Henchman432 said...

I call do over.

captain koma said...

as if you shot him, he can regenerate thats the story.

suck it up princess

Mr. Bennet said...

Healing sucks, until you get shot in the eye.