Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The fight you've all been waiting for

I teleport in and Ki-Yama is looking worse for wear.
Her right wrist is broken, as are a few ribs but she's still soldiering on.
"Took them both on didn't you?" I asked in a parental tone.
She scowls at me.
"Got Force though." she spits back at me.
"Blowing up a car wont stop Chroma." I reply.

"Of course you know that Austin." adds Chroma striding through the flames.
"Do you specialise in psycho ex-girlfriends Koma?" quips Ki-Yama.
"Just get out of here." I summon a portal for her. "Crater's with Vortex, send him over."
Ki-Yama limps through the portal and it closes behind her.
"That was quite chivalrous of you Austin." congratulates Chroma. "But I don't think there is going to be much left of you when I'm done." She slams her right fist into the palm of her left hand to emphasise just how ready she is.

My old habit would be to just get the hell out of here and leave someone else to clean up the mess. Unfortunately I'm the one in charge here, so the buck stops with me.

Chroma stops just short of punching distance.
"What are you waiting for, an invitation?" I ask.
"Well you are the weaker combatant here so I was just waiting for your one shot and then I was going to take you out." she answers plainly.
"No, Ladies first." I offer.
"Ok, your funeral Austin." she winds up and swings straight through the hologram of me. The power of the blow, spins her around ninety degrees in the opposite direction. Where I'm standing at the other end of the street with two blasters drawn.
"CHEATER!" she screams as I fire repeatedly. The lasers don't even dent her steel armor, but I knew that. I'm only trying to piss her off. She breaks into a sprint aimed right at me. I stop with the blasters, she's not going to get anymore angry. I set the shields on full and wait for the impact.

Its huge.

I'm thrown back down the street bouncing like a ball. Eventually I run into a building, I tense up for the impact. Finally stopped I get up. There's not much left of the wall I hit.
"Well thats the best test those shields have ever gotten." I tell myself smugly.

"You know what I hate Austin?" yells Chroma still running up the street toward me. "I hate singles nights. I hate people telling me what to do. I hate those little sausage dogs. I hate screaming children. I hate this uniform. " Her pace slows and she stops again in front of me. "But you know what I really hate?"

"You hate this double life you've been living being a mole inside the International Guard." I answer.

Chroma's jaw drops. "How did you know?"

"Its time to come back Christine." I pause for effect. "If you want to give all this up?"

She smiles."You little smart-arse. Yes I want out."

I'm about to tell her welcome back or something when someone falls from the sky.
In a green spandex suit with a bad haircut, Xeenon lies bleeding and unconscious in front of myself and Chroma.
In the air above Ayris just smirks. Burn marks from Xeenon's laser blasts pocket his suit and the ones on his face are slowly healing.
I look at Chroma she looks back at me. "I'm not picking him up." she snaps in disgust. "That loser has been hitting on me since the start. I'm sure he was peeping on me once." Chroma kicks Xeenon in the guts, he groans.

Oh well at least thats over.


cooltopten said...

good old kick when they are down trick :)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

There's a lot of hate in Chroma. I think you two would make a great team.

I'm not sure, though. I feel like I need a scorecard around here.

captain koma said...

So you think you need to know whats happening in Koma and Spearhead these days.....

Kon-El said...

So that's where Aquaman's blue costume went...

Professor Xavier said...