Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Prescott has something to tell me

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I'm in the lab working with Dr Tran. He knows his stuff but he's unable to make the right connections in his mind to follow the steps required to rebuild the Transfer relay.

"But if you just open the wormhole the cosmic energy will flow out anyway. So you need to make the Transfer relay so you can use the cosmic power in small amounts." I explain.

"But small amounts are not enough we need power." retorts Tran.

"Tran you have to start small and build up the power. The reason why it didn't work last time was that we thought we could transfer the cosmic energy through the portal and use it here. Thats the mistake. We need to redesign the Transfer relay so that we use the cosmic energy in the portal and generate the electricity through the Transfer relay." I thought I had explained myself more that enough but his expression was blank. "We turn the Transfer relay into a cosmic water wheel. The flow of the cosmic energy will enable us to generate electricity." I explain it at its most simple.

Then the penny drops.

"Ah!" replies Tran. "Its so simple and it's safe as well."

He rushes off to his team. It takes too long to explain all of this to Tran and his team. I could have this up and running in two weeks. Its going to take two months with Tran. Then Prescott turns up.

"Yes what do you want." I complain.
"There were some abnormalities in the results of your tests." he's blunt.
"The medical check we all took when we came back from Fiji?" I ask.
"Yes. That one." replies Prescott. "You were all given the standard tests CAT scans, radiation, tox-screen, blood, DNA. Standard Spearhead policy for post-assignment debrief."

"And..." I poke.

"The tests revealed above average mental and physical abilities." He smirked. "Putting it simply Koma you've lied to us."

"No you didn't ask." I clarify. "You assumed apart from the synthiod implants I was normal."

"Yes we did." the smile left his face briefly. "But now we know your not. Cosmic energy was detected. You will be evaluated as to your power levels and your threat level will be amended. Do not leave the base." He teleported out.

Do not leave the base 'eh! I walk into the closet. Instantly I'm in the lair. I smell something.

"Vadar Lin's been here hasn't she?" I enquire. She still wears the perfume I gave her.


"What equipment?" I ask. I'm naturally curious.

"A SEISMIC GENERATOR" answers Vadar.

"Ok what would Lin need a seismic generator? And why does that scare me." I say to myself.

"TO STOP A NUCLEAR POWER STATION." answers Vadar diligently.

Oh crap!

continued in Lin's blog


Professor Xavier said...

Nuclear Power Station?

I'm guessing BAND.

captain koma said...


That is a good band name.

Henchman432 said...

So what is happening...?