Thursday, April 12, 2007

I blame the beer.

Please follow the links as it will help you remember just whats com before, yes Jon IG this is for you.

Its been about 12 hours since we wrapped things up in Fiji.

The bad guys got beaten. The Australian embassy staff were saved during our fight with the International Guard.
Prescott, you remember him.
Stuck up tight-ass Englishman who thinks he's in charge of me. Well while I was saving the team, Prescott had an Special Forces team teleported in and the embassy staff were saved with little fuss. Not one person was killed.

When I got back with Psykan, Xeenon, and Major Force in tow I thought it would at least bring a smile on the Administrators face.
Well she was pissed. She went at me.
"You think I'm going to be impressed." her tone was caustic. "It was just a simple extraction and your super-buffoons screwed it all up."
"Buffoons!" I exclaimed.
"Yes buffoons. Your supposed to be an elite team but all you ended up doing was losing a member to a telepath and untold property damage in downtown Suva." she stopped there. Composed herself, sat down behind her desk. She did a few things on her laptop.
"You are no longer Assistant Administrator. If it was up to me your only concern would be Slipstream. But Prescott believes the team needs you, especially now with Ki-Yama injured. You can go know. But when your not playing super-hero you WILL be in the lab."

With that I was dismissed. Slipstream is a problem, the Administrator is under pressure to get the cosmic energy program back online. Free energy is a big thing. But last time it killed many and changed myself and two others. (my flashback of Slipstream)

I was then accosted by Vince (Vortex), Warren (Crater) and Justice Nichols.

Now Warren's only been here a few weeks He and Justine look rather close, he works fast.
"Koma now your coming to the party." slurs Vince.
"Party?" I ask.
"Yeah. Were having a bit of a celebration. For a first job well done." says Warren smugly.

Ki-Yama turned up, her arm in a brace. Even Aryis was there. The beer was nice. How Warren got Corona here I don't know.

Annabell showed up but it wasn't her crowd.
She left after trying to interest me in a meaningful conversation. I didn't need that. Sure she was once my goth girl but I was a different person back then. But I still know she's one of the few here I can trust.

Well after the beers were flowing and the music got played. Chroma showed up.
The rest of the night was a bit of a blur.
I remember a few things to do with Chroma. But not much else.

Then I wake up in the morning, in bed and someones next to me......

I check myself first, I'm naked. Thats not completely a bad thing. I check the someone next to me, long blonde hair, smells of perfume, I look under the covers. Its female I'm very sure of it.
She stirs.
"Morning Austin. Some fun last night eh!." mentions Chroma.
"Yeah." I answer still quite taken aback.
"You don't remember a thing do you?" she's not accusing me but it sure feels like it.
I nod with a pained look on my face.
"Oh well then I better give you something to remember." her smile is delightfully wicked.

I don't kiss and tell so well leave it there.


Kid Flash said...

Eh, you often have to check if the person is female or not?
Just askin'

cooltopten said...

lol very cool :)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

You dedicated all the linkies to me? You're too sweet.

captain koma said...

Your a little young to understand what can happen after a big night drinking. Sometimes that person next to you can be quite a surprise.

I'm sure once you get a bit older you'll understand the wisdom I am imparting to you.

Robin said...

Dear Mr.Captain Koma,
I was wondering if it would be possible for you to construct for me a Synth-Carmen Electra, Synth-Jessica Simpson, Synth-Rose McGowan and Synth...surprise me with the last one. Surprise in a GOOD way. Charge everything to Bruce Wayne and if the surprise synth is good then you can have an added bonus- the batplane.
Your sincerly,

Robin said...

Oh and don't make Synth-Jessica dumb, you can charge more to Bruce Wayne.

captain koma said...


I don't make Synthoids for minors.

I already have Wolverine on my case. I don't need Batman too.

Also these girls are a bit too old for you, can't you find one more your own age.

Robin said...

Aren't you a little to old for Synth-Lin? You're a supervillian called Captain Koma since when did you care about minors more then money? You've changed Koma, for the worse. My girlfriends have a mysterious trend of dying/retconned.
Didio won't let me live a life!

Professor Xavier said...

Oh sure, thank Jon. How many times has he saved the planet? 5? 6? The X-Men have saved this world literally 1,211 times. Do you thank us? Of courrse not.

batman said...

very wise desicions Koma And Robin you have to wash the Batmobile for the next few weeks.

Robin said...

But professer, when you save the world one of your x-men always dies and is brough back within the year, for that crime alone you should save the world.
No way am I washing the batmobile unless your bring my parents back to life. WAIT! I got it! Captain Koma make me a Synth-Stephanie Brown!!!