Monday, June 23, 2008

We get back on track

Hi Christine here.
Its been a fortnight since we helped the X-men beat Nemonock and Koma put Xavier's Brain back in his body. Koma got all personal and went away to think about what comes next. I went and had some fun at Logans expense. It was more than worth it. When we finally got back Xavier got intouch with his contact. It was this guy.
Nick Fury he's sometimes black and sometimes white. Also sometimes he's this guy too.
Koma told me that was just some idiot fan at the 1999 Comiccon. Anyway we meet him and he's all cloak and dagger saying that yes he knows whats happened in Australia and that he has two main sources for this information.
"So when do we meet them?" demanded Koma being quite forward. He'd been getting rather frustrated by the fact that Fury would see him earlier. In fact he'd was about to start breaking into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier when Fury rang to confirm the place and time for this "little chat" as Fury put it.

"Come with me." said Fury plainly ignoring Koma's demand. We follwed and were ushered into the standard black SUV that you get in secret agencies these days.
In it was Henchy.
"Hey Koma how's it hanging!" greeted the backstaber.
"You!" I growled. I was about to launch at him when Koma grabbed my hand.
"Chirstine, you can hit him next time." he offers.
"Bro's before Ho's, eh! Koma." snaps Henchy back.
"No she'll bash you later. I've already wasted too much time." replied Koma coldly.
"Cold Dude!" remarked Henchy.

Henchy told us how he'd escaped from "Major Dad" as he called my father. He'd gotten into a bit of trouble with both Annabel and Alicia Quest. They'd both tried to help him escape at the same time. Within the confusion of this Henchy was able to make his own escape.
"This Henchman ain't gonna be tied down." he decleared. Then adding. "But theres more than enough to go around if you know what I mean." He put his hand in the air for a high five from Koma. Koma let it hang there.
"Dude don't leave me hanging." pleaded Henchy. Koma didn't reply.
"You said there were two sources?" said Koma changing the subject.

"Yes and were almost at the safe house." answers Fury. The SUV stops and we get out.
"Park Avenue you got me holed up in a rat infested motel 6 in Jersy." complains Henchy.
"Must have felt like home." I reply.

We walk in and Fury leads us into a huge apratment. Its got big guys with dark glasses and ear phones all over the place. They all acknoweledge Fury as he walks in. Inside there's a group of Australian dignitaries some I know others I don't. Its Koma who recognises the one Fury has brought us here for first.

"Falstaff!" he exclaims."You have a lot of explaining to do."

"Austin, Christine you've finally made it back, and 2 years late." replies Falstaff.

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