Tuesday, June 03, 2008

After party celebrations

I'm sitting in the bar of the Shi'ar Battle Cruiser. They call it a recreation area and they serve a decent fermented nectar drink thats got a nice kick to it. So for me its a bar. I always like to have a drink after surgery and having just put the Professor's Brain into his body. I felt I deserved a drink or two.
It was quiet, just me and the bar guy.
Peace and quiet after all that action with the X-men was exactly what I needed. I had to gather my thoughts. Beating Nemonock was a good thing. Always good to put upstarts like him in their place. As for if he's actually dead meh! As if I care.
I had to get back to the task at hand, saving Australia. Fortunately Xavier was very happy to get his brain back into his body. He said he'd help me out.
After I'd had enough quiet I went to find Xavier and then maybe Chroma. I'm sure she'd be past the victory celebration and be looking for me too.
I found Xavier and Lilandra in the Royal suite with Jon IG most of the X-men. I told Xavier about the problem in Austalia and that I needed verifiable information on the truth of the take over.
"I know just the person who has his finger on the pulse. I'll put you in contact with him when we get back to Earth." he smiled a wry smile. "Oh and Koma about revealing that I use the chair for sympathy. Forget about it."
His eyes were mesmeric....I was doing something gee that nectar drink really has a kick.
"I think I've had a bit too many right now Chuck." I excused myself and went to find Chroma.

She was out on the promenade watching the stars.
"Hey." I say casually making my relaxed presence known.
"So you've had enough peace and quiet huh?" she asked.
"Yep!" I reply as I put my arm around her waist. She didn't pull away or move my arm. Thats a good sign.
"I just want to stay here for a while and watch the stars." she tells me. I'm cool with that. For a while.

Standing there my peaceful platinum paramour beside me and the glory of the cosmos. It was perfect.

Then the ship shuddered a bit. My sensors were patched into the Battle Cruiser and told me an esacape pod had launched.
"What number escape pod launched?" she asked.
"22." I replied. "How did you know that was an escape pod?"
"Oh Wolverine wanted to get back to earth early. So I gave him a going away present" she smiled wickedly.
"What?" I asked.
"Oh I may have found Scott and told him that Emma was waiting for him in Escape pod 22, naked." she laughed.

I laughed too.
I'm not saying it to her now. But I love this woman.


Nepharia said...

Chroma sounds like your kind of girl...but Wolverine is likely to want to talk to her (to say nothing of Scott), when you both get home.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Hey is that Guinan at the bar or one of those fish people from the Trade Federation? I can't quite tell.