Sunday, February 15, 2009

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Time to tell you all about what happened after restoring Galdys.
"Wooof!" exclaimed Henchy as Gladys changed in the tank before our very eyes. Of course less than twenty minutes ago he'd been revulsed by her, now he wanted her bad.
"You disgust me!" spat Fortuna.
"Hey dont' be hatin just cause I know what I like." snaped back Henchy.
If it wasn't for Galdys emerging from the tank taking Henchy's breath away again it could have gone on for hours between the two of them.
Her transformation was a complete success later I lead Gladys into my lairs sun room where the oxygen for the lair comes from.
"So I'm solar powered?" questioned the now young Galdys.
"Exactly. The more sun you get the more powerful you are." I explain simply. Of course its got more to do with that but she doesn't need to know right now. There was just not enough time. To this day I really wish there was.
I gesture her to go in and close the door behind her. Gladys gave me a little scared look.
"I'd need factor 1200+ sunscreen to just not get skin cancer. You'll be getting a soild streem of sunlight completely unfiltered. Think of it as a jump start."

And what a jump start it was. I remove the sunlight filters that guard the plants and the raw sunlight storms in. Of course just raw sunlight isn't going to be enough so I amped it up to eleven. The plants all withered and then caught fire the smoke filled the solarium. Gladys screamed and I was glad I didn't let Fortuna or Silver in on this part of the plan. I let it go till I was sure she'd abosorbed more than enough for what we needed her for. I turned it all off and entered the sun room as the smoke cleared there she was.
Her skin was golden she was literally glowing. The solar radiation was such that my exposed skin got burned.
"Koma" she whispered. "Am I dead?"
"Not yet you've got enough time to shine Galdys. To shine like the sun." I tell her.
"I feel like I've eaten too much." she mumbled.
"Its okay you just need a little help from mister adrenaline here." I tell her as I quickly inject her with the hormone.

Gladys' eyes opened quickly. Her eyes glared daggers at me.
"There is no other way." I tell her. "Either we all die up here when they come to kill us or you save us in one bright moment."

Gladys looks behind me. Where Chroma is standing listening to every word I just said.
"The ends justify the means eh! Austin?" says Chroma dissapointedly.


Henchman432 said...

Hey a brotha gots to what he gots to do.

Nepharia said...

So who are you out to fry this time?