Friday, February 12, 2010

Blogs to watch : BecomingJennie

Okay slightly serious tone here now cause this is the blog of Jennie Ketchem who's stage name was Penny Flame. Yes that looks like a porn name and that's what she used to do. Here it is in her words.

“Who in the world am I? Ah, That’s the great puzzle.”

My name is Jennie Ketcham. You may not know me, may not be interested in me at all. Which is all fine, because only recently have I started to get to know myself, have I answered to the name Jennie, have I been interested in who I am. Since 2001, I’ve been using the stage name Penny Flame, and at some point in my career in the adult business, I forgot Jennie exists. Forgot what Jennie stands for. Forgot everything as it pertains to me.(read the rest click here)

Porn is a subject that polarises opinions on whether it is okay or permissible or evil. Jennie is not against it, but, has seen how it was bad for her.


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