Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quitling: A crazy obsession

I do not have this obsession, really I do not. It's just that on my facebook status I put up the following.

as you can see by those of my "friends" who answered this the content that this blog holds is a big drawcard. Of course I am NOT going to have porn here, its been over done. But what about quilting?
Do a google search on "quilting" and you get 7,890,000 hits.

Not too shabby, there's forums and all on quilting. But something was making me a little concerned about quilting and I just could not put my finger on it, until....
Yep its a Batman villain - Crazy Quilt
An ex-painter who leads a double life as a master thief, he is blinded by a gunshot wound during a botched robbery. While in prison, he volunteers for an experimental procedure that would restore his vision. There is a side-effect, however: Even though he can see, he can only see in blinding, disorienting colors. This drives him insane, and he adopts the identity of Crazy-Quilt.
Batman Wiki
So yeah I'll take a pass on quilting right now.


Batman said...
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Batman said...

Worst part about crsazy quilt is he became mostly Robin's rouge. Being Beaten by Robin now that he's Nightwing is no shame but being beaten by him back when he's eight? probably time for a new career after that.

Ciera said...

I have a sister that quilts. All the more power to her!