Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A ride on the Danger Sled

"Thats it! Next time I see that dirty Carny she's dead." screamed Chroma.
We were standing back in New Jersey looking at the blown up remains of the X-Jet. Read Wolverines Blog.
I was thinking about calming her down and then she went steel and began wailing on the remains of the X-Jet's fuselage.
"Damn f$%#ing Mutant!" she screamed.
My sensors detected a space ship. And not just any ship, the Danger Sled of Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator.
“That damned bitch, where did she go?” continued my very passionate girlfriend. I let her deal with her rage and went to see Jon.
“Hey what’s going on?” he asked his hair crisp and blowing in the breeze.
I told him what had happened up till now and he said he'd been in a fight with Nemonock.
“Well let’s go get him,” i replied.
“There’s room for two more on the Danger Sled.” replied Jon.
“Then let’s go.” ordered Christine. She'd had enough of destroying what was left of the X-Jet and wanted to wail on something else. I knew the look in her eyes she was biding her time and when she let go I didn't want to be there.

We got out into space and made our way to where Nemonock's ship was. Jon insulted Chroma with some stupid quip about not needing a sports bra. If I didn't tell her not to she would have made sure Jon would have needed hospitalisation.
We got out into space and made our way to where Nemonock's ship was.
there was another space craft out there a Shi'ar battle cruiser.

“The Shi’Ar?” Chroma asked.

“Yeah, a race of bird people,” Koma explained. “They’ve got a pretty big galactic empire and oh yeah, Xavier and their queen have the hots for each other.”

“I can imagine why they’re here then.” she replied with a guffaw.

We got on the Shi'ar cruiser and Chroma made a bee line for The Scarlet Witch.

"I'm going to kick you in the head!" she growled.
"You can try." Wanda laughs. "But you will find yourself as Darkseid's new harem girl if attempt it."
Storm broke it all up and soon we were getting the help of Lilandra the Queen of the Shi'ar and one of Xavier's ling line of unsatisfied ex-girlfriends.

I suggest that we use my technology to get on the ship. We get on there easily and quickly but Nemonock was waiting. Him and his crazy woman had plans for us.
“Pocket android henchmen just add water!" teases Gun Nut.

"Just what I need something to hit" rejoiced Chroma.
Her and Logan went to town on the Automaton Henchmen.

"Thats a non-unionised labor force you better make sure that Henchy don't find out?" I tell Nemonock.

"Think I care." snapped back the evil Psychiatrist. "I'm a super villain remember you gave me my certificate."

I knew that one was coming. This brain's gonna find out why I'm called Captain Koma. I draw out my Neural Destabiliser and fire at Nemonock.
"Eat this!" I spit.


Nepharia said...

Koma! What have you done?! Nemonock is unstable enough without you destabilizing him some more.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Shoot him with it a few more times, I say.

captain koma said...

Hey! I know what I'm doing.

After evil it says Genius.

Trust me. This'll work.

Fluke Starbucker said...

I still think he should rename that thing the Poonanny Hoopty Wagon