Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bringing peace and understanding through war

I was busy examining the brainless Professor when Logan walked in. He threatened me as I expected him to do. I was about to tell him what was happening when Chroma attacked

Now I'm always impressed when she decks someone but I never thought I'd see the day when she'd sucker punch Logan through a wall. As impressive as that was I knew it was the start of a really nasty fight. Of course I didn't tell her that I was impressed by her punching Logan did I. No I went and complained that she'd gotten us into a fight with the X-men.

"Why did you do that?" I whined. "That was Wolverine. Now there's going to be a big stinking fight with the X-men."

"That was Wolverine? I always thought he was taller." My powerful paramour pronounced.

"We came here to get some help so we could confirm that Australia had been taken over." I explained trying not to be condescending. "We didn't come here to find out whether you could beat Logan in a fight."

Chroma didn't reply cause coming out of what was left of the wall was Logan.
"Heh! Not bad a punch. Your building them sex-bots tougher these days Koma." chuckled Logan in way that suggested I'm gonna kill you next.

Chroma was silent her teeth were clenched. She was angry at being called a sex-bot, no not angry. She was indignant and the one thing she hated the most (apart from when I forget to massage her feet) was that people thought I'd made her. In her eyes it was in insult to both of us. She always took it hard, and now she had an opportunity to release that fury out on someone.

"So does she have them machine gun breasts like in Austin Powers?"asked Logan

"No I don't." replied Chroma. "But you might be sporting your testicles on your face."

"Oh I like it when they talk dirty Koma." Logan licked his lips.

After that it was on.

Chroma usually fought intelligently but this time she was pissed of and launched herself at the Canadian. Size and weight were on her side but Logan is the best at what he does and... ah! you all know how that goes.

The noise brought the rest of the X-men to the Professors office. Fortunately one of them was Storm.

"Koma what are you doing here?" she demanded of me. I've always had a crush on Strom. She's got that regal bearing thats so damn sexy.

"I came here for help. Logan started a fight with Chroma." I began.

"LOGAN! Cease this brawling." commanded Storm. Lightning flashed in the office and the following thunder was deafening.

Logan stopped but Christine didn't. Seeing she had an opening for one last shot she kicked Logan in what Henchy likes to call "the little boys".

Logan doubled over in pain and everyone tried to suppress the oncoming chuckle. Cyclops however didn't.

"Now you said you wanted Help?" asked Storm.

"Yes and I believe we can help each other." I answered

Finally this could be going somewhere


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Ah, screw teh team up, just keep fightin' Wolverine!

Nepharia said...

Yes, just keep fighting Wolvering...I love it when he's sweaty....