Friday, May 02, 2008

I love a plan that comes togther

I'd like to take credit for this plan but its all Henchy and Annabells idea.

I woke up in the cell. There wasn't a mirror but I was quite sure that I had huge black eye.

Damn, Henchy and his realism.

I hear a few knocks on the wall behind me.
I knock back and the wall is hot.
"Ouch!" I wince. "Some genius you are can't tell between metal warping and someone knocking." I tell myself.

I get up and watch as the metal heats up further and the line of the cut begins to glow red. I'd forgotten that Christine was a demolitions expert. She's always been quite capable with an oxy-acetylene torch.
Then with a final punch the hole opens like it was made of cardboard.

"Are you coming?" It wasn't really a question from Chroma.
"Aren't you a little too female for a Stormtrooper?" I quipped.

"Just for that I will NEVER wear the slave-leia costume you got me." scolded Chroma.
"A Man only has a few dreams woman and your taking one of those away." I grumbled as I climbed into the elevator access shaft.
"Maybe next time you'll stop the pithy quips." snapped back Chroma.

"If you're gonna act like an old married couple do it on your own time." complained Alicia.
We completed the rest of the climb down the elevator shaft in silence. Alicia was still connected to the bases system and was able to open the elevator doors. We walk into the storage room and the my retro space ship is still there as is the slipstream gate.

"How long do you need?" asked Alicia.

"About two minutes and then I'll be gone." I tell her.

I get the portal running. But I need a something to get me to my destination. Especially with there being no connecting portal. I have two minutes to go and scavenge something from the retro space ship. I had something prepared just in case the ship broke apart and we had to get home from the maelstrom. Its kinda like a a space scooter but a bit lame

"The elevators started Koma." says Alicia.
"Damn your Dad's got a decent sixth sense." I curse.
"Yeah and He'll be worse when we leave." she says as she grabs onto my hips.
"We!" I reply.
"Yeah we." Answers Chroma she flips the controls on the scooter and we're off into the portal.


Wolverine said...

is that a scootie puff jr?

Fluke Starbucker said...

i'd let her storm my trooper