Sunday, May 04, 2008

Oh! So thats Wolverine.

The ride through the maelstrom was worse then when we did it in that stupid ship Austin made.

"Its gonna look real weird." Austin shouted over his shoulder. "If you get freaked out just close your eyes."

The colours were amazing, it was like a kaleidescope. The colours changed and broke off into a myriad of patterns. They moved like smoke and flowed like water and then all of the sudden turned solid like a wall of stained glass. It looked like we were about to hit it. I tightened my grip to Austin's waist and pulled myself closer so I could see his face. His eyes were already closed.
"Austin!" I screamed.
"What?" He screamed back his eyes now open.
"Look out we're going to crash." I pointed at the wall approaching rapidly towards us.
"Its not there." Austin shouted back. "Your brains making up stuff because it can't find anything that it recognises."

"Koma we're going to hit it!" I screamed and lunged at the controls. The scooter swerved to the right but the wall was too close and I braced myself for impact.

Nothing happened.

I thought a heard a chuckle from him.

"Did you laugh?" I accused.
"No but I am smiling. Just close your eye's we'll be finished this ride in a few moments." he answered.

And in a few moments I couldn't hear the maelstrom, everything felt calm and warm. There was the smell of Cognac, old books and cigars. I opened my eye's and we were in a study or a den. Then my I saw someone I thought I recognised.

"Isn't that Professor Xavier?" I asked Koma.

"Yeah! But somethings wrong here. He hasn't noticed us or even told me to get lost. Which is very unlike him." answered Koma as he got off the scooter.

"Chuck! You there." addressed Koma. He walked right up to the Professor and waved his hand in front of his face. No response. He checked the Professors pulse.

"Hang on whats this. Its some kind of suture mark on his head. Oh my God!" he exclaimed and pulled out a small device like a tuning fork out of his coat.

"Whats wrong Austin?" I asked still on the scooter.

"His body is functioning normally but his brain, its not there." replied Koma surprised.

I was going to ask how that could've happened when the door to the study burst opened and standing in the doorway was a little furry man chomping on a nasty cigar.

"Koma! I thought I told you...." He stopped and sniffed the air. "What you done with Chuck?"

Snikt! His claws unsheathed from between his knuckles.

In one sudden movement I'd changed into my metal form and was striking the little furry man with all my might. He flew through the wall of the study.

"Why did you do that?" whined Austin. "That was Wolverine. Now there's going to be a big stinking fight with the X-men."

"That was Wolverine? I always thought he was taller." I answered.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Don't worry, I think it'll be OK. When heroes first meet they're supposed to fight before they team up against their mutual enemy.

Nepharia said...

Wow, Jon, that actually makes comic book sense. :D

Professor Xavier said...

Yes, except for one thing. Koma is a super-villain. That means Wolverine while attack in a berzerker rage and may just kill him.

Professor Xavier said...

Did I say "while"? I meant will. Wolverine will attack him and knowing Logan, he isn't going to stop. He's not really a very good listener.