Monday, May 12, 2008

I am a total genius

I'm blowing my own trumpet I know but when you can do what I can do you just gotta flaunt it.
"I've done it!" I announced to the group around me. I wanted to scream He's alive but that just seemed a bit too far. That and the fact that I might have scared Cyclops again. Though he seemed to be elsewhere in his mind while all this was happening.
"He's walking?" replied a stunned Storm.

"We'll yeah the whole wheel chair thing is fake. He does it to pick up chicks." I tell them.

Storm looked at me and then at Logan. Logan nodded.

"Oh! That explains a lot." she said as the penny dropped.

"So now I've been able to keep Chucks body functioning you can go look for him." I say wrapping up my part in another chapter of X-men history.

"No!" blurts out Cyclops. "The Professor says you'll be needed for us to beat Dr Nimmock or something. He Told me where he is. Come X-men follow me and we'll save the Professor."

Cyclops ran out of the room and no one followed him.

"Is he for real?" asked Chroma.

"Yeah he's got a few issues. " answered Logan. "But if Chucks told him where he is then we better get him."

So with that we got on board one of the many X planes to save the Professor.

"Christine you should put this on." I give Chroma an anti-gravity belt. "It wont give you flight but it will make sure you float down safely."

"Why are you giving me this now?" asked my nordic mistress of steel.

"Well this is an X plane they usually get blown up in mid air by the bad guys." I explained. "If its Neemonock behind all of this he'll shoot us out of the sky before we get close."

"Oh!" replied Christine. "But I can survive a fall in my steel form."

"Not if your unconscious." I tell her. "Just making sure, you know."

"Thank you Austin." she gave me a little peck on the cheek.

"You two wanna get a room back there?" grumped Logan.

"Chroma and Koma sitting in a tree..." began Cyclops.

Fortunately his childish taunt was cut short by the X-plane exploding.


Nepharia said...

I can't believe that no one has eliminated Cyclops by now.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Did a goose get sucked into the X-jet's X-jet engines again?

captain koma said...

At first I thought it was Nemonock but your right it was another damn goose. Lemmings have cliffs Geese have X-Jets.

Professor Xavier said...

Now wait just a second there. The X-Jets don't always get blown up in mid-air. Sometimes Cyclops just crashes them into the sides of a mountain.