Saturday, August 05, 2006

A caged Koma.

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"Ohhh.." Koma groans and stops short of using any kind of reference to the truck that hit him, or the fact that he and Toto are no longer in Kansas.

'Hey my sensors are offline, thats not possible. Unless.' thinks Koma who grabs at his throat. He feels metal. He traces his hands around it. Feeling the lack of seams, the fact that it's the same temperature of his skin.

"Oh crap. She's still here with them." Koma exclaims to himself bitterly.

The doors of the cell open and a tall slender woman with short blonde hair enters.

"Yes I am here Austin. But as we heard, you already worked that out." quips the woman.

"Kerrick, I thought I did enough for Fury to get rid of you. But obviously I didn't." says Koma through clenched teeth.

"Oh you did, Fury fired me. But then you went and dissmembered Ultron. Fury doesn't want Ultron put back together. So who do you go to to stop Captain Koma and his inventive genius? Me of course." explains Kerrick.

"So you set up the field that jammed the teleporter." questions Koma.

"Yep" answers Kerrick.

"You guessed that because I had internalised most of my gizmos that it would be enabled via the use of synthoid technology and its wetware interface that you helped me design." questions Koma

"Afirmitive" answers Kerrick

"That using a mutant dampner which works on the activation of power by the brain would also dissable my stuff?" questions Koma.

"Yes." answers Kerrick.

"So you are officially the biggest sore looser in the world." concludes Koma.

"Ye.. What?" exclaims Kerrick.

"You've just used the biggest world wide para-military spy network to get back at an old boyfriend." explains Koma.

"I what!" shouts Kerrick. "I'm a sore looser. Over you! YOU!. Before I met you, you were a little super-geek more intrested in his little gizmos. In fact I'd say you still are that super-geek just that your playing doctors and nurses with your little gizmos."

"Kerrick. Leave him, NOW!" Even through the speakers Fury's voice echoes in the cell.

"But.. Yes Colnel." Kerrick relents and withdraws truning on her heel and striding out. The doors close behind her.

Koma smiles.

In the communications centre of the Helicarrier. Kerrick walks over to Fury.
"Agent Kerrick, what did I tell. No what did I order you to do." asks Fury gently

"Well sir you ordered me to inform Koma of his detention and try and get him to tell us the whereabouts of Mystique." answers Kerrick.

"And what did you do Agent Kerrick? You got back at your old boyfriend." Fury get closer to Kerrick and stands tall above her.

"SHEILD is not to be used to be used for revenge. After all this is over you Agent Kerrick will be back in Australia and you will never work for SHIELD again. Is that clear Agent Kerrick." shouts Fury.

"Yes Sir. That is clear." responds Kerrick mutely.

"Now you stay here and tell me what Koma is doing know." orders Fury.

"Pardon sir." enquires Kerrick.

"On the screen woman. Whats he doing Now!" shouts Fury.

Back in his cell Koma is screaming. He is tapping furiously at his right fore-arm.

"Arrrrrrgh! Crap crap crap crap." screams Koma. "No, overload, damn. Dampners now. Too much information. Uhhh... crap!" Koma collapses onto the floor.

"Well Agent Kerrick what just happened? Well... I'm waiting." growls Fury.

"I don't beleive he's doing this. He just tried to take manual control of the sensors and teleportation. He couldn't take the information from his sensors. It was way too much for him. Normally the wetware stops this from happening restricting the data flow. He could have killed himself." finishes Kerrick stunned.

"We need him alive and we need him healthy. Now! Get the medics to him." orders Fury.

"Sir we shouldn't do this. It could be a trap." warns Kerrick.

"Are you in charge Kerrick. No you're not. Medics deal with him. I want him alive." shouts Fury.

Fury screws his face up in a rage and paces the floor.

The cell doors open and the medics race in. They stop.

"Colnel Fury. Koma's gone." reports the Medic.

"Ok so he died. We have to deal with his sex-bot now." fumes Fury.

"No sir. He's left the Helicarrier. Teleported out we believe."

"He what!" screams Fury.

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yes thats what I did.

But that overload really hurt.


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Koma you are one evil bastard. why don't you ally yourself with the anihilation wave??

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Well played Koma, well played.