Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A funeral for a loved one?

Koma is still sitting long after Magneto and Sky leave.


"Huh!." Koma awakes from his silence. He checks the e-mail just by thinking it. "Oh I see it. Its from Lindsay. She's having a funeral for Lin. Oh well I 'spose thats nice."

Koma sends off an e-mail apologising that he wont be there. He then pauses as if there is something he's forgotten.

"Whats next VADAR?" asks Koma.


"Ok lets do a DNA test for the mutant gene. A full C/T scan. Total wetware systems check. That should tell us whats happening." Koma finishes satisfied that the time required to do these tests will take a couple of days. Giving him something to do, other than think of Lin.

-- Two days later --

"So this is what we've found out VADAR." begins Koma. "I'm not a mutant but my brain and my nervous system along with my spinal cord have adapted to information without the wetware buffer."

'TRUE' affirms VADAR.

"Ok thats that, what do we do next. Gee I could muder some Fish and Chips. Lin can you go to the shop up from the bungolow in New Zeland. Ohh crap!" Koma closes his eyes tears appear in the corners. He hits his forehead with his hand. "IDIOT. Idiot, I am such an idiot. VADAR replay Lins last message, NOW!" Koma stands rubbing his hands together, shuffling from one foot to another. Impatient for VADAR to respond to his command.


"Komy I'm here at the location. Kerricks plugged Ultron into me. Have to purge my self and destroy connections to VADAR. Ask Lindsay...."

Koma doesn't speak he closes his eyes and starts to search. He looks through the sattleites and systems that VADAR has connected to. Searching for and finding."

"Two chips. How could that be? One is with SHEILD, but its wiped. The other is in Malibu. With ..." Koma bites his lip. He gestures and a point to point door opens. "I'm going to get cleaned up VADAR, put any messages through. Okay?"


-- An hour later in Malibu. --

'Hope the restraining order was really dropped for the movie. Otherwise I'm in a bit of trouble.' thinks Koma. He walks up to the security guards box outside the gate to the resort where Lindsay Lohan is staying.

"Name" demands the guard flatly.
"Cap.. um, Austin Peters." stammers Koma.
"Who ya hear to see?" snaps the guard.
"Miss Lohan." replies Koma.
"Miss Loahn expecting you?" suspiciously asks the guard. Who enters in Koma's name seeing if he's on Lindsays list of visitors.
"Your on the list." responds the gaurd surprised. "I'll need to see some ID." the guard reaches out and Koma gives him his Austrlian drivers lisence.
"That all seems correct. Joe will come and take you to Miss Lohans residence. After that your her responsiblity. But," guard pauses for effect."all anyone has to do is buzz us and your history." The guard then places his hand on his side arm for effect. Koma smiles and nods his understanding thinking to himself how easy it would be for him to take all the guards out.

After Joe came, Koma finally arives at Lindsays place.
"Miss Lohan has been told your here." informed Joe. He was a lot more freindly than the guy at the gate. "She's waiting around the back, follow the path."

Koma emerges from a faux rainforrest into a scene from an old fantasy.

"Austin. I'm so glad you called." Lindsay rushes up to Koma and hugs him. Koma hugs back politley. "That was a bit stiff." comments Lindsay sarastically.
"I was only trying to be poilite." replies Koma.
"pffft Theres no restraining order." says Lindsay. "And anyway I'd forgive you if you went a bit overboard. Considering Lins dead and all." she winks at him and smiles.
"Well thats more information than I needed." says Koma who then changes the subject. "But getting to why I'm here. Lin gave you something didn't she?"

"Yeah she did. I think its a chip, you know a computer chip." Lindsay ushers Koma inisde the plush dwelling. "I gave it to some tech-head, but he couldn't get anything from it. It destroyed the stuff it was connected to." Lindsay walks into a room and dissapears.

"I made it that way. You do know its Lin." reveals Koma.

"Get out of here. This!" Lindsay rushes out of the room holding the chip in the palm of her hand.
"Yes that. May I?" asks Koma with his hand outstretched.
"Of course." Lindsay places the chip in Koma's hand. "How is Lin in all of that?"

"Its Lin compressed and sandwiched. Its a backup system. Just in case anything goes wrong and Lin is either electronically or physically endangerd." Koma pulls a small silver egg out his pocket.

"Like with that bitch Kerrick. So whats that?" asks Lindsay.

"Its a light bee. A remote holographic projector" explains Koma. He inserts the chip into the light bee and it activates and floats out of Koma's hand. Then an image flickers and froms in front of them.

"Hi Lindsay." The very real image of Lin waves. "Komy! So it all worked out in the end. I don't know." Lin goes to hug Koma and her arms pass right through him. "Oh I'm a hologram . Thats cool."

"I'll give you an update." Koma closes his eyes and transmits the last few days.

"Ohhh! When did you learn to do that Komy."Lin asks surprised. Then changes subject. "You had a funeral for me. And the movie premiered, I missed the after party. Ohh if I could hug the two of you I would."

"This is so weird. And noone would believe it." says Lindsay smiling.
"Welcome to my life Lindsay." replies Lin. "This place is beautifull, who designed it."

Lindsay gives Lin a full tour of the two storey dwelling. Koma just tags along. Smiling when he knows he should, laughing at the right intervals. All the while enjoying the fact that for the moment the worst is over. Time to have a break.


Magneto said...

So she's not really dead? Then I want the flowers back, Koma. And you're paying my tux rental fee.

Local Henchmen 432 said...

Good to have her back.

captain koma said...

No way Mags.