Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Koma Koma-napped

Continued from My Last Post, Lins Blog and Henchmans Blog.

'Gee Henchmans taking his time.' thinks Koma waiting by the falls.

Komas sensors alert him to Henchmans arrival. Koma senses a second presence following Henchman.

"Hey Koma. Sorry I'm late it took a while with Mia." appologises Henhcman.

"You've got more than that to be sorry for." angrily snaps Koma. "She followed you."

"What you've got to be kidding. " replies Henchman surprised. "I used every trick in the book. You can't find me unless."

"Unless they tag you with a tracer during an intimate moment." finishes Koma. Koma draws his neural disruptor. And aims to where Mia emerges from the forrest.

"Oh there you two are...." phzzzzzziummmm "ugh!" Mia falls to the ground.

"Koma that was pretty harsh man. She's not that bad." comments Henchman looking at the luscious Mia unconscious on the ground.

"She was in the way. And a wild card, I don't like wild cards. Anyway she'll come to in few minutes." explains Koma.

"That the thing you fried Lin with the neural thingy" asks Henchman.

"Yeah. Look there could be Mystique or anyone from SHIELD or Cyberdyne here all of them very dangerous to us. I understand you had an itch that needed scratching but it would've been better if you hadn't. SHIELD are above us in that Heilcarrier, they have been jamming my teleporter. I've had Lin working on a solution, she should be done by tomorrow. So for now lets just lay low keep our heads." asks Koma.


"Cool I can do that, Koma. Koma...." calls Henchman but Koma is not there. He's not anywhere.

"Well lover it looks like your employer has been taken by my boss." purrs Mia. "So lets go see the synthoid. "

"Ok looks like I've got nothing else to do." mumbles Henchman.

"Oh I can think something." says Mia licking her lips.

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Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Koma, it's the Summer of Compliments and I want to send one to you.

Even though you are evil, I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

Local Henchmen 432 said...

The things I do for Dental.

Magneto said...

The title of this post should have been - Love for Henchman

captain koma said...

Well I just thought henchy deserved a bit of fun thats all.