Monday, August 28, 2006

Whats happening.

At the bungalow in New Zealand Koma is watching TV when a report from New York comes on.

"Lin, come in here" Koma calls her to the TV. Where footage of Gaia's attack upon New York is being shown.

"Is this real?" exclaims Lin. "I thought Gaia was one of the X-Men? Is that Magdelena there, oh my she's dead. We should go and help."

"Its not our fight Lin." dismisses Koma.

"If its not our fight then who's is it." argues Lin. "I'm lip reading Gaia's ranting. She wants to kill everyone."

"Oh great, another impossibly overpowered meglomaniac wanting to re-make the world in their image. As if we didn't have enough of them." complains Koma sarcasticly.

"Oz this isn't the time for sarcasim. We need to help them, we can." pleads Lin.

Koma thinks about it. The dangers, the pain involved, the fact that he can help, the fact that he could die. Then he looks into the eyes of Lin. He could let the world burn if she didn't mind. If she didn't care, he didn't care. But she cares. She wants to help. If he didn't help he'd be less of a man in her eyes. And in the end thats what counts. What she thinks matters.

'Man I'm screwed.' Thinks Koma. 'But I can't dissapoint her. Who else stands by me. Who else beleives in me.'

"I do." answers Lin. "I can still read you thoughts. Sorry." she smiles at him.

"Ok." Koma relents. "Lets go. But lets go with a plan. I hate going without a plan." Koma walks to what normally is a closet in the bungalow. Now it opens up into the workshop. Lin follws smiling, excited to be playing the hero. She dreams of saving the day. Koma can read her mind as well as she reads his. Slowly her excitement rubs off on him.

'Captain Koma, HERO' he thinks. 'Nope, that'll never happen.'


"Great they'll help. I hope." Koma still doesn't beleive he'll get out of this alive. "But these just might do the trick." He opens a drawer filled with neural disrupters, the knife blades gleaming. He grabs the drawer and slots it into a cabinet marked, equipment portal.

"Get the rest of the weapons drawers and put them in the equipment portal Lin" orders Koma. "We'll need every weapon at our disposal."

"Even the swords and stuff?" asks Lin

"Everything." answers Koma. Koma exhales. Closes his eyes, enters the river of information he is now connected to. Gets the information he requires.

"Ok we're ready." Koma narrows his eyes. "Lets go"


Local Henchmen 432 said...

Send me to Gaia.

Fred the Fox said...

Me too.

Yay! Lin's coming!

captain koma said...

Thanks for the comments.

Yes Lin is comming Fred.

Yay for me too!


Vampirella said...

yay Lin

Ace, the Bat Hound. said...

I'll be there too.

Vegeta said...

Send me to these coordinates.