Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Henchman Needs Help.

Read Vegta's, Gaia's, Prof X, Henchman, Magdelena, Lin's.

New York. A portal opens.

Koma and Lin walk into the devastation.

"Henchmans this way. He's ok. His systems are reparing." Koma walks over to where his Yellow suited friend stands recovering. Henchman doesn't seem himself, he rushes up to Koma. And he kneels.

"Koma, please I need to find where Gaia is." Begs Henchman. "I need to kill her while, she is still weak."

Koma takes a step back, hes never seen Henchman this way. And really doesn't want to see it now.

"Holy Crap." Excailms Koma who then takes another step back. "Are you ok?" He asks Henchman who is obviously isn't.

"No, I have to kill Gaia. She took Maggie from me." As he explains Henchman shakes with anger and despair.

Lin steps between the two men. "Komy, we have to do something?" she asks

"We will. I already have an army ready." answers Koma.

"No, Koma I have to do this myself." Henchman looks Koma in the eyes and contiues. "Earth needs everyone else here."

Koma sees Henhcmans intent. He knows, what Henchman will really do. "O.K." agrees Koma he opens a portal.

Henchman enters the portal and it closes behind him.

"How did you know where to send him Oz?" Querys Lin.

"Well Gaia wasn't intrested in hiding where she was. There were massive readings across the board. All you had to do was piece the information together. She created a new dimension for herself. Also she still needs to be connected to the Earth and all I had to do was find the connection and send Henchman to the other end."

"Its a suicide mission he's gone on, isn't it?" asks Lin. But she knows the answer.

"I'm monitering his systems." reassures Koma.

Koma looks at Lin. "I'll pull him back when he's gone too far. You never know he might beat her." Lin looks down.

The two see the fight between Henchman and Gaia. They follow every hit, every kick, every punch. They notice the powercell being used and the overdrive settings being activated.

"I warned him about that overdrive enchancement. Its way too taxing on his system." Comments Koma.

"Pull him back now. Hes going to die." Lin grabs Komas arm. "NOW OZ, NOW!" she screams.

Koma holds on for a little more. He sends Lin to the workshop, he portals Hemchman to a dampner chamber to contain the bleeding energy cell.

Koma strides off to the battle scene. 'This is going to be fun.' thinks Koma. 'I just hope its only Gaia whos going to try to kill me.'


TX said...


I am glad your back Lin

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

He was so close...

Local Henchmen 432 said...


Magneto said...

Captain Koma steps up to the plate. Need some help my erstwhile ally?

captain koma said...


No its ok Mags.

Its cool.

You just stay there.

Aww Carp.

Lins Dead again.